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Vote for Google+
EDIT: Vote here

Google+ is nominated for Webby Award under social media category along with Pinterest, Storify, I Had Cancer and CNN iReport.
Read more here:

What is Webby Awards?

--> A Webby Award is an international award presented annually by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for excellence on the internet with categories in websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile
Two winners are selected in each category, one by members of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and one by the public who cast their votes during Webby People’s Voice voting.
The award is one of the older and better-known internet-oriented awards and has come to be associated with the phrase "The Oscars of the Internet." -- wiki -->

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Pinterest is leading with 49% votes..

Don't: Don't share this post on Pinterest..

Vote here:

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+1 for Google... ( :
+Yifat Cohen - That link isn't working for me. :( Just loads a blank frame. Any ideas? Should I use something other than Chrome to vote?
Thanks for sharing +Rahul Roy I can't believe Pinterest is 1st... I'm sure all of your followers will vote and +Google+ will be on the 1st place. Keep sharing folks.
Sorry, I cannot vote, I just get a blank tab.
I've tried with IE, Chrome and Firefox and get the same result. I'ill try again later.
I saw that Google+ increased by 1 2% in the last hour. Each vote makes a difference! And in case anyone feels for Pinterest, they are nominated also in Best Visual Design - Function as well. Needless to say, no need for them to be greedy. :-/

Update: Pinterest, 48%. Google+, 37%. It's working.
Well, since elections are coming up soon, Google+ you got my vote!
Sorry but google is backing cispa. I can not vote for a compny that wants to take away my privacy rights.
Is it ok that I voted for Pinterest? :)
Pinterest is the 1st? I'm not from this planet...
Pinterest is what's hot right now. It's definitely going to garner a lot of the votes. If this vote was held 7 months ago, then G+ would probably be topping the list easily.
Update: Google+ just added another 1% - it's now 47% to 38%. Mentioned above. don't cry for Pinterest. They're nominated in another category.

+Aaron Wood I've literally watched the % rise since this post has been getting traction. There is power in this community. It's not over 'till it's over, right? :-/ (but you know I'm an eternal optimist!)
I love how viral works quickly :)
OK with me-----I never friend anyone on Facebook anyway. =Googs will be much the same.
I VOTE FOR +GOOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today I read that there are rumors about Google buying Pinterest. They have to decide fast, because they would get the first and second price :-)
UPDATE: Jumped again to 39% Google+ to 47% Pinterest. Still rising! Eight point spread now!
Update: *39% Google+ 46% Pinterest, with Pinterest losing ground. Seven point spread now! +Rahul Roy yw!
I, of course will vote. Simple, fast, and beautiful. A social network truly worthy of Valhalla! #OdinApproves
+Rahul Roy - +pio dal cin just shared my version of this post and pinged some big names as well! Great initiative, glad to see it spreading like it should!
Update: 40% Google+ 46% Pinterest. More ground lost.
Six point spread now (but I suspect it's five as the system keeps wanting to count 101%; it self-corrects after a while)...

+Rahul Roy I suspected once you got onto the 'what's hot' this could take off as anyone who has WH posts visible will see this post now. Well done, sir.
Because if there's anything I like more than my friends telling me to vote for them for an Internet award, it's my social network provider telling me to vote for them for an Internet award.

Mr. Cranky Pants
do i get a prize if i vote :D
Google+: 40%
Pinterest: 46%

We're gaining on them :)
at this time, 2nd with 41% against 45%
Liked Buzz more why did they have to get rid of it....? Or is it still out there...hmmm...
i would Vote for google anytime :) at least they have an open mind and new Zealand is the third biggest user of google per capita in the world and ive read there charter they sound like a reasonable much more viable candidate for president .. but alas i cant theres other more important issues there like cancer sorry love u google
fuck yeah vote for google
why in the world men wont to have sex whith anny girl whith out a condome then say you better not have any thing she not go tell you so safe sex
Update: 42% Google+ 45*% Pinterest. Almost there.

Three point spread now. It's getting close! Thanks for the updates when I'm away, Plussers!
Update: 42% Google+ 44*% Pinterest. So close!

TWO point spread now. Almost there! Thanks for the updates when I'm away, Plussers!
share like its the tenth anniversry of your school
It's google against what?so that whn i vote i knw wht in voting for.
but i wil for now vote for google
I would have voted for Google+, but they removed the incredibly important "add location" feature. So no, I'm not voting for a "social media" product that removes critical features that support "social media".
Update: 43% Google+ 44*% Pinterest. So close!

ONE point spread now! Almost there! Thanks for the updates when I'm away, Plussers! Good campaign, +Rahul Roy!
I was just going to post that +Sean Cowen!!! So cool to see it sway! I'm still getting new shares on my clone post +Rahul Roy, 420 shares for this post!!! Wow!
10:10 Am here in India and a big thanks to G+ Community...Wow!!
Both G+ and Pinterest at 43%. Come on, guys!
Update: 45% Google+ 42*% Pinterest. The tide has turned!

Google+ is AHEAD of Pinterest now by 3 points!! Well done, Google+ community. +Rahul Roy we did it! :-) -- but it's not over. More days ahead of voting. Pressure must be kept up!
Yeah, keep voting and thanks to entire community for contributing..
Update: 46% Google+ 41*% Pinterest. The tide has turned in a big way!

Google+ is AHEAD of Pinterest now by FIVE points!! Well done, Google+ community. +Rahul Roy we DEFINITELY did it! :-) -- but it's not over. More days ahead of voting. Pressure must be kept up!
4 votes cast, tried to be unbiased - I like G+, my GF likes G+, my work likes G+ and my old twitter account seemingly also likes G+.
Update: 47% Google+ 41*% Pinterest. The tide has turned in a big way!

Google+ is AHEAD of Pinterest now by SIX points!! Well done, Google+ community. +Rahul Roy It gets better and better!

(Someone else please take over UPDATES for the late shift? I won't be back until tomorrow night. Keep the fire going!)
That's awesome +Sean Cowen, I'll try to update..
Btw thanks again for updates..
Update: Google+ ---> 48% Pinterest ---> 40% ...
Google+ is now leading by 8 points..
Update: Google+ ---> 49% Pinterest ---> 39% ...
Google+ is now leading by 10 points..
Update: Google+ is now leading with 50% votes..
Vote for it? Google+ is more dysfunctional than my family!
Just goes to show that G+ has ORGANIZATIONAL power, as well as being damn cool. Let's put it to good use friends.
The power and influence of that!
Google+ shall win this competition between he virtual hangouts of the mortals, the gods have spoken!
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