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Top 70 posts of the week about Google+

(In no particular order)
1. Is Google+ making the web personal? By +martin shervington >
2. Timing to Post Counts By +Rehan Ahmad >
3. Comment: Interaction makes life & +Google+ fun By +Michael Beckett >
4. Helping New Google+ users from Public Stream >
5. Filter Conversations on Google+ with Shared Circles & Hashtags By +Brian Titus >
6. Google+Tips: Simplifying Circles -- Start with Two By +M Sinclair Stevens >
7. Google+ Etiquette - Think Twice Before You Uncircle Uncirclers By +Brian Gundersen >
8. Google+ for ?-blogging By +Bill Campbell >
9. Would you like to be a Google+ virtual tour guide for your neighborhood? By +Maria Stepanov Sommerfield >
10. G+ Notifier shared by +stephanie wanamaker >


11. Collection of Google+ Infographics >
12. If you are new to Google+ - there are a few points to take note of.. By +Lars Fosdal >
13. 5 P’s for Plus - Welcome to Google+! By +Kristin Isler >
14. Google+: A Social Network for True Social Networking By +Eli Fennell >*
15. Cool Google+ Email Signature Shared By +Johan Horak >
16. Google+ Is All That (And a Bag of Chips) By +Eli Fennell > via Lee Smallwood
17. Circle Behaviour, an update... BY +Matt Holmes >
18. Google+ Start-up Guide to become a Successful Plusser By +D D S Creations (+Shamil Weerakoon ) >
19. Top Plus-isms: Circle Up! & Round Head Tribe By +Eli Fennell >
20. Here is tonight's amazing Google Plus Week! By +Dan McDermott >

21. Optimize your Google+ post using #hashtags By Fritz +Fritz Gerard Salvador >
22. Google is NOT trying to kill Facebook By +Anthony Fox >
23. Next Week: Tales from a Ghost Town By +Allen Firstenberg >
24. Why Google+? By +Gideon Rosenblatt
25. Would anyone want their Facebook albums to be on Google+? By +martin shervington >
26. New Google+ Hangout Features Posted by +Brian Gundersen >
27. Google Plus Social Plugins - Widgets for Website By +Robert Redl >
28. Facebook Now Wants to Connect You to More Than Friends By +Mark Traphagen >
29. Google+ tip: Watch Ripples around the Web By +JR Raphael >
30. How interacting on google+ fuels my creativity By +Marie Hélène Visconti >

31. What Google+ Should Be Doing By +Sherilynn Macale >
32. How Do You Send People to Your Google+ Brand Page? By +Peter G McDermott >
33. Get Ready for the YouTube Google+ Integration update By +Ronnie Bincer >
34. Must Have Chrome Extensions for Google+ with Quick Links By +Shaden Mohamed >
35. Google+ Tips: #3 - Consider doing an expanded post when you have lots of great photos or images included. Look for some VISUAL PUNCH to get people talking. By +Sean Cowen >
36. Google+ Optimization Shared by +Kamal Bennani >
37. From where I stand... Google+ is my digital Woodstock By +Ricardo Nuno Silva >
38. How Google Plus Has Changed Search Forever! By +Ronnie Bincer >
39. I wake up every day and ask this question of myself: How can I help? By +Sean Cowen >
40. New Google+ Users: Are you a Gmail Ninja? By +Denis Labelle >


41. Why I use Google+ By +Ramin Honary >
42. G+ DARTS: CIRCLES DONE RIGHT By +Pierre Johnson >
43. Do you think people migrated from Myspace to facebook because facebook was more innovative? By +Bruce Bates >
44. What's in a Public Hangout? Diversity By +Mike Downes >
45. Have you wondered how many public posts or comments you have made in Google+? By +Jaana Nyström >
46. 5 Quick Tips For Using Google + In Your Business By +PJ Rosenberg >
47. More than 100 people are now in more than a million Google+ circles each! By +Mike Elgan >
48. Random thoughts about Google Plus: By +Emily Vitori >
49. Engage With Google+ Big Fish Or Cultivating Small Fish? By +Johan Horak >
50. Follower Counts Do Not Equate To Celebrity Status By +Ardith Goodwin >


51. Getting in touch with your inner weird on Google+? By +martin shervington >
52. Going Public with My +1's By +Gideon Rosenblatt >
53. 4 Methods of Establishing a Meaningful Foundation for Your Google+ Marketing Strategy By +Kristoffer Howes >
54. Have you missed any Great Post directly from the Publisher? By +Shamil Weerakoon >*
55. Plugging Into the Stream By +Johnathan Chung >
56. Graduating another extra: making phone calls from inside Hangouts By +Vincent Paquet >
57. All My Google+ Guides in One Post By +Mark Traphagen >
58. Google+ Direct Connect By +PJ Rosenberg >*
59. Google Plus Sparks : Internet Listening Tool By +PJ Rosenberg >*
60. How to Setup PowerPoint for Awesome Google+ Album Slideshows By +Brock Predovich >>> credit +M Sinclair Stevens

