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I first read High-Rise in the middle 1980s. I'm very much looking forward to this film. 
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Rae du Soleil

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My saffron is starting to poke out of the dirt. The first spikes began peeking out right on Mabon. I probably have a few days still until blossoms form. My harvest can run through Samhain.

Traditionally, saffron blooms are beheaded utterly before they open, so no moisture touches the stigmas we know as the actual spice.

People think of saffron as so expensive, but actually it would be much more expensive if the majority of farmers who grew it were paid living wages for their physical efforts.

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I thought you might enjoy the process, and the season, and your harvest. We
will all miss your magic and beauty in the firelight. Lovins~
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Rae du Soleil

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I recently started getting emails from a political group, urging that we need to save Capitalism. Sadly, the group hasn't realized I have no such priorities. It's like that with the spiritual group I'm moving away from, it never dawned on them to ask about my prorities, because they presume their priorities, motivations and methodology is the best.

"One of the problems with capitalism is that investors inject capital into businesses, and then demand a profit. There are a number of issues with this:

- They have not done any of the work to produce the profit;
- They can withdraw their investment at any time;
- They can sell their shares to the highest bidder, thus creating instability in financial markets;
- They usually have no personal connection or involvement with the company they have invested in;
- The need to make a profit inflates the cost of goods and services;
- The creaming-off of profits creates massive economic inequality;
- The short-termism of demanding a quick return on investment leads to the degradation of the environment, the destruction of habitats, and the over-use of resources.
- Capitalism is not small traders who make and sell their own goods, or who buy the produce of others and sell it on. Such merchants existed before capitalism, and they will continue to exist after capitalism has collapsed under its own weight."

From Yvonne Aburrow, "This is part of the baneful magic of capitalism; it weaves a fog of confusion and obfuscation around the very tools and concepts that might liberate us from its spell."
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Rae du Soleil

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The core nuggets for me here were these chunks.

"By the time the endgame arrives, therefore, you’ve got an existing order that no longer commands the respect and loyalty of most of the population, and a substantial network of pressure groups and potential power centers supporting a revolutionary agenda. Once the situation reaches that stage, the question of how to arrange the transfer of power from the old regime to the new one is a matter of tactics, not strategy. Violence is only one of the available options, and again, it’s by no means always the most useful one. There are many ways to break the existing order’s last fingernail grip on the institutions of power, once that grip has been loosened by the steps already mentioned.

What happens, on the other hand, to groups that don’t do the necessary work first, and turn to violence anyway? Here again, history has plenty to say about that, and the short form is that they lose. Without the delegitimization of the existing order of society and the creation of networks of support among pressure groups and potential power centers, turning to political violence guarantees total failure.

For some reason, for most of the last century, the left has been unable or unwilling to learn that lesson. What’s happened instead, over and over again, is that a movement pursuing radical change starts out convinced that the existing order of society already lacks popular legitimacy, and so fails to make a case that appeals to anybody outside its own ranks. Having failed at the first step, it tries to pressure existing power centers and pressure groups into supporting its agenda, rather than building a competing network around its own agenda, and gets nowhere. Finally, having failed at both preliminary steps, it either crumples completely or engages in pointless outbursts of violence against the system, which are promptly and brutally crushed. Any of my readers who remember the dismal history of the New Left in the US during the 1960s and early 1970s already know this story, right down to the fine details."

I have to agree my more liberal friends appear to be the most unhappy and least involved in any actual political actions that will actually change how things are in the world. They do sort of drift through the world on a cloud of presumption. This is how they know none of their actions will actually do anything. The actions they never actually take.

There are certain advantages to writing out the ideas central to this blog in weekly bursts. Back in the days before the internet, when a galaxy of weekly magazines provided the same free mix of ideas and opinions that fills ...
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Rae du Soleil

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If you are wondering what it's like on the ground in the Southern California drought, here are two photos from private land, called Gaia's Oasis. These two photos were taken a decade apart, this year and 2005, while standing on the bridge on the land. What was once a year-round body of water is now an isolated wetter spot in a field and by next year it may be completely gone.
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Rae du Soleil

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I'm glad I saved this piece and went back and read it when I had the time to digest it. If you want the tl;dr, it's that patriarchy preserves inheritance, the ability of males to pass wealth to males because women are suppressed and controlled.

