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Top 50 posts of the week about Google+

(In no particular order)
1. Grow a Google+ Following and Get Users to Your Brand’s Page By +Kristoffer Howes >
2. Google+ and Search Results Testing By +Mark Traphagen >
3. New Google, Google+ and Google+ Page Users +Denis Labelle >
4. Interaction: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly! By +Bud Hoffman >
5. How positively engaging are you in Google+? By +Jaana Nyström >
6. How to Get Circled by a TON of People on Google+ By +Anthony Fox >
7. How to be really popular on G+ and get loads of followers NOW! By Matt Holmes >
8. The G+ User Feedback Mechanism: a modest suggestion By +nomad dimitri >
9. my point of view on the G+ ghost town stories … By +Jens Graikowski >
10. Newbie on G+? With less than 2000 circlers? By +martin shervington >


11. +1-button on website also counts shares on +Google+! By +Arvid Bux >
12. Trouble with Notifications? By +Shannon Adelson >
13. *What Does Google+ Need to Do to Counteract the Press Negativity? By +Mark Traphagen
14. How do you explain +Google+ to people? By +Chase Mann >
15. 10 New Reasons You Should Quit Facebook By +Michelle Marie >
16. Why Google+ is not a social network By +Lucas Johnson
17. A Tip on How NOT to Get Blocked By +Anthony Fox >
18. Announcing: Google Plus SEO Testing Network By +Mark Traphagen >
19. GET CIRCLED By +Rehan Ahmad
20. Let's Talk About Circles... By +Matt Holmes >


21. Make your own Google+ ID card By +Jaana Nyström >
22. Why is +1 Like Casanova Gifting? By +Johan Horak
23. Google+ Photo Book is now online By +Mohammad Eshbeata
24. 5 Ways to Save Google Plus Posts for Later Reading By +Leah Davies
25. Unanticipated Consequences of Joining G+ By +Ted Ewen
26. Google+ doing its part in spreading Thanks! - News Search Results get Social By +Ronnie Bincer >
27. Google+ - Google's Collaborative Engagement Engine By +Brian Gundersen >
28. How to set your location By +Mike Downes >
29. 7 Google+ Infographics by / +Michael Delgado via Denis Labelle >
30. Graphics By +Michael Stuart >


31. What If Google+ Ended Tomorrow? By +Peter G McDermott >
32. The Importance of Timing By +Daniel Treadwell >
33. Mistakes Branding and Marketing Google+ By +Damien R. von Dahlem >
34. The power of Google+ By +David Kingham >
35. Welcome to all of you new Plussers!!! By +Glenn Rogers >
36. Basic Etiquette & Some Tips for Google+ users By +Ronnie Bincer >
37. If you are having engagement problems I feel bad for you son. You got 99 followers but get feedback from none. By +Silver Suurvarik >
38. CIRCLE MANAGEMENT By +Emilie Eggleston >
39. Google+ Tips: Secret Circles By +Mark Traphagen >
40. Search tool for comments: what Google can´t offer you is now available! By +Max Huijgen >


41. Google+ Is All That (And a Bag of Chips) By +Eli Fennell >
42. Do you know About Google+ Ripples? >
43. Google+: Reputation Engine or Social Network By +M Sinclair Stevens >
44. Managing Conversations with Curated Circles and Hashtags By +Brian Titus >
45. Tired of Feeling Square? Make Your Profile Pic Circular. By +Eli Fennell >
46. Google+ Guide for New Google+ Users >
47. Google+ tip: Watch Ripples around the Web By +JR Raphael >
48. What is the Best Time to Post to Reach Majority of your Followers? By +Shamil Weerakoon >
49. Google+ is all about helping others.. >
50. New G+ User: How You can use Google Insights for Search By +Denis Labelle >

Bonus: Don't be a #bluehead ! By +Lars Fosdal

>> Facebook clones another Google+ feature, keeps Google+ from gaining mass adoption By +Robert Scoble > --> : added by +Jacob Moen

