Boy, he does not look like a happy camper - maybe cause he's got to be a grumpy Monster instead of a Rad Bull... :)
BJ Baldwin says:  Unfortunately I'm not breaking any records today. Sad to say, we didn't make it to the finish. After suffering from illness early in the race I handed the truck to my father and former #trophytruck driver Bobby Baldwin. After seeing a doctor and getting an injection of antibiotics I prepared to get back in the truck at mile 438 and continue our pursuit despite being quite a ways out of the lead. Unfortunately my Dad suffered a broken axle at race mile 369 which caused him to get stuck in a deep silt section for a few hours. With no chance of winning our 3rd consecutive Baja 1000 and no chance of winning an 8th season Championship, we decided not to continue the race and save our resources. Special thanks to all of you that were cheering for us to do well. We appreciate you more than you know.

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