15 Ways to Get Your Google+ Brand Page Circled

1. Write/Share Engaging Content
2. Circle & Interact with Relevant Pages
3. Inform Customers/Partners
4. Write about a relevant trending topic
5. Encourage Employees to Circle Your Page
6. Engage with People on Topics Important to Your Business
7. Add your Google+ Page Badge on Your Website
8. Circle People Back
9. Promote an Easy-to-Remember URL on Marketing Collateral (Signs, Brochures)
10. Invite people to hangouts
11. Join relevant conversations by using #hashtags.
12. Sharing is caring.
13. Share your own circle of Google+ pages you like on a topic (and include yourself)
14. Write and share interesting content for your target market often.
15. Ask people you respect in Google+ if you could interview them in a hangout.

Read More Here: http://www.circled.us/pages/how-to-get-page-circled/

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