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So it Turns Out LG Released a Linux Based Tablet Called iPad 9 Years Ago

Apparently iPad was first introduced by South Korean hardware manufacturer LG Electronics at the CeBIT computer fair in Hanover, Germany 9 years ago.  -->

Also the name iPhone and iOS was licensed from cisco.

1. Apple stole the iPad trademark from LG
2. Apple stole the name iOS from Cisco
3. Apple stole the name iPhone from Cisco

Read Before Commenting: First Apple stole the name iOS and iPhone and then licensed it when Cisco filled a lawsuit against Apple.

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LOL ... interesting. But as "iPhone" (and "iOS"?) was licensed from Cisco this doesn't really qualify as stealing. I wonder if Apple paid LG to use "iPad" ...
Rahul Roy
+Christian Schlobach first Apple stole the name iOS and iPhone and then licensed it when Cisco filled a lawsuit against Apple. 
They were just smarter to pay up quickly and Cisco was stupid not to charge a bomb or wait for 1-2 years and billions of $ worth of sales before suing
wow to good to be true....but why is apple talking very very big for this name..just asking did they stole the name from other company.
Why is LG not suing Apple then? They can earn billions of dollars !!!
There is one lingering question: why hasn't LG sued Apple over the iPad name, like certain others have? There's a couple of possibilities. One is that LG doesn't own any rights to the name, since they never actually took their product to market. The other is that Apple quietly licensed it from them. Or maybe LG just forgot about it, like everyone else.
so now apple is copy originality as claimed.
Twitter seems to be blocking support for Samsung and favouring "apple"
whoever said stealing was bad probably didn't get this memo.
great post.
lol . lol . lol .
I can only laugh.
Can't LG do anything abou that?
Why is Samsung not arguing the patents are not valid in the first place, this is like Tesla vs Edison all over again
Still a stupid name for a tablet
As somebody once said, the truth is out there.
Apple is going to sue Iraq and Iran next. No one is safe from Apple these days.
I don't get this...there is virtually no product and service that was never copied,But corporate greed is destroying our World...
I don't mean to rain on your parade but:
- LG called their tablet iPAD, and Apple called theirs iPad (as dumb as it's true)
- Apple and Cisco sorted out the iPhone thing 5 years ago
- Cisco's IOS is different to Apple's iOS because the I in IOS means internetwork whereas the i in the other iOS is more like to brand their OS as Apple
Its ok, Apple stole the mouse operated system idea from Commodore while they were still marketing the Amiga. Then have convinced the world they "invent" when all they do is license, buy-out or steal all their technology.
Excellent reporting, Google+ users.  I especially like the use of the word "stole".   

"At the end of 2006, Cisco rebranded its Linksys VoIP-based phones under the name, shortly before Apple released an iPhone of its own. This led to a trademark dispute between the two companies, which was resolved on February 20, 2007."

"In June 2010, Apple rebranded iPhone OS as "iOS". The trademark "IOS" had been used by Cisco for over a decade for its operating system, IOS, used on its routers. To avoid any potential lawsuit, Apple licensed the "IOS" trademark from Cisco."

 It's alright, nobody outside Google reads this anyway. 
Yep.  Apple's only 'innovation' was their lead huckster was REALLY innovative in the art of selling snake oil.  He's now gone, and the house of cards is falling fast.
i thought steve jobs was a genius....
Jelly G.
don't forget they stole the patent for the ipod and its name from its original inventor who's in bankruptcy now. Although there are some subtle differences between the names because of the letters or what they mean I find it ironic that a big company can't come up with a name that is original and creative, simple searches can show whetever a name has been used before or not. Again it's shown how overhyped Apple Co. is....
As usual all Apple has ever did is copy others.
It is not stealing when companies settle or license from one another.
+Amit Yavasani I didn't say he wasn't a genius.  Merely saying he was also a huckster very very good at convincing people he had substance, but all he was selling was style.  If you want a 'real' genius, you need the other Steve.  Woz built, Jobs sold.
All car companies should start suing each other,All Televisio/Radio stations should fight it out in court over who copied a programme..I mean restaurants should appear in court tommorrow over who owns a Infact parents should sue others over why their kids looks like theirs...Architects should pull the plug over who designed the first structure that has a look alike know what..there was only one person who introduced telephoning..he should request that all telecom coys be banned for life...
Damir T
Interesting - LOL - I guess that is the game plan
No one is fighting Apple because noe ine has Apple money. Apple has the abillity to fight court battles until the company it stole from runs dry.
Mike A
If all that is true and it is! We should all remember that were others have been resonable with Apple, it has sued. I think it is time that all give back to Apple. I am tired of hearing about who is being sued by apple and in fact have gotten toi the point that Cheer when others sue them. Hey Lawyers of other firms need to eat to you know! I guess that I have just never been a fan of Apples I mean Bullys!
Apple has a history of stealing...From the GUI to the iPod interface to the iPad...
+zhang eric they did argue that. They presented a lot of prior art evidence. But unfortunately, a jury foreman wants to protect apple's IP like it was his own. Clearly, a conflict of interest and has discarded all of Samsung's evidence. And like most news outlet and techblogs a headline that says 'Apple: Samsung copied iPhone and iPad' were out night before the verdict was made. Seems to me like everything just fell into place for apple.
Read the whole original March 2001 article - what a cool device it was. It was no simple device clone of the time.
Yeah it'd be hard to believe that the words iPhone iPad and iOs somehow didn't exist before apple using them lol. They aren't that creative of names in fact they seem a bit mundane when you think about it.
Y'know what? I've just read that 'apple' is also a tasty fruit! THEY EVEN STOLE THEIR NAME PEOPLE!
So... who's suing who this time? hahaha~ XD
My opinion is that maybe the companies that came out with these products had noone believing in their usefullness to the world. Steve Jobs had a different way of thinking and noticed the possibillities of said product and jumped on it before they woke up. I'm sure many other examples of this are out there , QQ just hear about the little guy who missed out on the big one. Maybe I'm wrong though.
funny how samsung found the need to just steal all there ideas
Interesting read here, an interview with one of the jurors, basically he says they skipped the part about similar designs that existed before the iPhone / iPad because it was bogging them down:

