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After 8 great years, I'm leaving CNET. Heading over to Evernote. More soon on what I'll be doing. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite stories from the past few years... in the form of navel-gazing awards.
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Interesting move. The best of luck to you, I will be following
Rafe, Have loved EVERNOTE since way back when, when you talked about it.  Two changes I would like to see.

1 - Password protect a single notebook.  I know I can do text inside of a doc, but would like extra security for a notebook

2 - Forms for notebooks (ie Lotus Notes) I do property management would like to be able to create a form that I can use as a check out when a guest leaves a home, ie Lotus notes

Besides that, good luck with the new move.
Congrats Rafe- great to know you'll be going to one of my favorites. 
Best of luck Rafe!
Wish you much success on your next chapter
Good luck on the move, sorry to see you leave.
Good luck - I'm up to 4200+ notes on my Evernote account. Love Evernote.
Good luck - you got me onto Evernote a couple of years ago and I'm over 23,000 notes by this point and could not live or work without it.  Thankyou and hoping for more big things!
I will be watching to see what interesting stuff you do over there.  I think it was probably you that put me on to Evernote in the first place.  I use it on a daily basis now.
Thanks all! You guys know I love the Evernote product, but the real reason I'm going has to do with the future of the company as a....  well, I'll tell you later.  But it's really exciting. Can't wait to get started.
You're the one who first turned me on to Evernote when I heard you talking about it on the Real Deal -- talking about it many times!
Good luck and I'm anxious to hear what your role there will be, as the company expands.
Wow, grats!  I love both CNET and Evernote, so I'm happy and sad for all 3 of you.  =)
Congrats!  It was a pleasure meeting you a couple of times over the years, and best wishes on the new endeavor.
Rafe, if you have any say, remove the "evangelists" on the forums.  A couple are good, but in general leave a bad taste for many newbies. (awaiting rebuttals to this...)
Good luck and Godspeed, Rafe. Thanks for all your great work at CNET and for turning me on to Evernote-- keep up the good work in your new position!
Hmmm, company as a ... Very mysterious. News/media project @ EN?
Hey +Rafe Needleman good luck to you. It does sound exciting.

BTW - what happened to your RR on mesh networks? All I saw was a teaser vid.
Best of luck, Rafe... Please stay active in blogs, etc, as your opinions/comments on things are always an interesting read. 
Wow! Congrats! Can hardly wait to find out what you'll be doing...
Reporters' Roundtable has been a consistently high quality and fascinating show, I never missed one.  Good luck Rafe!
I'm late catching this!  You were one of the few good ones left at CNET.  They seem to be dissolving like TechTV did.  Best of luck to you!
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