How to Get Your Family and Friends on Google+

1. Post only on Google+.
>> If people want to stay in touch with you, they'll have to use Google+.
2. Act like people are already users.
>> You share posts with both Google+ users and non Google+ users via e-mail.
>> Lure them in with relevant content.

3. Build circles for them.
>> Create an interest base circle.
>> Share relevant content to relevant circle.

4. Tell people why Google+ isn't Facebook.
>> Facebook is used as a place to interact with people you already know.
>> Google+ is about interacting with people of your interest.

5. Focus on "Family" and "Friends" circles.
6. Apply peer pressure.
7. Post pictures of your family and friends, and send the links to them.
8. Offer to answer questions.
>> Google+ is hard to understand for new users.
>> If you don’t know the answers try tagging following plussers.
+Gabriel Vasile +Jaana Nyström +Shamil Weerakoon +Laurie DesAutels +Michelle Marie +Denis Labelle +Jacob Dix +Euro Maestro +Linda Lawrey +Lars Fosdal +Rod Dunne +Ronnie Bincer +Eli Fennell +Eileen O'Duffy +Max Huijgen +Konstantin Lamanov +Hannah Roberts +Jens Graikowski and more...
Edit: More helpers...
+Ronnie Bincer +martin shervington +CircleCount +Johan Horak +Eoin Bartley

9. Unleash the feature nobody can resist: Hangouts.
>> Tell them you can hangout with stars.
>> Use hangouts to communicate with your friends.
>> Circle +Laurie DesAutels for hangout help.

10. Sit them down and walk them through it.
>> Recommend your favorite plussers to circle:
I’d recommend newbies to circle following plussers:
+Gabriel Vasile
+Jaana Nyström
+Shamil Weerakoon
+stephanie wanamaker
+Victor Bezrukov
+Denis Labelle
+M Sinclair Stevens
+Lee Smallwood
+Dan Leveille
+Sean Cowen
+Mark Traphagen
+Maria Stepanov Sommerfield
+Laurie DesAutels
+Jacob Dix
+Jens Graikowski and many more..

11. Be ready to share interesting, active and relevant circles the moment they join.
>> Recommend your favorite circle.
>> Recommend circle:
12. Be active, and encourage your people to be active, too.

Credit: +Mike Elgan
Image Credit: +Gabriel Vasile
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