"...Apple said they owned patents, but we were debating about the prior art [about similar technology that Samsung said existed before the iPhone debuted]. [Velvin] Hogan was jury foreman. He had experience. He owned patents he took us through his experience. After that it was easier. After we debated that first patent -- what was prior art --because we had a hard time believing there was no prior art." 

 "In fact we skipped that one," Ilagan continued, "so we could go on faster. It was bogging us down."......"
#boycottapple the crook

iFans are uneducated bunch.  They believe everything was created from their cult leader.  Despite their leader is a crook.
One iFan argue with me:  Why pick a clone when you can pick an Orginal - iPad.
My response:  You mean Windows Tablet PC? 
This article just backup my argument.
D Canty
The American court system and a very shady patent office is protecting Apple and many other companies with money.
D Canty
The were sued and had to pay.
WHO CARES ! It does not make my life richer or poorer ! Apple,lunix or android can drop dead for all I care.
And case in point people want LG to sue like crazy...isn't this the same behavior you are hating on Apple for? Yes it is, how about something more productive then petty revenge cause it is clear that companies will sue if they think they stop the pointless crazy lawsuits instead of petty back and forth.
The real battle will begin once iphone 5 drop, we all forget apple is kicking there self in "butt" when there iphine whole functionality depends on samsung providing there chips. Samsung gonna drop the bomb on apple soon especially knowning apple failed to reach a deal with TSMC for exclusive chip.
Why are some of you picking up for Apple after every lawsuit
I think Adam n Eve should sue Apple, didnt they take the first bite?
At the end of the day Apple wins, Samsung and any other phone carrier should just go back to the drawing board and create a phone that doesn't resemble the IPHONE....
un keum
I think some people are missing the point being raised here. This shows everyone prior art existed and was blatantly ignored by the very company who are suing everyone.
+David Boshears

Apple did not steal "iOS" from Cisco.
"...Apple licensed the "IOS" trademark from Cisco."
PROTIP: Check facts before blindly posting.

The Fact:  They stole the names iOS, iPhone from Cisco, they lost the case to Cisco.
Actuall samsung provides around 25% of parts for the iphone. Hhhhmmmm
Feel sorry for apple !! Android is true OS.
OMG!White & rectangle with round corners! LOL!
But now you can't use anything that is even similar to that on a product 
anywhere in the world 
Apple paid for the licenses.... Damn, folks. You all act like patent lawyers when you know dick about it.
+TJ Hamrick Actually if you settle our "license" after the fact it its still stealing, it is just a legal easy of doing it. In short if they have a suit filed against them, they buy their way out of the trouble. Doesn't change the fact they stole to begin with.
More misinformation in this post.  Once again users of Google+ take posts as completely true, do a little research. 
Any company that needs suicide nets around it's factories can't be that good...
sounds like grounds for a Re-Trial based on New Evidence. 
Finally the truth has come to light.
Ive got a samsung but id much rather have an iphone 
Lol.... Apple is such a thief .. Apparently he did nothing but stealing
Apple bites!  They steal and sue and exploit to make a profit.  Innovating companies are a thing of the past, they can't even exist in the 21st century, they would just be exterminated by the lawyers and bankers.
Once you pay to use something it is not stealing. Then again, this is g+, where Google is God. Google itself files frivolous patent lawsuits.. look at Moto vs Xbox... Just a chance to block an MS product for infringing, on a product that has nothing to do with a phone.
"The guide's editors avoided a lawsuit by summoning a poet to testify under oath that beauty was truth, truth beauty, and therefore prove that their claim, the nicer one, must be true. This led to life itself being held in contempt of court for being neither beautiful nor true, and subsequently being removed from all those present at the trial." - Douglas Adams
+David Boshears They only licensed it after they were already using it. If you take something out of a store without paying for out first then you pay for it after you are caught with it, I believe it I'd still called stealing, out is just that apple bought their way out of trouble after the fact.
It all depends what you call a tablet plus how far you go back.
As far back as 1987 Cisco had tablets made by third party's to monitor there Linux based servers.
It would be interesting to now who had the pantents on then. They had Sistocus to them.
So at least not called iPad.

