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Musings of a makeup enthusiast
Musings of a makeup enthusiast


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Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyes // A review
Hi Sweets,  Makeup Revolution has really carved out their spot in the
beauty world as the place to shop for quality dupes with affordable prices and
although I have only ever swatched the Stilla magnificent metals, I think
Awesome Metals by Revolution are s...

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Radiance Radiant Lights Palette // Makeup Revolution
Hi Sweets, When it comes to highlight
I like a subtle skin-like glow, don't get me wrong there is always room for a
bit of over the top “disco fever” but, in general I go for the natural
sheen.   So when I was looking into Makeup Revolution there was one pr...

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Wire Wrapped Pendant // How to
Hi Sweets, There is something so satisfying when you can make
something yourself, so this week I am bringing you lovely readers a DIY I hope
you will really like.  Rock/gem caged necklaces have been quite popular
recently and I have wanted to turn some of m...

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New in // A haul
Hi Sweets, I am currently doing my best to limit my spending when it
comes to beauty.  With the never ending limited addition collections and
new products coming out constantly its almost f#@king impossible to save money
(well I'm speaking about myself and ...

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A family classic with a zesty twist // Apple Crumble
Hi Sweets, There’s nothing better than the sweet scent of butter, cinnamon
and brown sugar wafting through the house. 
And on a chilly autumn evening I can’t think of anything better than
relaxing with a hot cup of tea and a generous helping of Zesty Apple ...

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Let’s talk skin // part. 1
Hi Sweets,   Moreish skincare, is a brand that I hadn’t really heard
about and then all of a sudden there was a small selection of products on the
shelves and a few New Zealand beauty bloggers were sharing PR samples on their
social media and I was instantl...

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Autumnal favourites // beauty edition
Hi Sweets,  Makeup for me is like accessories to a fashion enthusiast,
nothing beats a strong lip colour, good smoky eye and luxurious base.  With the full force of autumn and the sneaky
cold tundra that is winter peeking its way through the autumn breeze, ...

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ColourPop 'In Bloom' Collaboration // A Review
Hi Sweets, If you’re new to my blog let me introduce myself…  My name is Rachill and I am a ColourPop junkie.  I have reviewed a lot of their goodies
(see here , here , here and here ) and completely believe they deserve the hype that
their products generat...

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Hi Sweets,  There is nothing like a night out at the theatre.  A month ago I went and saw the Phantom of The
Opera!  It was amazing, the acting was
superb and the singing was out of this world and the costumes were beautiful!  I was lucky enough to snag som...

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Hi Sweets, When I first started using makeup I had no idea makeup
brushes even existed!  I thought the
tools needed to slap on this new and transformative ‘stuff’ was the classic
triangular makeup sponge, the puff that came in my Maybelline dream matte
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