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How to Get Your Family and Friends on Google+

1. Post only on Google+.
>> If people want to stay in touch with you, they'll have to use Google+.
2. Act like people are already users.
>> You share posts with both Google+ users and non Google+ users via e-mail.
>> Lure them in with relevant content.

3. Build circles for them.
>> Create an interest base circle.
>> Share relevant content to relevant circle.

4. Tell people why Google+ isn't Facebook.
>> Facebook is used as a place to interact with people you already know.
>> Google+ is about interacting with people of your interest.

5. Focus on "Family" and "Friends" circles.
6. Apply peer pressure.
7. Post pictures of your family and friends, and send the links to them.
8. Offer to answer questions.
>> Google+ is hard to understand for new users.
>> If you don’t know the answers try tagging following plussers.
+Gabriel Vasile +Jaana Nyström +Shamil Weerakoon +Laurie DesAutels +Michelle Marie +Denis Labelle +Jacob Dix +Euro Maestro +Linda Lawrey +Lars Fosdal +Rod Dunne +Ronnie Bincer +Eli Fennell +Eileen O'Duffy +Max Huijgen +Konstantin Lamanov +Hannah Roberts +Jens Graikowski and more...
Edit: More helpers...
+Ronnie Bincer +martin shervington +CircleCount +Johan Horak +Eoin Bartley

9. Unleash the feature nobody can resist: Hangouts.
>> Tell them you can hangout with stars.
>> Use hangouts to communicate with your friends.
>> Circle +Laurie DesAutels for hangout help.

10. Sit them down and walk them through it.
>> Recommend your favorite plussers to circle:
I’d recommend newbies to circle following plussers:
+Gabriel Vasile
+Jaana Nyström
+Shamil Weerakoon
+stephanie wanamaker
+Victor Bezrukov
+Denis Labelle
+M Sinclair Stevens
+Lee Smallwood
+Dan Leveille
+Sean Cowen
+Mark Traphagen
+Maria Stepanov Sommerfield
+Laurie DesAutels
+Jacob Dix
+Jens Graikowski and many more..

11. Be ready to share interesting, active and relevant circles the moment they join.
>> Recommend your favorite circle.
>> Recommend circle:
12. Be active, and encourage your people to be active, too.

Credit: +Mike Elgan
Image Credit: +Gabriel Vasile
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I like this, but the only downside is.... Skype + Facebook means hangouts. All my friends use Skype but me...
Oh! And it is not blocked at any schools, least mine :D
+Jakob Hindman Can you hangout on skype ;P
I mean can you share live Hangouts with your fiends and family? watch youtube videos or create a new chart?
I like that my friends and family aren't here. The posts from people I don't know are more relevant to my interests.
You make it sound like we have nothing to do in this life but to care about our friends joining Google Plus. that's not one of my concerns. hahaha.
+Rahul Roy Well..... Not exactly.... But you can.... Okay I see what I forgot about, everything that makes a hangout a hangout
+M Sinclair Stevens I don't want my friends on Google+ either but newbies complain about not having their friends and family on Google+ which is really sad..
Why dont you ask em to keep using facebook for that matter? It would be real nice if Google+ is just kept for professional purposes, dont you think? It's my point of view :)
#7 is the best of these!
I agree with you +lamine Kacimi but we can use Google+ to communicate with our real friends...btw I've more foe than friends on facebook.
+Rahul Roy me too. It's so easy to make a friend on facebook, a simple click and you are done. I think it's time for them to harden it a little bit :)
Sit them down and walk them through it. Would probably work best.
I've got almost ONLY people (less than 150) that I can reach out and touch physically on Facebook, and I post only with visibility for friends there. On Google I follow 3000+ and is followed by 9000+ - and I post almost everything to public.

Two different systems for two different uses. Here is my work and hobby interests - on FB I have my friends and family peepshow.
Great tips +Rahul Roy! I think what happens to a lot of newbies, (and I've heard from the few friends I've managed to bring over), they're just not getting the kind of interaction they're used to. I'm guilty as well, I find that I get way more interaction on FB with the same posts, which is pulling me back. Friends or not, doesn't matter, it's not the way I'd like it to be as my interests are here. I know I know, that's an entirely different set of tips ;)
Thanks +Jay Ruggieri - I think the more you interact with others the more you get out of Google+...and yes it takes some time to understand Google+.
BTW - I already auto share all my Google+ posts to Facebook and Twitter using and - so I do act like they are already here ;)
+Rahul Roy Good post... BTW, I'm available to answer people's questions on G+ issues as well... if you like!
+Rahul Roy thank you for recommending on me Rahul !
about family on G+ - i think that Facebook is better platform for family
G+ is more about news, technology, photography but still not for family ... again - events, birthdays and applications - all this more for family and friends by my opinion !
Agree with you +Victor Bezrukov - Google+ is more about passion but it can be used to interact with your friends and family too...I don't want my friends to be here but that's the only way we can bring more people here...btw thanks for comment.
I think if everyone I knew from FB were here, I wouldn't use it half as effectively as I do. I'd have different reasons for using it. That being said, my mom, brother and a few friends did join G+. I get an occasional + from one of them but that's it. I can't ask for more. I think some of it is a lifestyle choice.
+Rahul Roy Thanks again for thinking of me Rahul... and as you say "Google+ is about interacting with people of your interest."

