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The kid.. Exploring..
The kid.. Exploring..

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Look what I made in​ Google I/O #io17

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I m at 2:51 :D

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Miss you mom

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There were a lot of great announcements at #io16 but a small gem from the Support Lib talk was the ability to create more succinct AnimatedVectorDrawables using a new XML bundle format.

Previously to create an AnimatedVectorDrawable you would need at least 3 xml files to specify it:

1. A VectorDrawable you're going to animate.
2. One or many Animators to run.
3. An animated-vector definition, essentially tying the drawable and animator(s) together.

The new bundle format lets you specify this in a single file. Here's an example:

Notice the aapt namespace and usage; at build time, aapt will create the separate resources for you (1 & 2 in the list above) and reference them in the animated-vector. This requires Build Tools 24+ (currently in RC) but the output is backward compatible.


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Install the Google I/O 2016 Android app!

Following the release of the #io16 schedule some weeks ago on, this year's merry band of 20% Googlers is happy to bring the 2016 Google I/O app to your nearest Android phone or tablet. "IOSched" for those "in the know". The app might take up to 24 hours to become available for all Google Play users, so check back in soon if you’re not seeing it yet:

We've upgraded both the web and Android apps this year to use Firebase underneath. This will keep your custom I/O schedule in sync across all your devices and allow you to easily switch back and forward without missing a thing. If you want to see your I/O events alongside your other professional and personal events, make sure to enable the Google Calendar integration in the Android app settings.

To help keep track of your busy schedule once I/O kicks-off, and whether you're joining us at Shoreline, from an I/O Extended event, or from the comfort of your home or office, you can choose to get Android app reminders before your favorite sessions start. Just as in past years, the Youtube integration allows for in-app viewing of the live stream on your device, and Google Cast helps you play it on larger screens for viewing parties.

Two last bits for those attending in Mountain View:
-- The app has an opt-in conference messaging feature which enables you to receive logistical messages from us throughout the conference.
-- The venue is a little bigger this year so you might need to check the map more regularly than in years past. When doing so you’ll be able to easily see what sessions are coming up in the stages around you. Don’t worry though - you’ll spot the keynote and concert space (happening in the actual Shoreline Amphitheatre) from miles away!

As always, we’ll be open sourcing the Android app after I/O. Stay tuned for more details.

Make sure to customize your schedule and to install the latest version of the app before you arrive. We hope you like it!
Google I/O '16
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