Join me in #Narcosa , where time is a flat circle; specifically, it's a Bongripper CD, which we blast during OSR deathcrawls.

Because I like doing fun happy things, and because I won't be at GenCon, I'll spend the week exploring the drug-addled kingdom of Narcosa by writing brief (or sometimes lengthy) descriptions of weapons, spells, items, bazaars, NPCs, monsters, alternate realities, and general weirdness. Weeds, mushrooms, spores, powders, liquid refreshments; you name it, you can find it in Narcosa.

If you want to join me, so much the better! Starting Monday morning, I'll be using the #Narcosa hashtag. All contributions are welcome, including links to relevant blog posts or articles (or anything else you can think of).

I'd like to compile all the #Narcosa stuff when it's over and done with, so if you're cool with that, please put "Okay for publication" or something when you share your contributions! I'll compile it all into a free PDF sometime next week.

Share this far and wide, and let us ascend together.
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