+John Forest While we are talking facts sit, where do you get yours. Last I heard there were more Android devices sold than iOS. I still remember Steve Jobs giving the best sales pitch ever for the Android OS as well. If you want porn then get an Android. I do believe he did say something to that effect.
Weak! It's funny all these allegations are coming out now due to the circumstances with Samsung and Apple. 
Isn't the use off the name Apple from the Beatles record label. They struck a agreement the one party should use it for music and the other for computer hardware. This use came into contention when apple moved into the music market 
Apple are suing companies because they are using there technology without paying to do so
And Apple stole the idea of the Macintosh OS from Xerox.
Apple is the winner here people....because you keep talking about them....clever marketing... cheep and effective... think I'll go get a iPad today...
No one cares about the names, Apple most likely would have been equally as successful with the products. It's their design, form and function, not the name of their products. 
+James Derbyshire the point is - they didn't create the technology - they just steal it from others, refine it... and patent it themselves.   then all these retards online run around going APPLEINVENTED IT APPLE INVENTED IT.    oh fyi - samsung makes the processor for apple products... which was designed by intel - just sayin.
+Chris Ravin that still constitutes as Apple having no orginality. It is a concept from someone else's ideas and Apple just added salt and pepper.
I believe iPad was a trademark of a Taiwanese computer company. When apple needed it, that Taiwanese company was in the process of bankruptcy. So Apple secretly setup a tiny company in London. That company licensed iPad for a dirty cheap price. It's just sneaky. Because of the complicated structure of that Taiwanese company, Apple didn't get the right in mainland China. It was just settled before this summer and Apple had to pay a much higher price this time.
Apple learned this behavior from Microsoft.
Apple logo is from Apple records in England !
All this wreaks of is a corrupt court system in the USA. I know Apple is anything but innovative. I just wish Apple would go away. Jobs did, now its time for the rest of Apple to follow suit.
Whaaaaaat?! How can that be true when their own topnotch lawyers didn't know it?" Wouldn't they have used this "fact" to avoid a $1b forkover?!"
Cool! You kids sit here and pretend that fact is on your side with misinformed stories like the above mentioned! I in the other hand will enjoy my tech toys and move on with my life. Be careful, devision and hatred is addicting.

Sent from my IPad.
Apple stole, everything, stating at Xerox Park
First you said "licensed from Sisco." Then you said "stole from Cisco."
Great objectivity. I am now aligned with your position. 
The one nine years ago supported flash out of the box I bet... hah. Apple fan boys please don't take offence I'm talking about the wealthiest company in the world not your mother so I don't need a bunch of flaming responses to my poke of fun.
+Scott Morgan, they licenced the Xerox tech, and made it consumer-facing. You don't think a biggie like Xerox wouldn't have stepped on a tiny company profiting of a stolen idea? Apple didn't invent this game, they just play "dirty" really well. 

+Kelly Rhoads, It's easy to sell more handsets if you have them available on EVERY carrier. That's like saying "See? My paperhanger hung twice as much paper as your guy. Shame he lost the hand, but HA! I'm better!"
Samsung should now try and acquire LG. After all, they are koreans.
If we'd had patents 20,000 years ago we would still be on the stone age.
Lmfao at the isheep defending their Shepard's. Hahaha "no its okay for apple to steal.... but its not okay for Samsung to steal." Because apple "paid for it"...... piss off.
M Bybee
Fujitsu made one as well, and sold the rights - like Cisco with ios.
+Jeremy Dwiggins Apple did not license Xerox tech.

"Xerox's suit, which was filed in Federal District Court, charges Apple with copyright misrepresentation and seeks more than $150 million in royalties and damages."

"Xerox contends that the Lisa and Macintosh software stems from work originally done by Xerox scientists and that it was used by Apple without permission."
Mark V
Even the Apple name/logo is half-inched from The Beatles!
PH Lee
Think different... 
That's why I don't buy anything that is from Apple. Their attitude stinks.
Just goes to show what I know to be fact, that Apple is not as innovative as most think. Now that their market share has dropped due to lack of forward thinking they have to rely on scare tactics and lawyers. Hopefully LG has some kind of rights to the iPad name and will take down the rotten fruit.
Mark V
+Ivan Ling Great Artists innovate instead of stealing from others.
+Christian Schlobach also if you do your homework. They burried them in paperwork and Cisco did not have funding to continue lawsuit.
Apple makes good products by ripping off other companies. But when people do it to them better watch out for Apple's legal team.
Ha! Apple goes to the court for justice. Now what?
that is one fine looking device....
Sure thing chris.....really sad about this frustrated marketting gimmick by Google.
+Rahul Roy because LG shares in the profits of Apple... LG makes displays etc. and they didn't bring the IPAD in the market so there's nothing to sue :) So why should they be evil?
This just in; US Patent office grants Apple exclusive use of the alphabet and all possible combinations of usage therein.
Check a dictionary. "Licensed" does not mean "stolen." When the iDevices were becoming a thing the agreements Apple made with Cisco were all over the usual tech websites . You are too late, and too wrong.
So u think aapple copied?
LG & Cisco did not use that names.
I do not devices with that name...
If you do not use a patent, your usage rights expire in a few years.....
A crook always a crook. First steal and when sued, say I'm sorry, can we have some kind of deal.
I bet it's better even then than the shite pad is
I dont mind apple company but i hate ppl who worship apples marketing theme and praise their lying company motto
+Chris Ravin so iPad is not the same as iPAD, and iOS is different from i(nternetwork)OS, but when Amazon uses Appstore, Apple has to throw a hissyfit?

Technicalities are one thing, but if you're going to play the game, don't be mad when others do too.
Vel Ma
What did Apple not steal?