What I've found through people like you that I've become fond of topics that I didn't have time to go looking for on other sites like mobile photography for example - but with the likes of +Jacob Dix I get as much content as I need delivered direct to my door so to speak :) I get thought provoking writing from +martin shervington ... Reminders of not to overlook the small things from +Ronnie Bincer, as much tech related posts from the likes +Eli Fennell +Brian Titus +Thomas Morffew +Sasch Mayer that I can digest, music and movie recommendations from +stephanie wanamaker and +Alex Grossman, peer discussions and opinions from +Ivan Dimitrijević +Mark Traphagen +AJ Kohn +Glenn Gabe +Chris Lang +Kamal Bennani , diverse social content from +Jaana Nyström and friend chit chat (not only from all the above) but from fantastic people like +Sherri Nissel +Holly Ares Snyder +Scot Duke +Dan Leveille +pio dal cin +Johan Horak +Marla Hughes and not forgetting of course G+ news & tips from you (+Rahul Roy ) and +Denis Labelle ...

AND the amazing thing is - I wouldn't have know these people before G+ ... (!)

Not wanting to do the whole compare social networks thing ... but if I was then Facebook is like Merry-Go-Round (once you've gone round a couple of times it doesn't change...)

But G+ is like a Roller Coaster: unlimited track, twists, turns and varying scenery(!)
+Lee Smallwood Your analogy makes me think of FB as a good quaint book that you are familiar with and maybe fond of for sentimental reasons, and G+ like those old choose-your-own-adventure books that you could read again and again and not read the same story twice.
+Rahul Roy If newbies complain that their friends and family aren't on Google+, let's teach them what it's really good for. Google+ is all about community. It's not a social network...mapping the people you already know. It's about finding the people you'd like to get to know.

As I've said in several other posts. Facebook is the small town where you know everybody and you go back to visit and keep up with sending out Christmas letters and baby pics. Google+ is your move to the big, bustling city...full of potential
Thanks for the shoutout +Lee Smallwood. I agree--I've met some fabulous people (like you) via G+ I would not have met elsewhere, and I've gotten to talk to industry personalities like +AJ Kohn that I probably would not otherwise have gotten in touch with. Fb is still where I talk to friends (I WISH more of them would come hang out here, but G+ is where I talk to people in my industry at large and make some casual professional connections. For me, it's been like a big networking event that never sleeps!
Lovely post +Rahul Roy
There are people will far more knowledge about G+ that me but I will help anyone pointed in my direction as well :)
+Lee Smallwood you are amazing. You know at Facebook we kiss our sisters all the time. It's boring.

Here at Google+ I get a pat on the back by a real plussers. That's exiting. I like that. Thanks friend.
+Rahul Roy I am not sure how you get all this work done and study. Amazing. Thanks.

If you need more people to add to the helping list.. you are welcome to add me. ;-)
+Rahul Roy just thought I would add to the list as I was just having a conversation with +Johan Horak about it.

What I add to those points above is, via extended share (chrome extension) I post a shortened version (automatically done by extended share) of my post to twitter with a link back to my original post on G+. When the tweet is delivered +ifttt take over and automatically send that tweet publicly to Facebook which still has the link back to my google+ post. If people like the first sentence of the message (shortened because of twitter's 140 character cap) then they can click the link to arrive back at the original post on google+. If they are in my circles they will see the full message.

Trying to drive friends to G+ in that manner.

+ifttt is a fantastic tool.

Also I think the opinion of Google+ being a network solely for professionals is wrong or misguided. G+ is a social knowledge network whether that knowledge comes from professionals or friends and family. It is dependent on the knowledge seeker.
Very cool. Just noticing how Gmail now lets you respond from your email notification. Very cool and blummin useful :)
Thanks +Rahul Roy :o)
This post has inspired me to create circle filled with only the email addresses of the folks I would love to see on G+!
Great idea!
If they see enough cool content hit their inbox, they might get frustrated by not being able to see it!
+Mariannes Digart Hag okay I receive similar spam comments on my blog that's why I was unsure that it was spam comment or genuine comment...thanks for confirmation.
+Mariannes Digart Hag As +Bud Hoffman said please don't stop commenting, we do encourage comments, plus one and re-shares having said that please avoid comment which looks irrelevant.
Tip: If are going to criticize people please mention few lines from the post so that your comment looks relevant.
PS: sorry for being rude..
+Mariannes Digart Hag as the others gave said - don't stop commenting or engaging

Sometimes things are lost in translation and sometimes because we can't see people's eyes when we read a comment or post we misunderstand the context

I've just read your post - ( thanks to +Johan Horak for posting the link ) - you are very sincere and yes it does take so much courage to comment in a 2nd language ... And that is something you have a lot of :)

+Rahul Roy Is one of the nicest people here on G+ so I think we should start again ...

+Rahul Roy meet +Mariannes Digart Hag

+Mariannes Digart Hag meet +Rahul Roy

You're going to get on great :)

+Mariannes Digart Hag I read a lot of people on Google+ for whom English is a second language. Sometimes there is an issue with tone -- but it really demonstrates how well all of you speak English because most native speakers can't tell it is your second language.

So, people. Don't get all offended and huffy if someone says something to you that sounds a bit off. Try to listen to what they are saying and not how they are saying it. Check out their profile and see where they're from. And then think to yourself, "Could I even leave a comment in their language." I know I couldn't.

This is one of the best things about Google+. We can reach out to the world.
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