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+1 If you survived the #EndOfTheWorld  
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no im dead that is why im commenting on theis post.
lol well... today is the last date on the calendar, so technically we need to survive a little longer.
Who will comment next to me? at what time to see the Dooms Day ?
The Mayan Y2K bug doesn't bother me... unless that crazy sod across the street gets some crazy idea... (reindeer were at my door last night)
Nick D
Hehehhehehe accualy i died on random
Nick D
and im still posting :3
10:01 am on 12/21/12 and we're all still here. the Mayans trolled us all. 
Nick D
Actualy what i find confusing is that if then end of the world starts at 12:00 or 12:01 A.M. Then does that inclued timezones? Because the chinese were "Dieing" while i was sitting down being bored at my couch O' comfort at 8:00 or 9:00 PM
Everyone is dead and me commenting here from heaven
Everyone is dead and me commenting here from heaven
Everyone is dead and me commenting here from heaven
its the end of the world as we know it-...... NOT!
this is stupid everyone i know is still alive
No im dead .. NOT
i do not belive in them
To heather Pennington I totally agree with you 
tee dee
do I get a gift because where still hear..> I think ... Maybe I have died because I have the same old retinue every - day 
never believed in the Mayan Apocalypse 
its 11.15am and i am still here:)
Alive at the end of a beautiful day with my best friend :) :) cheers to t world!!
LOL....this is too cute! For the 'smart ppl' study a sense of humor...ugh
I love how the time of our "end" keeps changing...midnight... noon...six...Wtf...give it up pple!
no, I'm not still here. 
I'm on the fifth moon orbiting Jupiter
Oh pooh. Various and sundry have been predicting "The End of the World" since at least 999/1000 A.D. when Sylvester II preached right through the hour of supposed "doom" without suffering any ill-effects. Really, this is all absurd, unless of course your belief system is predicated on the Maya Civiliazation. Time is a human construct; the planet has its own concerns and humans just aren't "that" important in cosmic terms. 
Has the whole USA lost their minds!!!! Can't believe the cruelity here now or the CRAZY NEWS MEDIA!!!
I agree with Savanna Larson only God knows when the world will end not man. Gotta love science lol
+Dolores K Dolores K is one of my fave comments....I called my girlfriend in Australia to see if she is dead...since, it's already tomorrow there...I figured she would have the 'scoop'
A Wong
I guess there may be a paradarise place .....just no one know at that moment.
I m alive bt not well ;(;(;(
Fever, cold etc etc
We COULD all be dead, you know... :)
ppl we survived...!!!! \o/
i know only god knows when the world gonna end
i'm fall in love again and again.i think i'm still alive....
yes it lays in the hands of god
It's an illusion... we are into the matrix now...
the mayans would have been in the central time zone and the exact time of the winter solstice is 11:11pm central time so the world could still end
I died.. last night. with my fwriend Ryan
oddly, there are more +'s than humans left? Quizzical 
Diane P
Yup still here and going to be for a long time i hope.
im as good as dead, but not quite. im a ZOMBIE
Some people feel like it's the end of the world,pray for Sandy hook and hurricane Sandy victims
i wished for the world to end and i am still here....what a waste.
The worlds not supposed to end til 4:00 pm today... were not through this yet
As for me I'm waiting on Jehovah. He is THE only one that knows when that time will come
I'm actually in Hell right now.