All of their ideas are something someone had before, and they try to patent them. And unfortunately, succeed. Their stuff is made in China, with parts from original manufacturers. So a lot of folks pay a premium for a design that admittedly is appealingly simple. 
+Gabriel Ayala You know what? I was searching for this video before publishing the post but couldn't find it. Thanks for link and +1 accepted.
Let these people believe what they want. They act like Google is personally paying them or something the way they defend Android. Which was by the way BOUGHT by Google.
Umm, licensing is not the same as stealing. And the iPad "trademark" was only stolen if LG trademarked it. Which it does not mention in this article.
Apple creeps me out even more then Microsoft...
This is the reason why i hate apple
Hey folks.. Going to get my view on this. Some of you may agree and some wont. But never the less, here is my take on what I see. All this has got corruption written all over the wall, don't you think? In this world we are at the mercy of these technology companies. They are the height of today's commodities. It's a shame  to see how we conduct our business at the top. I think it's clear to see from this current situation that greed is the bitter enemy that stops progress and manifests the power ego. I can see how apple have started a chain reaction to all the events that are too follow. They are succeeded the taster court session. They have in LAW got the side of the courts by trickling these patents. They have opened the door to further damage by using this opening case as their reference for control. In America! It can't be hard for us to see that the law seems driven more so by the money rather than an institution of GOD.   The more I hear of this judge Lucy, the more I see an apple victory. That seems to be the picture. The point here I want to say is. Is there really any justice here? ...I for one see a monetary exercise to smoke screen the release of upcoming products from the competitor which are better than the apple offering and are more in tune with customers wants. I like the apple products but the way in which they have gone about their business has made me feel that 'I don't want to get involved with their products as a customer'. Apple are earning billions from the court in this way whilst the working man scrapes to make a pound/dime/yen, or whatever. This only shows the amount of arrogance that exists in the capital world. The law system in America seems to be a financial system rather than promoting liberty and freedom! Just think about the whole damage this case is bringing into the minds of the whole. Its no surprise the economy collapses. Balance is crucial in our developing world and with this apple attitude in manifest, the earth is going to be an ugly place full of twisted justice and false invention. If there were no (Samsung in this case) in this world. Look what we would be stranded with... Healthy competition creates choice, invention, it gives us affordable products and creates more employment. It also provides us with further technical advances. It's quite clear that the courts are not seeing this. If we are to take an historic stance on this. It's almost like a worship of Baal. Where the real purpose for focus and development has become lost by envy and fear of healthy competitiveness. 
Nailed it +Julee Reed, only reason why others are not suing Apple except Google and Samsung.  
Apple is awesome! The lawsuit sucks, but millions will purchase their products and next year all will be forgotten. Say what you say, my iMac is a great product. They just need to take over the gaming industry!!! ' nuff said.....
And Apple pirated the workers from Xerox P.A.R.C. to design the hardware and software for the Macintosh.
I love how everyone pretends to trash apple, but as soon as the next iPhone comes out they'll be first in line
LG should sue to get the ipad removed from stores worldwide unless apple pays 100m per license.
Prior art bogs us down.. so we'll just skip it...

It's like getting a patent on front bucket seats and then suing anyone who makes a car.  The jury foreman was making money doing the same thing. No wonder he wanted to skip prior art.
LG never "owned" the trademark. Proview did.

"Cupertino maintained during the arguments it bought the global rights to the iPad name from Proview back in 2009, but Chinese officials insisted the rights in China were never transferred, the report stated."

This is how business works. If you are going to criticize one company for doing what everyone else does, that's silly. If you are going to criticize an entire industry for being closed to innovation, environmentally unsound and generally feeding into neo-liberal globalist disaster, do it right.

Attacking Apple for being successful for their shareholders is childish.
Prior art is hard. Let's go to the Apple store.
The problem is not that Apple has not invented all these things but that it smartly patented them as its own. Now everybody can kiss Apple's a....... and it can sue everybody. It's now preparing to go after SGS III cause it sells extremely well. 
they have copied everything, but the funny thing is they're suing everyone else, irony
Apples arguments are bullshit. Windows made a rectangular tab before them.
I wish my parents had named me iWhatever. I could already retire!
If Apple "stole" the patents that they pay to license, Google stole Android by paying to acquire it. Don't be stupid.
Apple should focus more on innovating products and less on lawsuits...all these lawsuits shows they are scared of a lil competition...
Seriously! When the courts going to do somethomg about this?
Yes, the legal/patent system is broken. Yes Apple are within the law to sue. I'm becoming convinced that these lawsuits are a huge PR disaster for Apple. 
A Chinese company owns the trademark of iPad. Apple just recently paid them.
also get better sources. Wikipedia is not considered a valid source.
Apple is probably least innovative company ever.
Because everyone know Koreans are huge innovators ...what a joke
Busted! I like it when things like these come to light. There are lots of things licenced to apple from other companies..
thats just silly man apple invented the ipad 
Latest kernel 2.4 ... that is way back :) Wonder how Apple got ownership over the name.

+Charles Daniels so what? Patent and trademark law is not about some notion of originality. It, in part, about prior art, licensing and novel process or applications.

Apple paid good money to settle a case strategically based on technology they had invested in, so they could use a trademark they probably already owned. The owners of the trademark used the courts to stall them long enough to turn a profit.

Gee. It almost sounds like someone was making a buck without doing anything, and it wasn't Apple.

In short, please read my last comment. Hate on corp culture all you want, but recognize that Apple is just doing what every other corp out there does: protects its interests and increases shareholder profit.

Pretending that they are wrong to do this is, plainly put, stupid. Because they are compelled by law as a corporation to do both of these things.

