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Tech Support Anyone?

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ROFLMAO, I love this :D Those kind of people do exist, I have no doubt.
You need more tool bars... I can still see some screen. :)
Change your Browser Mate !! hahahah. This is really hilarious..
i know why ...........
it's the funking toolbarz
Well that's simple. Look at that little symbol down there on the bottom left.
This is clearly a fake, the home page would of been redirected to .
I've seen that on machines that I've had to repair in the past! It is troubling lol, when you  turn them off and they go - aren't they supposed to be there?!
that is spammy toolbars for you, windows should really make people more aware that those bars are not good
How did you guys get a screenshot of my pc?
hahahahahahahahaha, just install one more tool bar then it will be ok!
absolutely, many of my co-workers always complain why their pc is slow, internet slow blah blah blah. but when i look on their browser 60% of their browser window occupied by toolbars.
don't forget everyone is so fucking blind they have the resolution set to the lowest.
Ignorance is NOT bliss in this case! :)
Install with the default settings? Sure, I guess that's the smart thing to do.
Delete all the gay porn, that might help!
The kind of people I deal with now and then at my work place :|
LOL!  Is that a screen shot of windows 8?   haha
I do: you're on Internet Explorer!
Internet Explorer is no.1 browser
for downloading another browser
Oh, there's your problem! You're running Vista.
+Rahul Roy Its second most used because of Windows... Many people dont know about other browsers, they are too lazy to switch, they are not that technical even or they love to hate themselves etc..
Short Answer : have you turned it off and back on again ? Oh you have , well we dont support that OS . Sorry .... 
Why can't I have 150 tabs open with 25 toolbars in Firefox?
you are on vista with ie and tons of toolbars.
Do people still use toolbar. I prefer a minimal browser with no addons except flash and silverlight just like ie 10
I personally HATE (see the capitals) the useless toolbars in the explorer!!!
One thing that helps, don't let users be local admins, then they hopefully can't install tools that install browser toolbars!
Ugh... I wouldn't of course but I might be tempted to send this one directly to a competitor as a referral! ;-)
LMAO nice
Each toolbar represents a bad choice.
Ryan R.
Hahaha it really happens to some people. :D
Yep, that's IE for yah. Even some schools still use IE, but I noticed the schools also have a version of Chrome you can get to.
Finally, schools doing something right with modern technology.
ha ha ha ha thought it would make your life easier
CHECK for CHECK BOXES when you install free software... nuff said.
wtf happend
so many add-ons and search bar(s).. 
Being in tech support this is my worst nightmare..  Luckily I am not first level and also dont support internet explorer, but this still scares the crap out of me haha.
remove the toolbars and never again add them 
Even Apple couldn't get the AOLsearch toolbar off my browser.
I think youtube toolbar is missing ...!!!!!!!
i see your problems.. you're trying to view the internet in Internet Explorer and you're running Windows Vista... 
is it really now, probably a lot of windows are opened
if you want your computer to work fast and get free from slow viruses,
then u should do only 2 things, only 2
*first is to install AVG anti - virus program.
*go to start menu ,click my computer, at your left hand top side u will
 see system tasks menu . click add or remove programs and remove the whatever things u installed which u do not like.
                                                                           ------    thank you
Puns the problem: you're using internet
The sad part is... I see crap like that every day...  -.-
An over-abundance of bars is never good whether you're talking about prison or the candy variety
that's how my browser looks like (jk)
Mike A
God. then they complain...I see this every single day, even worse... with work computers....
um that will be $45 an hour and you have to leave your pc here....
"the human factor"
Looks like a few of my workmates' desktops. ;)
Good work of workless fellow. Hilarious 
Jack M
Oh. My. Glob.
You don't have enough toolbars.
remove those stupid tool bars then your computer will be fast :P
It's because your running windows Internet explorer, first of all..
Someone needs to call a professional Bartender to sort that crap out.
Part of the 'fun' of being unofficial tech support for your parents (even when you ask NOT to be) is coming back to their computer to find they've accidentally installed ANOTHER toolbar....
init (death) ;-( does not work on windows
RIP to the computer that they used to create this meme.

