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15" x 30" New Surgical Huck Towels 24oz 100DZ
100% cotton, ideal low-linting, non-streaking cloths for windows, mirrors and glassware

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Blue Center Stripe Terry Towels
Used in Health Clubs and Gyms. 100% cotton
Sold in Bulk

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New 100% Cotton Terry Towels Seconds

100% cotton, expect all white or all white with colored stripes, light weight towel, not washed, hemmed.  Approx. 16x19.

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Reclaimed Colored Knit T-Shirts

Best for heavy duty cleaning.
This wiper will absorb everything including water.

Ideal in situations where grease and oil is a concern.

Available in 25lb or 50lb boxes

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An alternative to paper towels.  Reuse over and over.

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A great deal on Shop towels.  Check us out!  Next Day Shipping!

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The most demanded in the USA 100% White Cotton Rags.
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