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I can finally announce my new job. I’m going to Yahoo. I’ll be editorial director of the new Yahoo Tech site, working with David Pogue, other great writers like Rob Pegoraro, Rob Walker, Deb Amlen, Dan Tynan, Alyssa Bereznak, and awesome editor Jason Gilbert. It’s an exciting opportunity to create great mainstream content about tech and I can’t wait to dig in. Wish me luck! 
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Congratulations!  I loved the idea of you at Evernote, but this will give you a lot of flexibility.  I will say that Pogue just ticked off a LOT of tech bloggers (ie out of touch nerds) with his introduction talk.  :0)
Woohoo! or should I say Yahoo!.  Congrats on the new gig.
Is going to be like CNET? 
Thats great.  I look forward to seeing the results.  Congrats.
Good luck.  More focus on your passion.  Congrats!
Congrats! Can't wait. Best move Yahoo has made in some time.
You're right. What happened to the days when a reporter stayed with a company until they retired or the company folded.  Oh well. With Rafe there and Pogue. I'm still going to give Yahoo a look.
Congrats and good luck Rafe!
Congrats and good luck. Sounds Like a fantastic gig
Congrats Rafe!  Can't wait to check out the Yahoo Tech site.
Good luck maybe I'll visit the site I haven't in almost 8 years I think. 
Best of luck in your new endeavor.
Looking forward to read on your contributions.
K Suz
CONGRATS know you will do great there. 
Just checked it out..  please NO MORE upworthy-esk titles please.   Things like "every parent's 3 biggest facebook fears and what to do about them" are total BS.    
I was partly kidding about the freelance deal, Rafe. Not that I'd turn it down but keeps me hopping, I'm pleased to say.

But I know you can always use a good source of good people. Might I suggest you check out Lots of veterans. And this business needs some veteran leadership right now. Great writers, all freelancers, can make your Yahoo stuff "pop" in ways others can't. 
It is about time! now Yahoo will bounce back.
Congratulations Rafe!!!! I am excited for you. Best of luck!!!
if you need some one who want to work am ready
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