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Final results of changing one SEO element of a single page and the resulting improvement in visits, bounce rate, pages/visit & average time on site. Can you guess what change has this effect?
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I agree, either a title change or you hit a trendy keyword... I am sure it has to do with on-site optimisation
Are you going to give us a clue? can we ask questions? There are a lot of single changes that can improve pageviews over 2 days..
If it improved both bounce rate & average time on site then I am going to rule out fresh content/article as most articles have high bounce rates (higher than pages). I had the same sort of climb yesterday from my latest article but bounce rate stayed the same
You still haven't told us who is correct or what you changed?
As trusty circle friends, how about you tell us before you tell the world
+Bryan Casson it's a blog, with only articles, bounce rate below 15% :) What exactly i changed... coming soon
Then I'm going to go with high quality content with clear call to action, video action or something else on the page that requires an action
will publish on Monday... real work go in the way today :)
A. Title
B. Internal linking
C. Metric shit ton of links
D. Spam reported competitors
E. Its fake
At least you got a lot of attention (for SEO) in the process. Unfortunately I know far too little on the topic to make an educated guess, so I'd say you changed the first paragraph on the page to contain words more relevant to the content of the page (so people stay, since the page is more relevant to their search)?
Google is using comments on links in Google+ to rank pages now :P
+Duncan Green i was lying in bed last night think about that... imagine we had a tool similar to disqus but included Google+...
+Bryan Casson or anyone else, before I release the results I need to phone Facebook... anyone got the number?
650-543-4800 but they do not do live support, you have to leave a message
You have better luck contacting their press office on 650- 543-4811. If you still have no luck then start typing in random extensions 4801, 4802 etc. The corporate number is 650-853-1300
The change was actually a bit of adobe photoshop to the dashboard page! Nice one ;P
doing final edit now +Jess Green before publishing, the post in question was never linked to or mentioned on Google+
I think +Rafiq Phillips hit the nail right on the head, get back to the fundamentals.... and changing the titles tag is a legitimate way to increase traffic, often under estimated by many SEO's ... It is not Woop-tee-do, it is mandetory and many people overlook the simplest onsite optimisation
Thanks fo your comment +wayan vota

Sharing the page I changed or the site I did it on would defeat the purpose of the experiment and could have altered the results dramatically.

The thing about SEO and it's ever changing nature is that people get lost in the new and forget the importance of the basics. Call it an SEO's inability to see the wood for the trees. I could go on ad nauseam about the importance of fundamental seo principles but that has been done to death in millions of places including the periodic table of seo elements.

I am guilty of building too much suspense but would you have read the post if I called it "What impact will Google+ have on SEO?" amongst the 194,000,000 result already out there?

If there was one message I'd like you to leave the page with it's this, "SEO Fundamentals are important with or without G+" nothing more, nothing less.

once again, thank you for the constructive criticism.
The fact here is that Rafiq went and created hype around G+ and this wasn't about it at all. All he has shown is that a title tag will increase rankings, and we all knew that. So, good to know.
+Neil Pursey I didn't mention the URL anywhere, used Landing Page report with Keyword as secondary dimension to see only the impact on search traffic the change had to the page in question.
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