I'm in this place called Los Angeles! :P
tee dee
if I can survive honey- boo boo.jersey shore ,Atlantic house wives ,basketball wives' an all the realty shows I'm sure I'll survive the apocalypse....
Who ar èy 2 kn wn èworld wl en..
naaaaa, i'm dead but i took my laptop to heaven with me.
still alive and kicking !! :D
Obviously it's just the end of the 6th age
I am a spirit speaking from the underworld Internet cafe . And yes the world did not end I died of snake bite . :( :D
everyone will be alive its a myth
nothing happened (from the East of the planet), life goes on as usual. Over to you people (from the West). My advise, keep the Christmas spirit Alive...!
hahahahaha lol we here in Africa never heard of this,guess the end of the world will not happen in our own path of the world.
waaaait a sec ,yea still here
a hink a hud to much tae drink pinch me tae see if am alive or dreamin
a must b dreamin am alive a nivir felt a hing 
Like Kenny loggins said I'm "alright, don't nobody worry 'bout me"!!!!! :-)
They had it up side down its 5012 when they world will end LOL
Actually you all do know the scientists misread the Calendar, so it's going too happen but when no one expects it, if you read the book of revelations you'll know what I'm talking about. 
it feels good to be alive
If the world was going to end. I don't think we will get a warning. It will just happen.
I'm still he.........
WAIT I'M NOT??!?!?!?!?!?
Its the beginning if a new way of thinking living learning. A rebirth for us all.that is whst the Mayans were talking about!!!
So is it midnight in south America yet? 
It's the end of the world as we know it , Twinkies r gone. Well played Mayans 
The world will end you dingbat.
The whole thing about the world ending is not true. A group of Mexicans said "In 2013 it would be a new AREA! The peacful area." If I am wrong then you tell me when the world ends!
Take care every body.probobly it will happen in 2 or 3days.i'm evil ha ha ha
Nick D
For all those here  your fighting so hard to make it the end of the world, but think about it you will lose everythihng you love every good memory you may think your entering you faith your only entering your self-obsessive destruction if the world would some how end by scientest incident or metorite it doesnt matter but you could say HA-i was right but that wouldnt make a difference we would all be dead
Nick D
not alive
end of the world? haha ... don't make me laughing ... 
omg the world is not going to end
I really dont know whaether anything is gonna happen but as long as we are still alive at midnight of the 21st we are okay:) anayway no one should take this as a joke becuase it gonna happen anyway in a long long time so dont freak out:)
Tomorrow only the Walking Dead will be on G+, prepare for a lot of misspelling.
im here but the sad part is im at school
I think we are the only survivors left. 
Still here and will be here on this planet only... Nothing is gonna happen but Christmas!
of course there was NEVER going to be the end of the world today. what are you guys, stupid???? it was today on the 21st in australia, so it would have ended already....
thanx- it's just common sense- i would have thought grown men would have more than a twelve year old!
i have a question.... so they have an end to their calender right? And so do we RIGHT? So it was probs the end of there oddly 2,000 years calender just like our lovely but short 12 months.
+Justine Browning That's not how time works.  The Mayans weren't in Australia, so it would not have been based on Australian time.  Time is also relative.  So, you're showing that you're just about as stupid as the people who thought the world would end.
Still alive, to c this crazy person, who does'nt wanna grow up!
Thing is when the myans said the end of the world was going to happen there wasen't leap year like there is now. Also Revolations in the bible says that nobody will know when christ comes.
Oh yah, "the end of the world" according to Mayan civilisation !! Sorry;someone mess-up BIG TIME.
I'm still here!  Well, I think I'm still here...

Uh, Justine:  what Justine says about "all you guys" says more about Justine than it does about "all you guys".