Also - typically this would come with 30+ things in the system tray.
+Mike Almonte remove the admin rights on their every day account, show them the path to a Windows 95% virus and vulnerability shielded for free.
It’s like having a bullet proof vest, inside a tank, with your seat belt on and your mission is to attack the smurf village.
anyways its IE without these all addins too it will be slow
ahhh the "good old days" before I actually learned how to use a web browser
it's because you have lesser toolbars man!.. to add more.. :p
better u sale that PC and continue u r another work ...
That does look like my moms computer...
How did you get access to my mother's computer?
Bring up the command prompt and format the hard drive.
Should find whst you are looking for with all those

Your problem is you're using windows ;)
"Hello, IT. Have you tried reinstalling the OS from scratch?"
ROFLMAO! Nice one! Don't want to go into how many times I've seen quite close to that in real life.
"Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to please step away from the PC."
now a days is easier to learn in google
it is realy not what its look like...... its same to INDIA.... TOOLBARS ARE THERE,(CORRUPTION...., POOOOR OPLITICCCEEESS.....) WHICH ARE SLOWING INDIA.........
They don't know my wife.  The one who doesn't read the dialog boxes when installing programs and they bundle all this crap up.  Last time she actually begged me to fix her PC was when she had these 3 "registry tune up" programs running at the same time.  *sigh*  It's true! Don't get me started on toolbars! Please!
Wow! I have never in my life seen a computer with that many tool bars.

I think that person needs to uninstall alot of unwanted programs. OMG 
Ed Wahl
It's things like this for the last 20+ years that make me want to buy all my relatives a Chromebox or Chromebook and get it over with.
Dud those programs slow down the computer and make the Cd rom or memory slow down causing you're computer to breake if I was you I would get that fixed right away

:) I know deltree c:\ -y ... That will speed up your computer. 
ARRRRRAAAAGGGGHHH. That would make me crazy with confusion every day! O.O
People, always watch what you have checked off while trying to install things. Always read every step of the installation
Thank you +Rahul Roy
I've had a couple of customers call in with this same screen! NO JOKE
There should be a mandatory class b4 u can purchase a computer. Like a fire arm or a DL. LOL
Take my word for it, I spent years working in computer support, these people do exist.
I see fox news there, perhaps that is the culprit!
Example, while updating adobe flash player, java and reader, look at all of the steps during the installation, because it always asks you if you want to install something extra like McAfee, chrome or some toolbar, you need to say yes or leave the option checked to go to the main installation, so the reason for your computer slowing down is usually your fault in neglect for lack of reading. 
If the multitude of toolbars bars doesn't give away the fact that their morons, the fox news toolbar does
I just had a client that looked like this.....smh
The programs I mentioned above push out weekly updates
Haha so true! I always uninstall those on any computer I see! Unfortunately not always the fault of the user. Companies sneak their toolbars in any chance or update they can! 
Uninstall some toolbars to free memory...
How does that computer even work any more?! How can you even see what your looking AT?!!
Lol my computer is slow to XD
Not sure why it's slow... everything looks just fine to me!! XD
there's the problem, they're using Fox News!
Stop using IE for things other then downloading Chrome
use detergent powder.and wash this ...ha ha ha 
And what do we call those who write their instead of they're? ;)
im not sure....but....ur problem may that notepad which is open.....hahahahhahaha.....
A woman writes to the IT Technical support Guy..

Dear Tech Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and I noticed a distinct slowdown in the overall system performance, particularly in the flower and jewellery applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, and then installed undesirable programs such as NEWS 5.0,MONEY 3.0 and FOOTBALL 4.1 .

Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and House Cleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system.
Please note that I have tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail.
What can I do?



