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Google+ Tip: Don't comment for the sake of commenting, know when to comment and when to use +1 button..
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You also have to know whether comments are serious or not...the people who don't get those are funny too...
good tip +Rahul Roy ... people often seem to think, that a +1 is worth less than a comment and therefore leave one just for the sake of it ... i quite often just +1, but not because i don't think that the post doesn't merit a comment, but because i think, that it deserves a meaningful comment ... if i can't come up with something witty or meaningful i prefer not to leave a comment at all, but i still like to show my appreciation with a +1 ...
I (the wise one :P) is surrounded by fools... how do i say something?
Most times both are equally wrong. all of you.........don't bother to b called as a fool........just feel great.....
It's been a long time since I've begun to think that truly wise men don't talk at all....
see this .....Don't comment for the sake of commenting,
Does this mean I am a fool?!?!?
NO..BUT know when to comment and when to use +1 button..yes
wouldn't this be a matter of opinion? I mean, who's to say that I'm talking right now because I'm wise? Who's to say I feel the need to say anything at all and therefore that makes me a fool? This rhetorical.
no one IS fool in this WORLD..IT'S depend on other people thinking...BEC..A MENTAL IS LIVE a life with truth...anything told him. they DON'T CARE about UR word..
Do you mind me sharing this? As I have encountered quite a few instances were users, myself included have taken this to the extreme.
Than I have to follow plato first, as i used to share with those who shares...lolz...
"Ones opinion is a reflection of ones persona" -me
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