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Even if you've been coding CSS for a while, you probably still come across new stuff all the time. Here are 12 things you might not have been aware of.

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nessun obbligo, tanti ottimi suggerimenti, grazie ad Annamaria Testa
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Da abstact a vision, una lista di parole da dire in italiano nata da un'ampia discussione in rete: sono semplici, precise, diffuse. E limitano l'itanglese.

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Need a simple tool to create a fantastic data visualization? Here are 30.
1. I stopped dieting and started nourishing my body.
2. I healed my digestion.
3. I got a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea.
4. I started using mind-body practices to reduce stress.
5. I created a much more sustainable life.
6. I worked through some important emotional issues.
7. I detoxified my body.
Back in 2001 I weighed more than 400 pounds. I tried every diet I could think of to lose weight. I even worked face to face with the late Dr. Atkins for two months, and after charging me thousands
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Vi auguro buona Pasqua amici, a me piace questo periodo (seppur io non sia affatto religiosa) perché è un momento di rinascita, di nuovi inizi, di cambiamenti luminosi. Vi auguro di stare con le persone che amate, di mangiare cose buone e di sorridere parecchio. Il meteo non sarà il massimo, ma io vi auguro giorni di sole e di calore umano. VVB

Have a Happy Easter, friends. I like this time of the year a lot, because it's a time of awakenings, of new life, of new luminous beginnings. I hope you'll spend these days with the ones you love, that you eat lots of good stuff and that you never cease smiling. Though somewhere - like here - the weather is not going to be great, I wish for you warmth and sunshine. With Love Always.
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Here’s the thing about life: we only have one shot at it. We’ve only got one chance to build a life that’s going to make us happy.

We have every right to go for whatever we want: meaningful job, fame, fortune, glory, whatever. But, if we’re not happy in the process, it sounds a lot more like we’re doing it for someone else rather than for ourselves.

If success is just a vehicle to happiness, then it seems just a tad bit inefficient to get miserable on your way to success.

So let’s flip the equation. Let’s try something radical. Let’s take back control and actually define success for ourselves. Then, at least we know if we’re getting close or totally missing the mark.


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Abraham Lincoln failed all the way to the White House. Lincoln’s resilience in the face of defeat was among his greatest strengths – a good lesson for anyone striving for lofty goals.After one of my
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creative coach and consultant for integrated communication, I design, I create, I write, I take pictures, I ride my Guzzi... and I love :)
branding, communication design, graphic design, web design, photography, writing, translating and transcreating (ita<>eng),
  • Raffaella Isidori Thesign
    owner, 1997 - present
    strategy, coaching, creativity and production for integrated communication
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New York, NY, USA - Milano, Italia - Baschi/Orvieto (TR), Italia - Saronno, Italia - Bormio (SO), Italia
Tough times never last, but tough people do. Robert H. Schuller
I work with communication, in the widest sense of the word: from visual communication to branding, to event design and production. Alongside managers and decision makers I contribute to the concretization of the best possible communication, both internal to the company and to the public. My approach is simple and effective: care, creativity, a professional approach, experience. My role implies the translation of the client's communication needs through the optimal use of the best instruments to reach and interact with the target of reference. As a consultant, I coach my clients in the creation and in the implementation of successful projects of integrated communication.

Mi occupo di comunicazione nel senso più ampio del termine: da quella visiva al branding, fino alla creazione di eventi. Al fianco di manager e decision maker, contribuisco a produrre la miglior comunicazione possibile, sia interna all'azienda che esterna. Il mio approccio si basa su concetti semplici ma efficaci: attenzione, creatività, professionalità, esperienza. Il mio ruolo è tradurre le esigenze comunicative del cliente/prodotto attraverso l'utilizzo degli strumenti più idonei, per raggiungere e interagire con il target di riferimento e, come consulente, quello di agevolare l'implementazione di progetti di comunicazione integrata di successo.
  • Savannah College of Art & Design: MA Motion Graphic Design in corso)
    Motion Media Design, 2008 - 2013
    With a self-appointed minor in web development, I have widened my knowledge of the motion graphic media and my expertise within the integrated communication field
  • Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY: BFA Advertising Design; AAA Advertising Design; AAA Photography
  • Istituto Statale d'Arte - Sez. Grafica Pubblicitaria, Orvieto (TR)
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Failure: A Key to Success

Abraham Lincoln failed all the way to the White House. Lincoln’s resilience in the face of defeat was among his greatest strengths – a good

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