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OK OK, my hole by hole posting of the #usopengolf  is over. May I suggest you move me to a mute circle if it is not interesting to you for the next 4 days

My experiment was posting public, extended circles from the #usopengolf  stream.

Love you guys and girls!
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Ya did good!!  Loved it!  I gained 45 people who put me into their circles because of the, it does work to help build your community.  Stay's all about being Social! 
Good work Rae. Really enjoyed the real time updates as I had no access to tv coverage.
Rae O.
thanks +Jack Durst it was mostly an experiment. We are still in beta right? lol. I tried to make one post per hole and then comment on that.
+Rae Ouzts You have to remember when you post a comment to a post you make it does not refresh the post in the stream and only the people who +1 or made comment will see the comment you made.  That is why I was making individual posts for my updates.