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15 Ways to Get Your Google+ Brand Page Circled

1. Write/Share Engaging Content
2. Circle & Interact with Relevant Pages
3. Inform Customers/Partners
4. Write about a relevant trending topic
5. Encourage Employees to Circle Your Page
6. Engage with People on Topics Important to Your Business
7. Add your Google+ Page Badge on Your Website
8. Circle People Back
9. Promote an Easy-to-Remember URL on Marketing Collateral (Signs, Brochures)
10. Invite people to hangouts
11. Join relevant conversations by using #hashtags.
12. Sharing is caring.
13. Share your own circle of Google+ pages you like on a topic (and include yourself)
14. Write and share interesting content for your target market often.
15. Ask people you respect in Google+ if you could interview them in a hangout.

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I have not added a single brand. Well, Google, but it doesn't count.
+Cadbury UK does well with this, I think. I circled the company in protest to the tempest in a teapot lambasting the company was getting from "the Plus elect" a while back. I commented on their page and fell into a lovely dialogue with a company rep. I learned that Cad UK has no control over the ingredients used by Hershey in its US brand. Boo. lol
So, Cadburry candy company has no control of what's put in their candy? That's good to know... thanks!
+Joe Vinson, I know, right? It's not as awful as it sounds, unless you live in North America and really want an authentic Cadbury. Cadbury's chocolate formula in the UK (and presumably Europe) is different than the formula used by its US partner, Hershey. I've had both, and I questioned Cadbury about why it allows an inferior product in the US. The rep explained that its agreement with Hershey allows adulteration of the recipe. Oh well.
+Cadbury UK is by far one of the best brands on Google+. They understand that it is all about engagement and conversation. They respond and have a wicked sense of humor. Love them more here than on Facebook. Hats off to their social media team!
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