"Why is it always the right wing who seems to support ideas that restrict the freedom of women? You would think that powerful women of the moneyed class would be in an ideal position to challenge the supremacy of the patriarch. But consider it. Keeping the classes divided is the only way in which to assure that there are haves and have-nots. In order to separate the classes, it is necessary to assure that the poor and the rich never mingle, and that requires controlling a woman’s fertility; and subsequently, her sexuality. This is why it’s so important to the moneyed Conservatives to prevent cisgender women (and trans-men) from controlling their own fertility and claiming their own sexuality outside of the imposed rules of the patriarchy. If women could do that, we wage-slaves wouldn’t continue to breed fodder for factories, would we? Especially not in the developing world. And what if a low-class male has sex with a high-class female and she has a child? That elevates him out of the have-nots, doesn’t it?

We women impose these unconscious limits on ourselves. Did you know that women do not call each other “sluts” based on their level of sexuality activity? According to a study conducted at university campuses by Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong, the key trigger to being called a slut by another woman is being from a different economic class. Why on earth would women perceive each other as being “trashy” for being more, or less, affluent than themselves? It seems to me that this is a subconscious method of social control, to prevent the classes from breeding together."

You know what's interesting and disgusting all at the same time? Little girls will attack the first girl to hit puberty and call her a slut just because she grew boobs earlier. We're talking fourth grade or thereabouts. Think about it.
A Battle for Our Bodies We women know a hard truth of our culture; our bodies are not our own. We are told how our bodies are supposed to behave.  How they are supposed to look (age/weight/height/h...
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Rae du Soleil

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I have to say, my phone too is one of my most-used magickal tools and resources too. I probably have a larger alchemical library on my iPad than I now have in my house.
The best magickal tool is the one you have on hand when you need it. Here are my top five most frequently used magickal apps, in no particular order.
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I did find the lunar moon time and calculation app. It was awesome. But I had to uninstall so I can update my phone apps so it would work right and won't crash like my other phones did. Bummer without it due to low memory.
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Rae du Soleil

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Where has this beautiful quote been during the last six months of my life? So much of my current life transition, efficiently summarized. People that were a priority to me, I was just an option to them. An ouchie reality to absorb and integrate, but I get it. Boy howdy, I get it.

I'm effectively done with any and all responsibilities for the group I'm departing as they just informed me who my replacement is and she's the more-than-competent human who originated the job over a decade ago. I probably don't even have to give her any passwords because this outfit is so techno-incompetent I bet all her original logins were never removed when she departed.

I've just done two Mabon rituals in the last two days, working on shedding dead stuff ahead of winter, and I think I'm going to do a third one since I still have the actual holiday energy approaching. 
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I've been to several cons and events where I wish this had been required reading.
TL;DR - Don't be an idiot; do your homework before working with scary gods.
In recent days I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people don't really know what to do with scary deities. When I say scary deities I mean Gods that are generally known for being harsh, deceptive, dangerous, petty, violent, or even cruel. As someone who works, almost exclusively, ...
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So would working with (the scary deity of Christianity) satan/the devil/lucifer Work.? or would I need advanced skill in evocation & necromancy.?
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Rae du Soleil

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It's true. The Wachowskis barely scratched the surface when they said humanity was a virus.
Oh, we are so fucking bad-ass. Even Science says so. The paper's called “The Unique Ecology of Human Predators” (commentary here), and it's been getting a lot of press since it came out last week. “People Are Deadliest Predators”, trumpets Discovery News; “Humans Are Super Predators”, ...
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Rae du Soleil

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Having just traveled through parts of Southern California and Nevada, it's impressive how much of the dwindling water still gets used unwisely. 
Groundwater storage trends for the planet's 37 largest aquifers. Of these, 21 have exceeded sustainability tipping points and are being depleted, with 13 considered significantly distressed, threat...
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We're adding misogyny to Fark moderator guidelines DIT -Drew

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I went on the Great Wheel in July 2012 with a friend. As locals, we enjoyed the view and experience, but what was fun was that we had three tourists in our car with us. They had all sorts of questions and we pointed out different sights and buildings to them. Introducing them to the city was really fun in that way.
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