>> How To Research Other G+ Users Posts, Comments and Replies By +Cod Codliness >

>> Google+ is not a "social network", it is a Salon By +Anita Law >

>> Progressives Guide to Social Media 7: Google+ By +Ole Olson >

>> How do you explain +Google+ to people?(version 2.0) By +Chase Mann >


External posts:

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2. 6 cool activities taking place on Google+ right now
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4. Why Major Marketers Are Moving to Google+
5. 8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site With Google+

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Image By +Michael Stuart
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I find it odd that Robert Scobles post "Facebook clones another Google+ feature, keeps Google+ from gaining mass adoption" is not on this list - I know the article is critical, but it's really well written:
Maybe because it's from yesterday?

Otherwise: great stuff. :)
Lots of good reading material on the network we're on!
Wow, thank you for including my post. Happy Friday! :D
Was hoping you hadn't noticed my initial omission, lol!
You're right, haven't noticed the "weekly" part.
OK, titled it - not the best title ever, but it'll work!
+Rahul Roy I know you put a lot of time and effort into collecting all these great resources in one place for us. Thank you for all your hard work, and much gratitude for the inclusion. Hope you have a great weekend!
Cheers - it's something I've had conversations with many Plussers about, and hopefully it will be helpful...
+Rahul Roy ace work! May I suggest including the date in the title as this may be helpful for ease of reference of readers in the inevitable reshares over the months ahead for #N00bs!
Yeah, I think we need to step out of the comfort zone from time to time if we want to evolve - +Robert Scoble might be down on G+ right now, but in the right way. :)
+Rahul Roy What about starting a Page for the best feature requests to make G+ better and only populate it with the best suggestions (no other posts diluting message, no shared circles - just pure feature requests we all want)
Maybe this already exists? +Shamil Weerakoon? I know you've touched on this.
"Help Enhance G+" maybe
You can't possibly keep this up week after week +Rahul Roy! :)
Not a top 50 - but I have a feeling if anyone can it's gotta be you.
+Rahul Raj thanks for the inclusion! I am delighted that my newbies post has had 58 shares this week! I've taken on-board feedback, adjusted and the version now has the best of all suggestions :)
And technically it's a "Top 53" now, lol!
+Rahul Roy awesome list. There is great reading material for the weekend. Also thanks alot for adding my post. It's the first time I got a mention like this, feels good :)
Thanks for including me...and for giving me a list of things to catch up with over the weekend.
Thanks for the include! Great list!
wow ... i'm beginning to believe that you are getting no sex whatsoever +Rahul Roy, for two reasons ... first you seem to have a surplus of unused sexual energy that you are trying to work off and second there is no way there's any time left for sex after you compose those lists of yours ... :D ...

this one is amazing as always ... i don't pretend to have read all the posts in it (unlike you, i do have a healthy sex life), but i did read some of them ... also thank you very much for the include ... it is only another example of the high quality of the articles featured here ... ;-) ...

ok, i'm off now to have sex again ... see you at the other side of your next list ... :-P ...
+Anita Law I think you deserve inclusion, if for no other reason than for knowing what a "salon" is, other than a place to get your hair done.
Wow, great list of posts +Rahul Roy! Thanks for've just added more to my 'to-read' list. :)
OMG. It takes whole weekend to walk these through ;o) Thanks +Rahul Roy for arranging me some thing to do...
Thanks for including two of mine in here +Rahul Roy, and particularly for all the effort you put in keeping up with all these!
Thanks everyone for comment, plus one and reshare.
Feel free to tag me in your post or add your post here
wow, thanks so much for including me :+)
Excellent post +Ole Olson, just added your post under bonus section ;)
have a great weekend..
I know +Chase Mann , you should remove multiplication sign and replace with addition(plus).
Anything multiplied by zero(circle) is zero ;p
+Rahul Roy thanks +bud ... taking time to go through your public stream now :+)
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