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Watch my latest video!

If you agree with any of these points, you might be a White supremacist!

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New 3Fourteen w/ Youtuber "European Kitchen"

Elisabeth - European Cooking & Philosophy

Elisabeth is a YouTuber based in the Netherlands. Her videos delve into traditional European recipes, philosophy, spirituality, and culture.

The show begins with Elisabeth telling us about her YouTube channel, European Kitchen. It began as a cooking channel that has increasingly featured videos about philosophy. Lana and Elisabeth discuss favorite dishes, the importance of a healthy diet, and its link to our ancestral past. The discussion turns to the nutritional dichotomy present in the United States, which is characterized by organic foods on the one hand and fast food on the other. Elisabeth speaks about her more recent videos and her desire to condense philosophical concepts into pithy forms for her viewership. We then speak to the European woman’s unique ability to nurture, to protect, and to inquire. Elisabeth goes on to talk about the feminine nature of philosophical inquiry and the complimentary and reciprocal relationship between men and women. Later, the discussion turns to staving off nihilism through positivity, paganism, achieving spiritual actualization through integrity, and femininity in the Alt-Right.

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Don't miss Melissa Mészáros on 3Fourteen!

"How Long Will Hungary Resist the Invasion?"

Melissa Mészáros is an English teacher and YouTuber. Although she was born in America, Melissa eventually returned to her ancestral homeland, Hungary, where she now lives.

Melissa returns to Radio 3Fourteen to catch up and talk about recent events. We begin by discussing Fidesz, the political party currently in power in Hungary. Melissa explains that Fidesz, thanks to its hardline stance on the migrant invasion, was originally quite popular; their approval rating now, however, has fallen. We then talk about the Left in Hungary, and consider the effect Western media is having on Hungarian culture. This show covers much more, including multiculturalism in America, the Alt-Right, and Trump’s presidency so far.

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"Go Back To Europe"

Lana responds to anti-Whites who tell White Americans to "go back to Europe," but would they be allowed in?

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"Why I Don't Want to Become a Minority"

Every White country is being forced to “diversify” by importing millions of non-Europeans into their nation. Lana tells why she doesn't want to become a White minority.

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3Fourteen - Gorgo - Connecting With My Ancestors & Finding Racial Identity Cured My Depression

Gorgo is an Australian YouTuber. Her videos explore themes such as nationalism, identity, and traditionalism.

An audio version of this show is available.

To begin, Gorgo tells us about how she arrived at the Alt-Right. We learn about how she came to discard feminism, and the positive effects this had on her life. Gorgo explains that feminism instilled in her a sense of victimhood, which led to depression. This leads to a discussion on the importance of tradition. We then discuss egalitarianism. Gorgo makes a case for embracing differences and inequality, as they are fundamental aspects of reality. Later, Gorgo shares her thoughts on the Alt-Right, explaining that she appreciates the movement’s emphasis on positive values. Our show covers much more, including Gorgo’s thoughts on the Alt-Right, demographics, and multiculturalism.

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Wolf Age w/ Stephen A. McNallen The Awakening of Wotan

In this first episode of Stephen McNallen's Wolf Age we learn about the Awakening of the Wotan archetype.

Wolf Age is a collaboration between Stephen McNallen and Red Ice.

Support Stephen's work. More info at his personal YouTube.

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3Fourteen - The Surrendered Wife: Stop Nagging & Controlling, Be Feminine

Laura Doyle started The Surrendered Wives movement inspired by her book, The Surrendered Wife. She is a New York Times bestselling author whose books have been translated into 17 languages. She
has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America and The View.

Laura joins us for a lively discussion on femininity, marriage, and much more. We begin by discussing Laura’s story, including how she came to truly embrace her feminine side. Laura explains that she was originally very controlling, and that this negatively affected her marriage. However, she eventually gained a new perspective that allowed her to rekindle her relationship with her husband. Laura relates the skills that helped save her marriage and lead a more fulfilling life, including letting go, communicating more effectively, and setting aside time for personal enjoyment.

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The Handmaid's Tale: Feminist Anti-White Male Agitprop

Henrik and Lana show clips from The Handmaid's Tale, which is riddled with over the top feminist hysteria and resentment for White males and Christians.

This is an excerpt from episode 36 of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.

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CNN Show Interviews AltRight Supporters & Pushes "Refugees" Propaganda

CNN's show United Shades of (Brown) America filmed at the NPI AltRight conference. Since Lana was interviewed, she talks about their editing hack job. The show attempts to show 'evil White people' vs. the enrichment of non-White immigrants and refugees.

This is an excerpt from episode 36 of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.
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