Just sayin'...
Make this DAY a HAPPY DAY :-) Be NICE, Be KIND
We will survive for billion yrs more!
How many times is the world gonna have an end? Which chicken saw the sky falling this time?
not the end.... I'm a time traveler...It's not the end
People always predict the end of the world but there always wrong! LOL!
we wiil be here until God say so, but i know it will be end of the world for a lot of us
Ilene Bancroft: Tequila and a slice of lemon to go along with that salt would be juuuuuust right.
you guys have a good christams and have a good new year
Lol. Th whole end of the world was a marketing ploy. Put out there by crazy white ppl. Even Mayan descendants didn't believe the world was going to end. Their ancestors calendar marked cycles of time. All that calendar had on it was one cycle of time ending a new cycle of time starting. So make the most of your life and appreciated the time you have now. 
everyone knows this is bullshit cause they said it in like 1993 or something so its bullshit
Nick D
What to do if a zombie enters you house!
1~ Slap youself to make sure ur not being stupid
2~Grab that giant knife thats in you knife drawr
3~Make sure the zombie is human if it isnt then you can probly roast it.
4~ Call services to detain it 
5~ Be put in ayslum for death of ur pet rabbit that rolled in the grass and just so happened to look like a zombie.
Guess i still have to pay the man! Dammit 
My world ended but I'm still here ;-);-)
Nick D
Nick D
Oh ya for you belivers who belive in the end of the world think about your religion befor u go all homocidal-suicidal
me to i would like to survive for the rest of my life
It started from these people in mexico that said "There will be a new AREA!! The peacful area"
Im not alive! oopsy got eaten by a Zombie! :O
Well, I am still typing so I am still alive!
Nothing is gonna happen! I'm betting 2 mil. Dollars to the retard who said we are!
the only perosn that know when the END OF THE WORLD!!!! is GOD AND JESUS!!!! for all you peolle who think the workd is going to end you guys are crazy and that's not funny if u say that the world is going to end your playing God and that is a BIG!!! MISTAKE!!! :(:(:( or he will play back not as in funny way he will strike back on you till jugement day don't play God and don't joke!!! :(
follow me if you're still here!! lol..
Go Adrianna Dereak! :) I completely agree.
oh now i get here!!!!!!
don't mess with the God and jesus not playing around yes evreyody is still here but one day we won't be.......??? just saying.
Im still here lyk everyone else :-)
Still here but I feel a little bit funny : /
thank you at least somebody says something to that can i chat with you what is your email thing lol
how can u not survive when you are posting this emily studholme?
my freind let me tel you this, we are in the end of times an if you are stil walkig in the in the sin please stop it.coz  today you live tml is jugement jesus is coming back soon.god bless you.
Leslie Frias Arana Caballer JUlieta is not here
Woo sa
where exactly
@ Amy Hastings:
Are you sure you think? LOL Just kidding ---

@ RadioShack:
Yeah, guess the mayan calendar is wrong... lol
There was a glitch in the matrix for me today.  Something might be up.
Worst. Apocalypse. Ever.
It's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine
i was 10001% sure that nothin was gonna happen cuz only Allah knows
If something happens today, please God let it be zombies.  Otherwise I wasted my money on a machete from Walmart last night.
'END OF THE WORLD' Which Was Scheduled For December 21 2012 Has Been Postponed To December 21 3012 Due To Some Technical Problems !!!;D by mayans
Maybe Asia pass the end earlier than the west. Cuz they are half day avant.
+Janice Reeves  I'm waiting for God, Jehova isn't real. Read the bible I hope you learn the truth :)
I appreciate your words Adrianna, BUT only God knows when judgment is Adrianna, Jesus doesn't ,not to mention when judgment day does  come EVERY EYE will see not just a selected few...God doesn't hold one class of people above another only man! It is so sad when we have all these false prophets and buffoons who don't have the good sense to be honest and truthful! People need to get back to doing their OWN RESEARCH AND GET BACK TO LOVING GOD AGAIN! This country has grown so far from God and his son, Jesus and they wonder why! Wise Up America! Read your Bibles it is full of AMAZING THINGS!
Only Allah almighty God knows when the world will end!!! No person knows!!!!!! It will not end! Allah said it is supposed to end on any Friday and tonight at 12 am it will be Saturday!!!!! It will not end!!! AMEEN!
(playing)Destiny's Child- Survivor  on my MP3
40 years ago my grandmother saw an old man in Kansas City carrying a sign saying the world would end tomorrow, and to give him your money. She laughed and said, "Do I care? The world ends ... I go to Heaven. So maybe it would be okay with me."
Here and better than ever. Feliz Navidad ~ Happy Mayan New Year
I'm still here. Surprise surprise. Lol! :P
i'm dead on the inside but my body is still alive, for some god awful reason... if that counts...
Cindy w
Hahahahaha! Wow!
I havent  been here since about 2pm yesterday...Karen V  JA Ja Ja
Yea I'm going to New Orleans for Christmas in the Oaks tonight. F the so called end.
Uhh the world doesn't end...smh
Humanity may, and it may become an inhabitable planet, perhaps

But the world doesn't end!
Earth knows what it's doing, we are all just in the way!