Failure to do so would place the officers of the company in a position where they might appear to default on their responsibilities, and make them open to dismissal (or worse) form the shareholders. This is a cold hard fact.

In short, I am criticizing the sloppy way people spout off "facts" that have no bearing on the subtle ways that corporations use the law to get what they want. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter at all that a Korean or Chinese holding company was sitting on a bunch of "iWords" waiting for the day Apple came calling. Apple owns the trademark because they bought it, just like corps own trademarks since the adoption of international trademark law.
Stop hating on Apple, even if you all claim they "stole" what you all claim, but it doesnt mean Apple is guilty, less innovative.. The best opportunity recogniser and a good captiliser and again they calculate their risks, Apple the best. #stophating
This story is a few years old as well. To be honest, everyone is guilty of stealing these days, no one is innocent if you are talking corporations 
All apple product are just iPenisextentions and everyone who has an apple product is an iCock.
Wait, you mean Apple copied another company? Surely this can't be true!
funny thing is that Apple claims that Samsung stole its ideas. Apple is all a scam
LG "introduced" but not licensed, I suppose.
+Rahul Roy Preach it brother man, preach it!

waving my hands around frantically

Amen. Amen.

Let the power of prior art set you free!
Adam F
But now everyone is scared to sue Apple.
a nickel company, crapple, holding up a dollar company, Samsung.
Lol you say they licensed. Then you say they stole....

Always with the sensationalism!
The theft from lg is probably the reason why apple has not sued lg for the smart device interface with phone/tv/bluray/ internet player.
Perhaps more importantly than the name that LG gave it, they also designed as a rectangle with rounded corners! ;-)
"iPAD" is different from "iPad" and "IOS" is different from "iOS". Apple and cisco Sorted out name "iPhone", 5 years ago. So technically, no dispute in "iPAD" or "IOS" name case
Apple is a joke Steve jobs was a joke and the whole apple company is a joke APPLE STOP MAKING THE SAME THING EVERY YEAR it's time to change
if by stole you mean bought then yea, you're right.
I Am not getting this !!
Even the kids know that Samsung copied from apple it a truth
So they made them to pay for it
Why so much fuzz !!!
Goddammit...I Fucking hate apple with a passion. The s3 blows away the iPhone 5 that isn't even here yet. Lol.
People are not scared to sue Apple, they just realise how pointless it is. Courts are unwilling pawns of business because in the end it's not about what is legal. Corporate law is like poker. Who ever has the most money and can keep the game going long enough wins.

Apple has more money than everyone else and will always win until that is no longer the case.
9 years? The article is dated March 23, 2001.

There is no "I" in the name apple or doesn't resemble to apple shape. Then y such stupid name apple has given to its products such as ipad or ios or ipod.... I am residing in India. Apple may sue the country for using i-ndia... or Indonesia or iran or iraq or anybody whose name starts from "i". Even apple might sue kids for not using i for IOS in their preschool while learning abcd...
That looks kinda like a kid-tough DVD
Cisco should have sued Apple. Now they are suing anyone making rectangular phone or tablet. 
Went through BBC articles and understood that only apple in the world are allowed to make rounded rectangular products. . And then dominating attitude and then again want to ban 9 of samsung products.
Just wondering if late Mr Steve wanted all that. . Since when apple went from "WE INVENT" to "STAY BACK OR WE SUE YOU" attitude. .

Personally i had been loving apple products (push reason) not as much as android (for so many reasons) but after seeing all this i am sure its no more that "iPhones are made in heaven" feeling buying them. I dont see iphone in the long run. Reason for me to come back to samsung note was apple's same old shape and interface with same apps. We all have the SIRI function on all platforms now days. Never hated apple so much in life.

Really hope samsung, htc, sony to shake hands and sue apple all together. Blackberry and nokia are welcome too
@viral I agree with u ;) I bet they will start suing countries whose name start with i. 
This news is years old. Cisco's firmware is still called iOS, and their iPhone never came to market
An interesting story. It's worth noting that Apple brought out the Message Pad running Newton OS in 1993. I guess that was a product that really could be claimed to be the very earliest awakenings of the 'tablet' concept from Apple. There's even photographs of the 'iPad' as we know it today with prototypes from as early as 2002. So it's clear that several companies, not just Apple had seen the potential for this type of product for the consumer. It doesn't matter if Apple licensed the name iPad or not. What matters is that many companies, not just Apple, are making great leaps forward in technological innovation. This is only good for the consumer in the long run. There will be winners and losers in this on going tug or war between companies. Such is the way of things ;)
hmm, this really sounds like apple.
no way apples awesome like google
whtever all this stuff makes me dizzy.there are a million types of mibiles,smartphones we can buy and it doesnt matter what happens between their companies
The one that needed to read the articles or research was the one who posted this.

Apple and Cisco settled their dispute on February 20, 2007. Both companies will be allowed to use the "iPhone" name in exchange for "exploring interoperability" between Apple's products and Cisco's services and other unspecified terms. [8]

CISCO iOS used on routers and current Cisco network switches. It's not an operating system used on phones. It's two different softwares that are used for different purposes. It's like Apple Towing Company and Apple Computers. Two different markets.

