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Ok, enough of that salty water.
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#blender3d  is now available on #steam !

Blender3d is a powerful and free (both as in "speech" and as in "beer") 3D software that is available for Linux, Windows and Macintosh. It's been widely used by amateurs and professionals alike. 

This very, very smart move will promote this wonderful software to much more people out there, and it will solve my personal itch: Linux distributions tend not to follow up on Blender development, so one would either have to download newer versions somewhere else, or be stuck with the default Blender that comes with the distribution's repository. I believe that the Steam version will always be up-to-date, and it might open up the possibility to have a Workshop community built around it, with all those nice add-ons developed for Blender. 

Great work (as always), +Ton Roosendaal! :-D 
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What about that thumb?!?!

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I guess that's an ancient facebookism.
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Couldn't agree more. I guess it isn't just about the new generations of sysadmins being less educated (might and might not be true), but that it's about the persuasive idea that one can do system administration like playing with LEGO bricks. That's certainly possible to some extent, but the over-reliance on pre-designed solutions that one can't get under control is dangerous for the system. The most dangerous thing indeed is this idea that one can find pre-made solutions for everything, and that there's no significant risk involved in running binaries made by unknown sources. 
None of these "fancy" tools still builds by a traditional make command. Every tool has to come up with their own, incomptaible, and non-portable "method of the day" of building. And since nobody is still able to compile things from scratch, everybody just downloads precompiled binaries from ...
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It's just a function of tech advancing. 50 years ago car owner was expected to know everything about the vehicle, down to the last screw. Nowadays even professional mechanics just hook up a computer and it tells them what's wrong (and orders the replacements by itself). Tech advances, details get abstracted.

If you're really a graybeard, you do remember that 8 bit computers came with complete electrical schematics, right? Today's computers come with instructions on how to set up an app store, if anything. Tech advances, details get abstracted.

Things are not going to go back to the way they were.
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Radoslav Dejanović

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Nedavno otkrivena ranjivost u upravljačkom programu HTTP.sys ostavlja mnoge verzije Windowsa ranjivima na remote-execution napad.
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Am I the only one who is observing a surge of false G+ profiles adding me to their circles these days? 
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My guess would probably be those 'excellent engagers super ultra best circle ever' thingies you seem to be fond of. :-)
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Radoslav Dejanović

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Dear criminal, Google Translate does not translate into Croatian very efficiently!

Dragi Webmail Korisnik,

Vaš poštanski sandučić je premašio granicu za pohranu koji je 20 GB kao što je navedeno od strane administratora, koji se izvode na 33,6 GB, ponovno provjeriti autentičnost vašeg spremnika klik ili kopirajte link u nastavku:

Upozorenje: Ako se ponovno postaviti vaš poštanski sandučić biti donesena e-aktivni u našoj bazi.

Sustav upravljanja tim,
© autorsko pravo 2015
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... because somebody had to write it. 
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