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I am notifying people in a specific circle that I feel are compassionate and will honestly have something to say about this. It is very upsetting.
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Yeah, I saw Marcus post this. Unbelievable that something like this could happen.
Having been homeless and refused medical attention, I feel this poor woman's pain. My heart goes out to her family.
Rae O.
I believe the video I saw last year was a black homeless woman who died in the ER waiting room, after like 24 hours of not being seen.
sadly it is a recurrent theme everyday here in the 'richest nation on earth'
Let's hope that the people at the hospital learned something from this. Not to mention the disgusting treatment she received from the police. Our institutions in the US sure don't show that we treat the weak and in need very well.
jim, having worked in a city hospital i am not quick to blame them in any way. most are terribly overwhelmed ...
Rae O.
This makes me angry! People who are sick can't and don't have the energy to demand care! 😡. Where was the patient advocate? I'm calling this hospital! 
I've been poor, and I've been rich, and I absolutely cannot understand the US approach to healthcare. The NHS has many problems but at least we don't allow people to die for losing a job at the wrong moment, and no one here sees it as an indicator of communism.
This is..disgusting. It is the culmination of everything wrong with the modern world. Part racism, part lack of compassion, part apathy, part professional ineptitude...

the main reason that doctors do this is that they have a disturbing amount of drug addicts trying to fake everything they can to get pain pills. They so easily dismiss real issue because of it, and this particular point is very close to home for me. My mother is a cancer survivor, and still gets heckled over her medication.

Frankly, it is the worst kind of problem. the kind where you cannot point a finger at any particular person. There is no scapegoat here; everyone involved messed up, and an innocent woman died from apathy.

My heart and sympathies go out to her family and friends.
'it can't happen here, it can't happen here... but it did' ..frank zappa ...
Disgusting. And frankly, hard to believe that it could happen.
It makes the blood boil.

When anyone goes to hospital it really helps to take an advocate (friend or family member...) who will speak up for you.
I am sitting here thinking my God it could have been me. I am not black but I am uninsured. and less the 10 days ago I was in the hospital (St Mary Reno NV) for the 5th time in 2 years with the same problem. truthfully it goes back 7 yrs. back to when I was covered. back then and I was thrown out of the hospital by a DR. and it was just short of in hand cuffs ( My husband calmed me down). I am now a self advocate. In other words a Bitch. this last time I argued and filed complaints against two Dr. for rude unprofessional, behavior. But this time they started to listen to me and found out what might be wrong and a real way to keep me from having to go back to the hospital. My husband went in last month to the ER had an Ear ache was never put into an exam room was left in an internal waiting room where 5 other patient came in and left for exam rooms was told that he was fine and to go home even thou his face had visible swollen this day he still has problems and a ringing in his ear.
Here are some other ways to let this hospital know that patent voice need to be heard.
6420 Clayton Road Richmond Heights, Missouri 63117!/ssmstl
It's outrageous. It seems to me the biggest problem here is the very low level of healthcare in the US. There is some kind of blindness to this issue in the US since many people in the US have some kind of illusion that not only they have a very good level of healthcare but even the best. Notwithstanding all the statistics that show that this is not the case. 
They have great healthcare if you have the right cover, or the money to pay... and therein lies the problem.
+Matt Holmes

I'm talking about the system as a whole. It's a system that is between twice and three times more expensive than other Western countries yet has results which are substantially lower. It has among the lowest if not the lowest results of any Industrialized nation on the planet. Whereas other nations are paying 1 to 3 percent of medical expenses on administration, the US is paying 30 percent.

The illusion that people have they personally have good healthcare allows this system to continue. Medical inflation continues to exceed general inflation by alarming levels. The illusion of good healthcare makes avoiding the train wreck that much more difficult. 
Oh in that sense I entirely concur +Euro Maestro. Part of the problem is the insurers and pricing of course, along with the tendency to run every possible procedure just in case someone comes along and sues for negligence, leading to excess cost for everything. In most of Europe we have varying systems to universal care that, whilst far from perfect, clearly work. As I said above I simply can't comprehend the US attitude to universal healthcare though, or why, apparently, they are so wary of it.
+Matt Holmes Exactly, it's based on an illusion that they have good healthcare when they actually have very bad healthcare.
That's rather the point though +Marcus Smith - "if you can afford it". That leaves out how many with no, substandard or restrictive cover? Or the misfortune to have the wrong sort of disease.
+Marcus Smith That isn't true and that type of thinking is what prevents the system from getting fixed. Because people share that this illusion that it's a good system when it isn't.
I've missed the discussion it seems, but for the record, I'm disgusted and unsurprised. =\
+Marcus Smith

The system is not sustainable and terribly flawed. I know a lot of people want to believe in the myth but it is not supported by the facts. 
The ability to look the other direction because you don't know that person, their not one of your own family members is amazing with people. Society is messed up in areas where it teaches to go out on your own, take of yourself...