LG doesn't own any rights to the name, since they never actually took their product to market. The iPad was trademarked by Proview. Apple has had to just pay them $60m to settle on the name use for their products. Apple now owns the rights, as a trademark for iPad.
Knowing this would you still buy Apple products?...
The best thing anyone can do is just not buy any apple products.
Apple fans pulling things out of their assess again =/ Market status has no bearing on infringement and the point is that more than the name is the problem. The entire concept was stolen... =/ Duh!

Even IF LG didn't invent the electronic tablet, there are elements they brought to it that weren't present before, thus, innovative intellectual property. It's one thing to know the law, it's another thing to remain honest within that law...
Park-xerox invented the mouse that Cr-Apple stole years ago and they're still waiting on those royalties.
So as longs as LG didn't licence the name they should make an iPad and when apple says anything about it sue them.
Rocks self back and forth No, it can't be true...
If that photo is a picture of LG's version, that turd wouldn't have even made it into Apples design studio. Google+ has become a great place to come beat a dead horse. Never gets old, oh wait... Yes, it does!
I think people have to share sometimes even if te other person dosent like it!!
This collective hate for apple doesn't make sense. Did apple pull from existing tech and competition? Yep. The fact is, they present the most streamlined experience available-- with features from existing technologies-- to the consumer. That sells. And I say this from the bottom of my Android-user heart.
In this scenario with the LG IPAD it appears that Apple closed out this issue so long ago, and legally.
In the Great Patent War of 2012 , Apple is demonised for being the aggressor. However, don't be fooled into thinking Samsung's legal team wouldn't have jumped at such an opportunity to bruise competition, if they had it. So, it really doesn't make sense to bring up corporate greed as a contrasting statement because all parties involved are international tech giants; they are all in the business of making a ridiculous amount of money.
I'm really impartial to how everything pans out. Ruthless competition is good for the consumer. So, if anything, really everyone should be excited for this conflict and look forward to what Samsung does next.
she is good Tablet 
A tablet running Linux... That's more like it!
Who gives a shit, just buy their products and shut the hell up about it. Wahhh someone stole this, Wahhh someone stole that. No one gives a toss. End of the day, technology will always give ideas to other companies. Or technology would never move forward. 
It kinda looks like the tablet controller of the new Wii coming out soon
The design simularities between LGs product and Apples are astouding... I am sure there are people confused about the Apple iPads actually being from LG to this day. I suspect LG has been damaged by about 3 trillion dollars.
What really saddens me is that the whole world is seeing Americans as a bunch of hillbillies and Amish like when to comparing and recognising technology comes.

Apple is responsible for this bad concept on Americans, and they still exploit it more. Since they saw a flaw in the system want to take as much advantage as they can...and don't care about American ppl reputation.

America is probably 20% of the market for Samsung. All America's fail patent system and judicial system gives a bad rep.

Apple has being slap in the face in other advance countries judicial cases. And not punishing them. Just mandate Apple to pay the judicial expenses and for the waste of time.

Hope Americans can open their eyes sooner than later and put aside any emotion to straight the facts.

Apple arrogance thinking it can cut dependence from Samsung is gonna have a high toll on Apple users. As for now LG and Sharp are behind schedule with the new screens and probably the new iPhone 5 will be delayed or stock is short quantities at a time.

You still think they are doing the best for their share holders.???
Apple and Cisco settled their dispute on February 20, 2007. Both companies will be allowed to use the "iPhone" name in exchange for "exploring interoperability" between Apple's products and Cisco's services and other unspecified terms. [8]

CISCO iOS used on routers and current Cisco network switches. It's not an operating system used on phones. It's two different softwares that are used for different purposes. It's like Apple Towing Company and Apple Computers two different markets.

LG doesn't own any rights to the name, since they never actually took their product to market. The iPad was trademarked by Proview. Apple has had to just pay them $60m to settle on the name use for their products. Apple now owns the rights, as a trademark for iPad.

And apparently if +Samsung Mobile USA has LICENSED the technology they stole without permission, ridiculous posts like this wouldn't exist. #boycottsamsung and stop trying to hate the victims.
Does it matter which was first? What matters to me is how it works... That's why after years of bashing Apple for their 'expensive' products I was forced to eat my words when I was given an Apple product for Christmas a few years ago... Give yourself a week on Apple product then pick up a competitor product and you soon realize the true difference... I don't care who made what, I don't care who's suing who, or who has the biggest bank roll. I care about quality and experience. If your bashing Apple, MS, Google or Ronald McDonald for that matter, your being as narrow minded as the folks that say all Jewish people are cheap or all Middle Eastern people are terrorists. No one company has all perfect products. Just try out different products and then offer your opinions to those that ask. Don't diminish your image by making blanket statements about companies, peoples etc...
@ victor Campos that a cool pic , who made? .... Motorola !
iPad, igo, iplus, iChat, iwhocares. The fact remains that one men was able to see the future, and here we are. Without Steve Jobs, we be still using flip phones. Xerox developed windows, Bill Gates stole it from Apple, and I love my IPhone and my IPad . 
Hmmm, I'm neither a fan nor a user of apple products, but I'm curious to know (if impossible to find out) if apple users follow a similar trend in general articulation of the English language in their user forums?
This is all soon to be old news. Go Google and Motorola 4g/LTE. The future is yours for the taking.....
Of course apple just blends in all ingredients into the batch that they can claim is a new product; there's nothing new about the fact that they shamelessly steal from everybody. 😖😖😖
whatever they blend, they blend it pretty good mark....thats y we have the most ppl usin i products on planet...
Really people?

