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I hopped on a Google+ Hangout chat with +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz today to talk about the new G+. I was interested in how they came up with the new user count...
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I think it's good that Google isn't trying to directly take down Facebook.
Thanks for the share! I'll check it out right now. I'm really loving the new layout - it adds flexibility and a new world of integration possibilities :)
Thank you for doing that. I like the new design, but I am interested in hearing the rationale. Like you, I've been here a while:-)
By the way you mentioned something about being able to pin anything with Pinterest with a toolbar function. I am not sure how this works as I am not on the service. I do want to mention if you use Chrome you can +1 (and share easily) any page with the +1 extension which you can find here:

Nice interview.

Edit: Oh I saw +Michael Paul already showed you this in a comment to a previous post. I find this tool to be very valuable.
+Chris McIntosh Yeah the +1 Chrome Extension is awesome! The pin button for Pinterest essentially extracts all the images from whatever page you are on and lets you pin whichever one you want to your board.
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