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Google+ Users are more satisfied than others..

According to the numbers released from the American Customer Satisfaction Index today Google+ users have higher level of satisfaction than facebook, twitter and linkedIn users. 

Facebook's rating drops to 61 , while Google+ makes its index debut with a 78.

It's quite clear that Google values customer satisfaction while faceb**k have no interest in customer satisfaction. 

I'm sure +Vic Gundotra will be proud of this report. 


O #Googleplus   #GoogleisDoingItRight   O
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The team is very humbled by it. We will work even harder this year.
Thanks +Vic Gundotra for providing awesome service and more importantly thanks for listening to user feedback's :)
A leading indicator that we are all making the right bet, a very good sign for the service and all the hard work of this G+ team. Thanks for sharing, Rahul. 
Proof that Google+ is better right here. Thanks for sharing.
Agree with +Gideon Rosenblatt, we are making the right bet! At the end of the day you go by user experience. If we weren't enjoying G+, this discussion wouldn't be taking place, so that is saying something in it's self!
I suppose this is a manifestation that bigger is not always more beautiful.
That a focus on quality does deliver a return.
Conversely pile it high sell it cheap and cheerful is too often destined to deliver disappointment...
Google services are the best.
I agree with what +Rahul Roy said. The content on FB is the same thing in one way or another. It's like Ground hog day everyday........feels like being stagnant using it rather than growing.
Greg S
The idea that Facebook can get any kind of "customer satisfaction" rating at all is kind of funny - they're more or less completely unresponsive to users.  The only people who would give them a positive rating are people who haven't tried to interact with their customer service at all.  I suspect the only "customers" who actually get satisfaction are the people paying them to advertise or to access aggregate data.  We're not the customers, we're the product :P
Google+ service is not only satisfies costemers but also improves the users
welbehaved communication.
Greg S
+madhav gore What do you mean by "the users wellbehaved communication"?

IMHO it's exactly the opposite.
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