DEAR Madam,

First, keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package,
while Husband 1.0 is an operating system.
It's slow because you have an id10t error
My IE is full with these toolbars xD
Looks like my wife's browser.
That's one of a thousands reasons why I become a MAC user! 
Holy shit... is that windows vista?
how  did you get a pic of my mom's computer??
lol. Good thing I use Chrome. :)
Or a PBCAK error (Problem Between Chair And Keyboard)
Holy crap! I'd quit technology if I ever saw that in person! 
My first question would be, "Do you still use AltaVista?"
hahahahahah If you download stuff for free they gave you free bull
Wow, why do people create IE toolbars, I think its really stupid though. It reduces the real estate space on the browser document window, it clogs your processors and most importantly it has periodic flashing and annoying notifications.
the problem is there's a ton of website that before the user can get what they want, cough yahoo messenger cough they need to install some random addons on their browser to proceed, which is the user is clueless of what that is.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! u dnt?????????
stop using internet explorer..
I have fixed computers exactly like that (my bosses). Some of those stupid things are persistent!
Have you tired turning it off and back on again?
This is what happens when you surf to  much porn!!!
i think there is still some browser window left
thats like my dad rubish comp!
Brenlee: That is so true are you speaking from experience!
Seen that, what surprised me though was it was on Firefox that I had told the person to use instead of IE.
That just about sums up every tech support call I have ever gotten from family members.
Ummm. Take a guess.
Not much screen remaining after all that tool bar junk. 
Display obviously too small.  Add new graphics cards and two more large-scale displays.
cmd >> del %system%
:DDD i m released.
It's the FOX NEWS search bar. It causes memory leaks, generic slowdowns, and unnecessary wars with random middle-east countries.
Oh lord, like a few of the computers I've had to fix. I hate tool bars.
We've all seen users like this. In fairness, not all people understand that it isn't a good thing, and software vendors are bastards because they often have downloads (Like Oracle JRE) that automatically opts the user in to installs. It's wrong. 
Why you post my bro's screen?
Mine is closer to look like that 😱 Jk. ... Lol
I probably have a few too many processes running on this machine but it seems fast enough to me. top is telling me I have 212 tasks
Love it! Personal side note I HATE those search bar add on's 
The best part is they will blame the OS for it lol.
just unplug the pc and throw it out the window... 
If its slow im sure yhe browser plugins have nothing to do. Must be something else. Have you tried hitting it? :-P
"There's no reason it should be acting like this, it's only a couple of months old..." Yes, m'am. Try driving around with three tons of rocks in the back of your honda civic and tell me how it drives in a couple months...
OMG: I've never seen so many tool bars, are you sure you have enough? I couldn't begin to imagine what Spyware, Malaware your system has :-/
Haha! Brilliant, love it. My mum would ask a question like that,
Gosh I need that' glad I use Chrome with zero toolbars.
I refuse to provide support to anyone with that many toolbars in their browser!
You  need a bigger monitor. Wha. .!!?
That's a toolbar screen, not a 'net browser.  Where are your priorities?!
So very true. You need to read those dialogue boxes when you install programs and un-check all that bloatware.
I think it is because you are in a Microsoft site
It's because you didn't install the "speed up my pc real quick" toolbar :)
ha microsoft or corrected in the terms of how millions think -- microshit --
Yeah I don't fill my tool bar whatsoever but damn chrome and Mozilla suck compared to ie.
Well I have received complaints like this since every working weekday I can remember
I see your problem you have websearch toolbar, that's nasty malware
Dump your pc and migrate to a I8 processor powered Tera Byte RAM and Peta Byte HDD. It may solve your problem for few weeks. 
The sad thing is that's true!
Amd after looking its your own fauls for runing shit softwear like microshit
wow that must have taken awhile 
No. your computer isn't slow. You still can take a screenshot and it can't be that slow. lol
I've done tech support for salesmen. This is too familiar :)
I see this a lot also it's funny and then the same people ask "im thinking of buying a new computer" yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with that one they just don't know how to use it.
windows suck..comment posted on linux with chrome browser
remove all the programs that you're not using on a regular basis.
Are you dumb? Your volume is muted! That slows everything down. Other than that, everything looks good!
my parents.. but NOPE, It's me using the internet on a DIFFERENT computer that's making their computer slow... yep
get a 2nd monitor dedicated just for those search bars...
I like how the pop up blocker is activated 
I love it. That is funny.
just use Linux. any flavor of Linux.
The funny part is, we at tech support get these kinds of people a lot of fuckin' times. LOL
I installed the latest Flash Player and steel YouTube dose not load faster, I think now to change the browser...
kill all tool bars wouldn't you ?
I hate when that happens! It really steams me up! :->
It's because the screen it too small. Get a 42"...
Kyle S
lmao....seen it WAY to often...
thats sooooooooo cool but also a web hazard
How did you get a screenshot of my dad's computer?
pls . go to wlndo 8 micro soft . Best & beautiful service .
Rahul Roy
Thanks Guys! this turns out to be more truer than true and thanks to MS for providing good humour :D
get another extension for screen for work and parallel CPU
may be because you have less no of toolbars... try adding some more  it may become faster
Ask the computer geek next door what the problem is
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