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Advice on buying an iPad Pro 9.7-inch

A friend is coming from the US to Brazil (where I live) and is going to buy me an iPad Pro 9.7 with an Apple Pencil. I have two questions that I believe you could help me.

1) Which case (and cover) should I buy?

It is worth mentioning that I have no interest for the Smart Keyboard at the moment.

The Silicone Case from Apple together with the Smart Cover look is a little bit expensive. Also, I'm not sure how protective it is and It does not provide a place to hold the Apple Pencil (but I found some cases for the Apple Pencil only, which it would be an option).

The UAG Folio looks resistant, it is cheaper and it can hold the Apple Pencil. But some review at Amazon says that you can't charge the Apple Pencil when the iPad is in this case. Also, it doesn't protect the Apple Pencil much...

Which case do you use and why?

2) Which storage should I get?

I pretend to use the iPad for work and fun. For work, as I'm a Professor, I will read and annotate PDF files and make notes using the Apple Pencil. For fun, I will mostly play games and stream music and movies.

So, I my mind, I think that 32GB should be enough, but I'm unsure of the current size of the Apps and the size of the files that I will produce in geral. Also, I'm worried with the future grow of Apps sizes, since I will note replace this iPad for many years if possible, as it is very expensive for us Brazilians. 

Anyone working with DevonThink Pro and Papers 3 or Bookends? If so, could you please share your workflows? Especially, I'm trying to not duplicate my files... 

Email and Omnifocus. 

The only reason that I'm using is to clip mail using Clip-o-Tron.

Does anyone has a good solution to send emails to Omnifocus?

In particular, I really like the fact that I can archive que email on and latter open it from Omnifocus using the link to the message in the note. Thus, I can have inbox zero and still find the email directly using Omnifocus. 

I'm looking for solutions using either Gmail in the browser or any of the alternatives. I did tried some alternatives in the past (Mailplane and Airmail are the ones that a remember), but all those weren't as nice as the clip-o-tron on
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