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"Manufacture in Croatia"
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I think the patient is on artificial heart, waiting for a donor...
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Radoslav Dejanović

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Making patterns for silk weaving. 
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Yes, women there listen to the music while working - they use trusty old Nokias as both a phone and a MP3 player. The battery, it lasts. 
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Radoslav Dejanović

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In Murica.
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Umm... no. I need a partner, not a slave. Tho' this might look so funny today, our mothers and grandmothers actually were taught to be like this. And some are even today. 
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I'd like to have entire harem of hot slave (or Slav) girls. I know it's not politically correcty, but hey, I'm just saying what majority of men think :)
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Finally! Our economic prowess has been given international attention!

Our Prime Minister, when asked for comment by local media, said this - no, really, he did say this: 

"The Economist is my favorite magazine, but everyone can make a mistake. For example, 12 years ago they predicted negative trend for German industry and failed. They are about to fail with their prediction of Croatian economy, too. These are just some statistic data, and even the best media in the world can make a mistake." 
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The Economist and Forbes. Can't say which one is worse. I once read in Forbes that 3 most hard-working nations in the world were:
1. Greeks
2. Italians
3. Mexicans
4. ......

Can you imagine that? To anyone normal it looks like the table was accidentally turned upside down, but they kept claiming it's the right order. The Economist is very similar. All politics, zero economy.
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Radoslav Dejanović

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Sent from my kk



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Radoslav Dejanović

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"To reach a firmer conclusion about Heartbleed's history, it would be best for the networking community to try to replicate Koeman's findings. Any network operators who have extensive packet logs can check for malicious heartbeats, which most commonly have a TCP payload of 18 03 02 00 03 01 or 18 03 01 00 03 01 (or perhaps even 18 03 03 00 03 01). We urge any network operators who find this pattern to contact us."
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Radoslav Dejanović

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What a snatch! 

While I was looking for a place to drink coffee with a friend, we've strolled past the waste container with the orange-brown leather box sitting on it. It seems that somebody had to clean up der Schrank and just couldn't have heart to throw this beauty into the waste bin, so (s)he left it there for somebody to retrieve it and keep loving it. 

At first we just walked past the box, wondering what's inside. Luckily for me, the nearby cafe was closed, so we returned the same path to go and find another one. I couldn't resist my hoarding urge that kicks in every time I see something vintage, so I took the box and opened it. 

Right there was this travel iron, neatly packed and looking quite pristine. After we found Le Café that wasn't closed, we examined it closely.  

This travel iron is Eltma Omega 1007, produced around 1960. in DDR (the then-soviet-controlled part of divided Germany). There's this cleverly designed mechanism that would let the owner choose between 110V and 220V power. We haven't tried it, but from the overall condition ("mint" is not an exaggeration in this case) I'd guess that it still works. There are just a few quite minor signs of the time passed in the darkness of the cabinet, the most obvious one being stitch-marks on the wooden handle - it was kept in the same place for so long that the stitching on the leather left an imprint. 

I've checked it on ebay, and there's some guy selling one in worse condition for 339$ (was 399$); the real value on the vintage market would be 50-70€. 

And no, I'm not selling this one. It was left to find someone else who would love it, and I'm going to respect the previous owner's feelings. 
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