FYI, we shall never know the end, it will just come, like a thief in the night

The world start destroy from ur mind and now, time make it!
I don't know why I always add bad, censored out language to my comments. I guess I only do that for humor. Please don't judge me, I'm honestly a good, raised right person.
Now I will have to organise christmas, Im still here..well thats that then.hohoho  Merry Xmas
the world is suppost to end at 5 today!
TJ Math
I think we all dead nd we are jst ghosts nd we smokin pot wit acooo''''''',,,,,, wats his name?
Alena G
Oh look- what do you know- i'm still here!
who would believe it?
TJ Math
Can som1 call 911 or izt 119 afta death?
don't play with God!!! just saying it's not right you don't play around with these kind of things its not a game it's not a joke! get over it the joke phase people !!!when the world someday actually ends you won't be laughing you will be crying then so yeah..and yes this post is true but you better be thanking God that your still here. end of story
Lily X
ummmm yh im still here!! x
Don't need to repost, the fact that I'm commenting should be enough.
yeah were all still here nothings happening
im just trying to get the world and people to understand DO NOT! play around with God he does not like that your just making fun of him and his creation and don't believe the mind calendars those people sadly to say are wacko forgive me if i said that but it's the truth !!!! :) wake up people read the bible maybe you willl learn a thing a two.
so many chain letter posts... so little time
I'm playing Eartha Kitt's version of "I'm Still Here"
thank you!! shoot i look using my sense of humor it's also called COMMEN SENSE!!!:):):)
L Lopez
Where am I? Wait a minute, is that Elvis I'm hearing, hmmmm!!!
its gooodd for us that nothing happened ......what if its true ???? what would b the last thing u want to do ??
also commen sense people use it why would you believe in such a silly ludacrious thing look up Revalations in the holy bible it tells you how the world is going to end!
Starts At 6:11 If You're In The US
L Lopez
Come on shake ur body baby do the CONGA!!!
Never post a comment when that comes up and don't ask me why!
Happy New Mayan Era. Hope you made a New Mayan era resolution - you will not witness the passing of a Mayan era again in your lifetime
When's the next apocalypse?  And how long until people finally give up on religion?
Adrianna Dereak
yes we are all still here and we are very lucky to be here besides you don't even know if tomrrow could end we could be gone by now but were not why?? because God is the only one who knows when the world is going to end and when jesus comes back!!!! :) :) like i said before enjoy evreyday like as if it were your last!! :):):):)
hey i aint leavin any time soon. i gotta life to live and things i would love to do. So dont worry about a thing like the song. try listening to it it'll calm your nerves.......until the zombies attack then u get off your but graab something sharp and start swinging or run fools including me!!!!!LOL
Nothing like the end of the world happened around me!!

I dont believe the end of the world that time nobody knows when it going to happen the moment now thats all matters
I. I will survive and live for ever what matters is the moment the holy now that i should live my life
I will survive surely because l believe that we are eternal beings on this planet earth
Eternal beings... Ha. Go tell that to the children overseas who get a spoonful of food a day, who die literally every few seconds. Go tell that to the parents who had to be told that their children were shot while at school, supposedly safe. Go tell that to the man who dies for America's freedom. Go tell that to the little girl who has cancer, who has no future because she is to die in three days- whose family weeps while she suffers. To live forever as a human is a joke.
I could have sworn this pic was for MySpace.
Still here to help another celebrate life
Happy and Enjoying the morning
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