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Magic Finger turns any surface into a touch interface

The new device called Magic Finger developed by team of researchers at the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto promises to move touch input to nearly any surface.

According to Gizmag the wearer can even download the information from a magazine page by touching it or disposable stickers could be made into remote controls for devices. 

The device can also be used for data transfers between Magic Finger units. 

Some Cool applications:
1. NFC enabled memory cards and USB sticks.
2. Access your home computer from anywhere using a paper.

More information about the research can be found here

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really an innovative device. looks like touch will not bounded within touchscreens anymoreeeee.
Rahul: just touch the finger and DONE!!!!!!!!
First thought on seeing the picture: "Kludge Finger"
Adoption will not be a problem. I can see this becoming a very hot item. Every designer will have a version. They'll turn this into jewelry. 
+Daniel Hernandez you should read 'the machine stops' (E.M Forster) it's a great short story about technology and people:)
this is v. cool:)
Um just one small problem though +Rahul Roy I haven't any fingers. Oh drat! LOL 
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