Change must come from raising your voice for those who cannot raise their voice....
Some observations:
o First, someone mentioned "where is the patient advocate?" Let's keep in mind who pays that person't salary. And I'm not certain all hospital's have PAs.

o Second, I see a lot of discussion in the comments about the hospital. There is blame to be had, indeed. But would this situation have devolved to the point it did without the police? Probably not. To me, that's where the greater blame lies. But, we don't teach law enforcement people to think. Instead, they are taught to blindly follow orders in all cases. That's fine when we're talking about a situation where someone's shooting at them; that's not so fine when dragging a woman—who can't walk—off to jail.

o In other words, someone needed to grow a pair.

Finally, this is the problem with our healthcare system from top to bottom: Everything is focused on the bottom line. One example (and not intended to drive this discussion off on a tangent) is the cost of drugs, which, despite the plaintive explanations of the drug companies (a couple in which I own stock) are priced way, way higher than is justified by the costs of development and production. Would I be happy with a much lower dividend, in exchange for much lower drug prices? Damn right I would. But this brings us to for-profit hospitals: Nothing good could come of healthcare for sale to the highest bidder.
+Steve Hall thank you for saying you'd be happier with lower dividend. Shows you aren't greedy and maybe there is hope for this country! Most ppl argue "it's buisiness, that's how it is, you can't blame them for keeping investors happy" and leave it. Well I can blame the whole thing of greediness and the people who won't be "happy" with lower when it's super inflated are cruel greedy people! Thanks for being a good human being!
Rae O.
+christina Fisher I hear you 100%. +Steve Hall +DeAno Jackson +Deana Otto +Trever McGhee +Mary Jo Dodd +Zach Harper +Gina Reed +Sherri Nissel +Euro Maestro +Marcus Smith +Matt Holmes +Michael Baker +Doug Tyrrell +stephanie wanamaker thanks friends for participating in this discussion.

This is certainly one of the reasons why G+ is better than any other platform.

I've had my mother in the hospital three times in six months and I ask for the patient advocate for seniors. My mom didn't know to ask. It really makes a difference to have someone on your side.
This is such a commentary on the state of the health system in the us: if you're insured you get a private room, if you're poor and unemployed you get to die on the jail floor from something that would've been treatable if the doctors had bothered to look.
In much the same way that America's "color-blindness" of the last 40 years has allowed for racism to remain entrenched in our institutions. Our "class-blind" society is allowing the same atrocities to occur as the Indian Caste system. We have a Brahman class in this country and we have an untouchable class, the difference between ours and the Indians is that they are upfront about theirs and we pretend we live in a meritocracy with social safety nets.
I saw that video and the story a couple days ago, I guess. (I work nights - I can't be sure of the day of week, lol!) Those cops should answer charges, as well as the hospital. When someone tells you that they are in pain, or they can't stand, or whatever - you PAY FREAKING ATTENTION!!!!

The hospital is far more negligent than the cops. Basically, the cops were doing almost what they should have. Two problems though. A: you don't drag people around and B: they should have been watching this woman carefully after her complaints.

Just a short period of actual, concerned observation would have revealed that the woman was in genuine distress. So - cops are liable along with the hospital.
I want to add that as this video surfaces, our country will continue to look the other way and still pretend that people are "ok" because hospitals will take care of people. Not even caring that if ppl can't afford health insurance then they sure can't afford hospital bills! Further they don't recognize that when you do go to the ER, it's so over crowded that you can't get seen in a timely manner. These things break my heart and for a human being to be treated as shown here proves we are as bad as those with no rights for it's people. I'm not sure which is more disgusting: this happening, the blind eye it will get from tons of people, or the people who will defend what happened :(
Rae O.
I hope +Gina Reed we are doing a very small part by sharing this and discussing it. 50 more people are aware of it thanks to +Marcus Smith.
I am disgusted and saddened....I cannot visualize another doctor who took the hippocratic oath as I did refusing someone care....when Drs were in charge instead of bureaucrats I don't recall this sort of thing going on. Awful.
With or with out insurance I have been called a lire 3 time by three different Dr. at 3 different hospitals. I have been turn in to Child Protective Services because the ER Dr. could not SEE with his naked eye the genetic blood disorder my daughter had. The Dr. discharging me has sent me home with the wrong diagnosis and miss information Twice and knew he had.
Rae O.
+Rory Swan I notified just under 100 people and missed you; but thought you'd feel something about this story. There is video toward the bottom of the text; very upsetting.
Rae O.
+Rory Swan she went to three hospitals. Was not in custody until the police claimed she was trespassing, then said she was resisting arrest. and they put her on the cement floor of the jail cell, not even enough decency to put her in the cot.
Fingers are crossed, that a protocol is put in place to make sure it never happens again.
You might be right there +Rory Swan it would rely on people using their common sense to fill in between the blanks so that the protocol didn't turn out to be a book.
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