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Rach Shelkey
Pharmacy Technician. RPG Event Organizer. Member of the Toronto Gaming Mafia. Corgi Who Will Consume The Sun.
Pharmacy Technician. RPG Event Organizer. Member of the Toronto Gaming Mafia. Corgi Who Will Consume The Sun.

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I find the evolution of this story interesting.

Someone online writes a creepypasta story that's clearly meant to poke at readers' emotional connections to pop culture. Buried in this story are references to two abandoned Disney-related properties and what might be references to Magic Harbor, a failed non-Disney park in Myrtle Beach.

And that would be that. Normally. But then the internet pieces together the fragments of truth buried in the story and promptly starts taking fictional story seriously. They want to know The Truth.

This results in young YouTube creator interviewing a retired cruise line CEO, discussing the nature of the cruise industry and cruise politics in the 1990s. From the details, you can completely see how children at the time would have strange and problematic half-memories of the abandoned property.

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More awesome guests confirmed for Breakout. Only two weeks away!
Emily Griggs +Sweet Ingenuity confirmed for BreakoutCon 2017!

Emily Griggs is an author, illustrator, and professional nerd. She freelances for a variety of gaming companies as both a writer and an artist, as well as writing and illustrating her own game projects, working on a webcomic, and selling her line of geeky greeting cards.

Just over two weeks to go! Make sure you get your pass, they're going fast!

The best way to sum up my Dreamation weekend is that my credit card got locked out on Monday. I had to call up the bank and explain "Yes, that was all me this weekend."

It wasn't anything particularly unusual either. Just games, hotel and some items we picked up for Breakout.

Cake by the ocean.
Croissants by the lake.
Timbits by the pool.
Cupcakes in the bathtub.
Bread over the kitchen sink.
+Rob Deobald+Kate Bullock​

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Last Dreamation shift: I'm pretty sure I'm playing Puttnam's Prairie Emporium in Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine.


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Playing BEST HERO with family in Ottawa.

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Do you know what to buy the board or RPG gamer in your life?
The gift of time for more gaming!
Early-Bird BreakoutCon 2017 tickets!

They make great gifts for yourself too...

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Just a friendly reminder that we're still looking for GM volunteers for Breakout 2017!

Breakout is a gaming convention that runs March 10-12 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We're looking for GMs to run a mix of the latest, hottest roleplaying games and old favorites.

GMs interested in running Organized Play events (Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League, Call of Cthulhu Cult of Chaos, 13th Age, Modiphius Frontiers) should apply using the OP GM form instead:

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Writer, game designer and podcaster +Robin Laws will be joining us at BreakoutCon 2017!

Robin created Feng Shui, Hillfolk (winner of the coveted Diana Jones Award), The Esoterrorists and more. His fiction projects encompass eight novels, editorial duties on five anthologies and the short story collection New Tales of the Yellow Sign. He comprises one-half of the two-time ENnie-winning podcast Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.

Register now for your early-bird ticket for BreakoutCon and a chance to meet Robin in Toronto in March:

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+Epidiah Ravachol will be bringing a healthy dose of Dread to BreakoutCon 2017 as a guest!

Epidiah Ravachol is an author and game designer known for Dread, the horror roleplaying game that uses Jenga, and his fiction published in the sword and sorcery magazine Worlds Without Master.

Find out more, and get your early-bird ticket at:
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