61. Why More and More People are Leaving Google+ By +Peter G McDermott >

62. Five brands that are using Google+ effectively By +the g+ resource >
63. What Exactly is a Hangout On Air in Google+? By +Lynette Young
64. An answer to +Robert Scoble´s question: why isn't G+ addictive? By +Max Huijgen >
65. Google Plus Gamers - Tips By +Melita DKmel >
66. The Google+ vs Facebook Problem By +J.J. Bentley >
67. Differences between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles By +Shamil Weerakoon >
68. The Definitive Guide to Google+ Analytics By +Denis Labelle >
69. Google Plus Users Obsessed With "Plussing" and Sharing Posts(humorous post) +Glenn Rogers >
70. Google Plus Shortcuts By +Ken Hakim >

71. Why I love G+ By +Clare Cosgrove
73. What type of posts people like in Google+? By +Jaana Nyström >
74. Slideshare + Hangout = The Sky is the Limit By +Denis Labelle >
75. Communities of Interest and G+ By +Brian Titus >

Important Announcements:

→ Do more with more apps in Google+ Hangouts By +Amit Fulay >
Google+ is now available with Google Apps
→ Google+ Integrated with Google Analytics.
→ Google+ launches Apps section for Hangouts, API comes out of preview

External Posts

1. Gmail just made Google+ notifications useful, so you might want to turn them back on
2. More Options for Google+ Badges
3. Make calls to any number with Google+ Hangouts
4. Google+ Notifications In Gmail Now Let You Add To Circles
5. Google to launch third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook
6. Why each Google+ comment should get its own Web address → Thanks Lars Fosdal
7. Three Ways to Use a Personal Google+ Profile to Build Your Business → Thanks Mark Traphagen for sharing it.
8. Why Google+ Won't Fix the Comment Problem
9. The 4 Steps To Making Google+ Pages And Profiles Work For You
10. My Dream: A Google+ Without Re-Shared Posts By +Michael van der Galien

Image By +Michael Stuart

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+Rahul Roy thanks friend. And for the inclusion. Now I have a lot of reading to do and I thought it was Friday Afternoon. Have fun. Lots!
A lot of work again +Rahul Roy! What determines the order in these long lists? I think they would be more helpful if they were not as long, but I could be wrong.
I´m not the typical audience for them.
You are AWESOME!!!
Thanks for mentioning my post(s).
WTG +Rahul Roy gather-er of G+ stuff! consider this shared! (Thanks for mentioning one of my posts)
Thanks for the huge work +Rahul Roy & for the inclusion. For sure I'll have a lot of interesting things to read this WE :)
Thanks, +Rahul Roy for your surprising weekly report! I never thought I'd be in any kind of G+ top list :)))
The Woodstock post really made my day :)
Thanks +Rahul Roy. This is a ton of work. I'm going to disagree with you on this one, +Max Huijgen. Yes, it's too long to take them all it, but I find it a useful way to scan for stuff I may have missed.
+Rahul Roy This list contains a lot of irrelevant posts for the Title you've given.
".... of the week " ??
That's what I meant.
Don't take me wrong. :-)
+Rahul Roy Would you mind telling me the Secret Recipe you use to make such large lists of similar type?
+Rahul Roy As always, thanks for including me! A great list of articles! (It will take me some time to go through them).
+Marie Hélène Visconti : "Denis Labelle: As a former athlete/coach in marathon, I have only one advice: don't forget to hydrate yourself and stretch after. ;) "
Have a good writing marathon mon amie Marie.
(I didn't leave a comment. You know me: the man with (very) few words. I leave it to more gifted people. :) )
+Denis Labelle Indeed it was a marathon, far longer than I would have expected. I will explain in the next episodes. Someone asked me to write the story of the story and it turned they did not want it any more but I've such pleasure digging in my buzz flow and then google+, that I wanted to share what I found. Plus publishing myself gives me more freedom to tell as I want.
Do you realize this was already one year and a half ago...
Thanks for the flattering and far from exact words my dear friend and moreover thanks for the support you gave me during that crazy game.
Excellent post, lots of great links ... could spend all day on it.
You are making it more and more wonderful with every single move +Rahul Roy,
Superb Work Dear :-)
Thank you +Rahul Roy, for including me (#53) on this list, of incredibly helpful #googleplustips .
Thanks for including my post Google+ for ?-blogging . I'm glad you found it interesting, and I'm still looking for the term to replace the "?".
Kelly S
thanks for the post, def helpful to the newbies. :)
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