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build from rage. anycast networks. redesigned.
build from rage. anycast networks. redesigned.


New release almost ready! Is should be available Monday morning (UTC). Updated GeoDNS (including closest first), failover support for NewRelic and ScaleXtreme. Stay tuned!

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ModulesGarden DNS Manager for WHMCS with Rage4 DNS support is available on Join us at #in

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Check out new Rage4 DNS features: vanity NS, AXFR support and GeoDNS for CNAME. As always free of charge! Visit us at

We would like to announce partnership with Castlegem (@CastlegemLtd) - withing next few weeks they will start to offer our services to their customers so stay tuned!

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New version of Rage4 DNS available online with redesigned UI, improved stats and few minor tweaks. API documentation is available on our support page Join us before 1st of October and double your free usage. Rage4 DNS

Our partner (@edisat) in Chicago has some issues with connectivity. DNS traffic switched to Dallas.

Quick update: we have added few new servers India, New York and Netherlands :) beside that we are working on our new network, we hope that it will be available online on beginning of November. New version of Rage4 DNS control panel will be available on Monday morning including few nice features and new pricing. Stay tuned!

We have successfully added server in Dallas (US, TX) to Rage4 DNS network. Join us at

@edisat datacenter in Hong Kong encounters issues with international bandwidth. No clients in Asia should be affected.

IPv6 connectivity in Hong Kong and Dallas (US, TX) up and running
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