Objectively speaking, the new iPad offers the best overall user experience, best screen, unmatched software, largest selection of quality apps, great LTE radios.

- Why hate the company that made it? I don't get it.

Pseudo moral argument against Apple using patents? They have to do that or risk being sued by their own shareholders.

- Blame the patent system, not Apple.

The Internet really makes me wonder about people.

- How can so many be so consistently wrong about so many things?

What is it with the hysterical haters shouting about everything when the problem is really just their own incompetence?

- I guess it's easier?
ber jin
Apple is like that little kid in preschool who wont share. Me me me!!!
Praveen you need to check those statistics.  Android has 68% of the worldwide phone market... iOS has 16% as of this summer.  Android also controls an increasing % of the tablet market.  Apple has less than 10% of the PC market.  Tell us again how they have the 'most people' using their products?  Apple is not super profitable because everyone buys their products... yes they are generally solid products... they are super profitable because they massively overcharge people for their products.  The markup (over cost) of apple products is outrageous.... Good lord if oil companies were charging a 20-25% markup on gas people would be out for blood.  But they're fine with Apple doing it.
Y'know what... That devices looks just like a 3Com Audrey, except not mounted on a fridge. Hmmm.
Apple is, per se, NOT an innovative company, people. Apple is basically a company that can imitate innovative products in a creative manner, then mold the core concept of that product, and rebuild the product in such a way that it becomes an entirely new thing. Then add a touch of beauty. And it's done!

I repeat, Apple is NOT an innovative company. It is a company skilled at making existing products and technologies beautiful and user-friendly. Yes, Apple is an excellent imitator, it is a company that takes imitation to a new depths, attempting to defy the very definition of innovation.

Yes, it is OK for Apple to shout that it is a company that can make beautiful, amazing, extra-ordinary gadgets. But no, it is not OK for Apple or anybody to call Apple innovative. Innovation is something else.
Ajoy S
So a fantastic copy paste job reward is a billion $...a good lesson for the school kid....thx for the post....
+Rishikesh Dhakal ; did you see what the first Google phone was going to look like before Apple released the iPhone? And you say Apple copy...
But anyway; who cares! This is Google+ so we all hate apple anyway.
Let's do away with facts like the iPAD name was only registered in one Asian country and nowhere else and that it never went to market.
Let's forget that Cisco and Apple were in talks before Cisco threatened to sue Apple over IOS iOS naming. Let's just say Apple stole it all. Everything.

Why was the iPhone so popular if there was already something there that they just copied?
Why was the iPad so popular also? Surely the iPad was just another copy of the... Erm... Something! They copied it and everyone just bought one to replace that device that was copied that they owned or something. Apple copies everything. 
I still don't get why people are surprised by this.  Steve Jobs himself is famously quoted as saying things like:
"Why join the Navy . . . if you can be a pirate?"
"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."
"Good artists copy; great artists steal."

Honestly he's not wrong.  What's wrong is that Apple can dish it out but can't take it.  Like the bully on the street that they are.
Almost everything posted on Google+ is fake...
+Andy Reeves I think I did not mean Apple is a company that steals everything. No, it does not steal everything. Also, unlike you mentioned, not everybody hates Apple. For instance, I love Apple, which is why I have always loved and used its products. I like the company and its ways of working. I like its marketing strategies. I love its geniuses.

But what I meant was, Apple gains ideas and technologies from diverse areas from around the world, and, with a solid vision (of a product) of its own, Apple molds such accumulated ideas according to what fits its needs.

Apple is definitely a company with vision. No doubt with that. Please do not confuse.
The LG Pad was a huge hit, right? Apple did the smart thing and licensed. Samsung blew off Apple's request to license, and it backfired big time.
Oh wow, this is interesting. I really do wonder why LG is so quiet about this.
I dont think any knowledgeable person is unaware of how much Apple "took" from other companies. It is just who owns the patent. They did it to others and they making sure no one does it to them
Apple has patented systems for "thinking outside the box and thereby bring new products" and "repackaging and improving existing features and calling it as their own" and applied for the trademarks patent innovation invention and money
There was once a lawyer, the only one in town, he was going broke until another lawyer moved in, now they are both really really really rich.
I still use mine! Rooted and flashed CM9 onto it ;)
Lol +Rahul Roy - quite the post here! Can I just say that our iPad has made long car trips a breeze with our 3 year old!
LG should stand behind samsung !
I can't wait for Sony Xperia tablet. 
Why is everybody saying the SGIII looks like an iPhone. Must have starred at booth phones for half an hour and seriously can't find anything about them alike. So stop chewing on the words put in your mouth. Next someone says the earth is rectangular shaped. LoL
Apple will destroy themselves. I'm seeing more and more people sick and tired of Apple going after Samsung.
I was once saw a label on a pirated software disk, it said something like this "Making illegal copy of the software is a crime"

Does it sound familiar here?? I don't know??
I was always wondering how can apple got away with Cisco's flagship OS but did not dig it up. Appreciate the information.
college football is the best
cool but not better than iPad 
I never heard of the LG tablet, interesting, but Apple will still be the hero of the hour. 
apples are cool but i got an orange :}
Lol that's so cool I' did not know that that they have tablets 9 years ago
How did it go? That's right it sucked. Thank god Apple took the name.
In the patent war, the mere possession of patents even if they aren’t valid or the strongest around is crucial.

Saying this, the patent system of the U.S. seems to be lacking of funds and a research department and given away patents like first come first served.

