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Northern Lights in Iceland

Last night there was a Northern lights storm over the northern hemisspere. I vent out to the lighthouse of Reykjanes in Gardur. The weather was freezing and very windy and some snow but we saw the Northern lights or AURORA BOREALIS as they are also called.
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Great shot, I've looked yesterday long time to the sky but nothing to see here :(
Best wishes Mario
How much Vodka did it take to create this image:)
Wonderful, Raggi...dreaming of Katla along with the Northern Lights...we Americans want the whole fireworks show...but this will do just fine.
Killer shot Raggi! But like Seth I want to know was this the Vodka or Single Malt Scotch Filter????
Don't be surprised if one year you find me standing next to you taking my own image! I'll bring the Vodka.
I think the painter of the Northern Lights over Iceland did have some strong liquor in his big toes last night. He was at least in good spirit :-)
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