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Rad Bulls
Better a Rad Bull as a Death Bull - Rad Bulls R us
Better a Rad Bull as a Death Bull - Rad Bulls R us

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There'll be long days of racing and 10,000km of track to cover but I'm aiming for that podium position again," says Toby Price from Down-Under. The Australian looked very good at #Dakar2015 - expecting #TobyPrice to top this performance. He's a mad bull!! :) (in a good way)

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That could be surprise for mainy "established" +Trophy Truck SCORE - Trick Truck BitD teams - just look what the 442 Trophy Truck with 3.5l Nissan Turbo V6 did in Australia.....
Honda Off-Road Truck. Honda will make its 4-wheel off-road factory racing return this November in the SCORE Baja 1000 desert race, with an unlimited off-road race vehicle powered by Honda Performance Development, the racing arm of American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

#Honda #Offroad #Racetruck +Baja 1000 +Baja Off-Road +Offroad 

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By letting that go unpunished, respective rewarded with the victory (as not even a "slap on the wrist" time penalty) SCORE Intl lost all credibility as a serious, professional racing organization
Not necessary the smartest move by Trophy Truck driver Apdaly López to push that vehicle out of way.....
Race is run on Mexican open public roads, through their neighborhoods and it is the responsibility of SCORE and the racers to make the right, safe decision despite the heat of competition.
There are just as many Mexican people that DO NOT like the Americans race series is held at Baja as there are fans....
In that light a move like that could publicly back-fire onto the sport in general..... the guy should have gone out of way yet he had all rights to be there.....
#Baja500 #OffRoad #DesertRacing +Baja Off-Road +Offroad Union +Off-Road Bulletin +Baja 1000 

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They laugh at me because I'm different;
I laugh at them because they're all the same
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#BajaSur500 - been there, seen that.... :( - looking forward to the +Dos Mares 500 next week with some entries
#BajaSur500 Trophy Trucks at racemile 1 leaving Cabo San Lucas for the 424.52 mile race to Loreto BCS. A total of 82 vehicles left #CSL and 59 finished. There been 12 Starters and 10 Finishers in the #TrophyTruck class.
#Offroad #DesertRacing #BajaSur +Offroad +Trophy Truck SCORE - Trick Truck BitD +Baja Off-Road 
+Loscabos Cabo San Lucas +Loreto 

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Boy, he does not look like a happy camper - maybe cause he's got to be a grumpy Monster instead of a Rad Bull... :)
BJ Baldwin says:  Unfortunately I'm not breaking any records today. Sad to say, we didn't make it to the finish. After suffering from illness early in the race I handed the truck to my father and former #trophytruck driver Bobby Baldwin. After seeing a doctor and getting an injection of antibiotics I prepared to get back in the truck at mile 438 and continue our pursuit despite being quite a ways out of the lead. Unfortunately my Dad suffered a broken axle at race mile 369 which caused him to get stuck in a deep silt section for a few hours. With no chance of winning our 3rd consecutive Baja 1000 and no chance of winning an 8th season Championship, we decided not to continue the race and save our resources. Special thanks to all of you that were cheering for us to do well. We appreciate you more than you know.

#Baja1000   #2014B1K  

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Rockstar Rob Mac in a race is like money in the bank - always good for a podium
Rob MacCachren at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, AZ. Pro 4 is a new animal for the crew and there are some things that are impossible to prepare for. See what happens when the green flag drops at Firebird.

#RobMacCachren #Shortcourse #Pro4  

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Red Bull at Baja 1000 with Menzies and KTM factory moto team
Baja 1000 with Bryce Menzies. 2012 Bryce Menzies and his team set out to tackle the point-to-point format of this historic event, the #Baja1000 Join Bryce for an epic journey from Ensenada to La Paz, for 1,121 miles of white-knuckled off-road racing and experience Baja like never before.

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#Baja1000 2011 good video by Rod Hall Racing - get more feedback about this #OffRoad #Racing team at their website

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#Baja1000 winner Tavo Vildósola talking about his Trophy Truck (in the meantime Team Vildosola has a brandnew #TrophyTruck - stay tuned for a report)
Tavo Vildósola is a official Red Bull athlete -
His #21 SCORE Trophy Truck is sponsored by Red Bull, Mastercraft Safety and Mexicana Logistics.
Tavo won the overall in the 43rd edition of the Tecate SCORE #Baja1000 making him, alongside his father Gus Vildósola, the first Mexican national to win the Baja 1000.
He drove Trophy Truck #21 of Team Vildosola Racing to the finish line in 19:00.04 hrs. averaging 55.87 mph - 89.91km/h.
Since 1973, a 4 wheel vehicle had not won the overall time over the motorcycles.
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