Apple just saw this opportunity and took advantage from it. They have to protect the U.S. market at any almost the only one they have.

Samsung went to trial because they firmly believe they didn't infringe on the patents. Was a bold move. But I think they forget that U.S. was built on patriotism.

Now Apple knowing they have infringed Motorola worldwide patents for technology are seeking a way to amend other with Google under the table asap.

Probably will let Google android alone in most of there user interface non sense...and Google will give them green light in the tech patents and receive some money over it.

That is how you manage business in the U.S. not with the reason on your side....but with money and meetings under the table.

Samsung just though that having the reason and the truth behind them will be enough....dumb ppl.

Maybe that work in other parts of the world...but not in the U.S.

Live and learn Samsung.....
Okay so maybe you think I am hater, but you would be mistaken. Apple has misled it's loyal customers and the public to believe in an image of Apple that does not exist. Wouldn't it be great if Apple stepped up their game and concentrated on building an even better product? I think its very interesting to recognize that you have to wonder about a company that is compelled to trip up the competition with B.S. tactics...are they really the tech leader anymore? C'mon Apple, lets get back to innovation and building a better future. Seriously.
Apple fan boys won't shut their mouths as they 'know' they're correct.
I would like Apple to stop supporting the murder of children in the Congo who are kidnapped and forced to mine the mineral that's required by all Apple products. - whatever that mineral is. I've never heard what Apple's position is on that and what Apple is doing to ensure that we the consumer can rest assured that the products we buy are ethically produced.
So since apple won that trial is that the reason why people keep posting things about them
Apple haters gon hate on Apple. Nothin you can do.
Actually up until this lawsuit frenzy they're on I was a pretty regular Apple customer.
Apple is full of dust in his devices , this fields knowledge had come from many intellectual persons
apple ko jalan ho rahi hai kiunki us ke pass koi acha product nahi hai
Nice that apple steals other ideas and then sues claiming samsung stole the idea that they sucks! They should focus on making better products than worrying about what their competition is doing and suing them to come out on top
Apple is getting bad names these days......! 
now a da ys gowthing apple after some day .............
I sure hope some company sues the balls out of apple and do hope it goes bankrupt. As much as I like apple products, they're just going too far. Steals things, sues other companies. 
Apple bought the name iPad from Fujitsu. Apple has never had an original thought in their history other than, "we don't need customer feedback, we know best".
Apple has become greedy & wants more. What do think would Amercian court back anyone else.
So apple stole the name iOS and iPhone from Cisco! Yay, I want Cisco to go away, Cisco is breaking the privacy rules anyways! But apple stealing iPad from LG, not so sure, I think LG is better off making dishwashers and other cleaning machines! But I think that the world Internet war started a long time ago and is still running, basicly running by people who do stuff like: Mac vs windows vs Linux and other thing, well it all based on opinion, so none win, none lose!
As someone stated here, iOS and IOS, iPad and IPAD are different, how true is Apple's statement over Samsung tablet's resemblance in shape which is some silly rectangle. I say rounded rectangle and more rounded rectangle are different, so the apple tablet and samsung tablet. :)
+Mike Hanna that's exactly what i think about these lawsuits and Apple.
Stephen, there are kids dying in Africa, who gives a shit about crappy pics in front of some gay French place?
+Christopher Trenholm fair point but apple were clever enough to take the technology and adjust it to suit them, then patent it to make it their own. And if you say they stole the technology, why didnt the companies sue them?...
The iPeople have become the joke of the century thanks to their iDiotic iDeas about iNtellectual property but which seeks to oppress all innovation except iNnovation, if such a thing still exists in their closed corner of their iNdustry.
+Christopher Trenholm i know they didnt invent it. But the fact that they can turn other technology into there own is the reason why they rule the market and the reason i will always buy apple products
+James Derbyshire that is exactly why I try to tell them all. Apple knows how play the American way. Stole first, pay later as it show that works and run patents like they invented.

Very wise and that's the reason they are big players.

Now that game isn't follow by the rest of the world...and in most places is considered playing dirty.

I think Samsung told Apple something like "we also can play dirty...." truth is they don't know.

I hope that fighting the small percentage of market in America they can hire the best dirty players....maybe ex Apple employees.
"LG Released a Linux Based Tablet Called iPad 9 Years Ago
" - 9 year old news on the whats hot stream. WOW!
apple rips off SOOO many trademarks and still, they remain alive! what is this!
Why Apple is targetting only samsung. Are LG smartphones arenot same as samsung. they also have round edge icons....
I hope I won't get sued by apple for naming my dogs .... IPad1 & Ipad2 .
Apple don't steal, they take an idea already out there and make it better....
Or so Fanbois say, but that is only what Samsung did.
Take an idea, make it better, more options, better to use, and cheaper, how dare they...
Steal steal steal then sue the rightful owners and claim you don't steal anything and are just protecting your own inventions, #boycottapple
+Rahul Roy I haven’t seen your posts in my stream for a while and I have to go to your profile to see the latest posts. Now I’m just wondering is it because I’ve turned off ‘what’s hot’ and you’re getting too hot for my own stream :-D  BTW great posts keep up the good work.
Thieves? Eh, maybe, maybe not. Innovative? Hah!
Lol i knew the thing about cisco b/c my mom worked there. And it's only now that people are catching on!
Nice post +Rahul Roy, as always.
The most amazing G+'er I've seen. No matter what, you always respond to each and every notification. Superb.
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