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Worked some more on the Kitkat/Nexus5 Wallpaper. I think it looks better than before. #android   #kitkat    #nexus5   #google    

Here is the link, Hope you guys like it: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzFp4BccCRm3a0dJX1hjNGtlVGs/edit?usp=sharing 
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This is beautiful man! Is there a version of the wallpaper closer to 2160x1920?
LOL the focus would be more on the 1920 part, but it's cool I can probably rotate this P:
Won't be the same but whatevs it's not worth inconveniencing with.
I'd like a clock widget like that. Also that transparent navigation bar is cool.
The link provided is unavailable.
Rafa..here Rene from Amsterdam
I would like to have this amazing wallpaper and clock but i dont have points for rhe code.
Do u have any idea how i can get it ?
Sorry for late Rafa ..europe..
But thanx so much !!!
Amazing wallpaper, but too bad it's only 1920x1080. :( Looks kinda bad on my GNex. :/
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