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Taking a Healthy Bite Out of Life!
Taking a Healthy Bite Out of Life!

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Life's been a little crazy with the move from #Austin  to #Seattle  ---finally just getting settled after 5 months and will be back to working on the blog! #SeattleLife   #BBTB   #Blogging  

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Love this - it's never to late to bloom! #latebloomers
"What a late bloomer really is," said Forbes Magazine editor Rich Karlgaard, "is somebody who blossoms on their own schedule."

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Join us live Sunday March 22nd as we chat with some of the top gluten-free bakers on #getbaked (a weekly interactive and live-streaming web series on Google+) brought to you by the founders of and Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Each week we sit down with our favorite bakers to chat about a new baking topic. The format of our show allows you to ask questions, share recipes and upload photos of your favorite baking creations.

Episode 004: Gluten-Free Baking

WHEN: Sunday, March 22nd
TIME: 5pm EDT/2pm PDT
ON G+: On this page
Watch on BakeSpace:
Watch on Youtube:

+Kristine Kidd, former Bon Appetit Magazine Food Editor (20 years!) & Cookbook Author,
+Shauna Ahern & Cookbook Author
+Jean Layton

+Babette Pepaj   (Founder
+Nichelle Stephens  (Co-Founder,

RSVP on this page - You’ll get a reminder when the show goes live to tune in!

Before the event: Leave a comment or question for our guests on this event page. Feel free to share a link to your favorite gluten-free recipe, website or upload a photo of your recipe.
Day of chat: Tune in Live!
Tweet using #getbaked

Can’t make the live show? RSVP today and watch the video later!
Our shows are archived here and on our youtube channel:

OUR SPONSORS: TECHmunch Food Blogger Conference  (Our next event is May 21st in NYC - (the award winning DIY cookbook publisher, marketplace and reader that allows anyone to publish a cookbook as an iPad app and web-based ebook for free and then sell it in our marketplace).

Past episodes:

001: Red Velvet Debate
002: Baking with Booze
003: Pie Baker Chat 
Episode 004: Gluten-Free Baking (Mar 22)
Episode 005: Chocolate (Mar 29)
Episode 006: Cookies (April 12)
Episode 007: Creative Baking (April 19)
Episode 008: Bread (April 26)
Episode 009: Mom’s Favorite Recipes  (May 3)
Episode 010: Summer Party Baking (May 17)
Episode 011: Cupcakes (May 31)
Episode 012: Vegan (June 7)
Episode 013: Cake Decorating (June 14)
Episode 014: Muffins/Scones (June 28)
Episode 015: Brownies (July 12)
Episode 016: Baking Substitutions  (July 19)
more announced soon.

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"Life is too short to waste time waiting for other people’s approval on how you live it." ~Steve Maraboli

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Tomorrow is officially St. Patrick's Day!  +TODAY featured my recipe and 4 other great recipes from +Souffle Bombay +bakingbites +Kara Lydon  & +Chef John Mooney (Twitter @johnmooney5).  Enjoy & Happy St. Patricks Day!

#bread #irishsodabread #StPatricksDayRecipes #Glutenfree  
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Super excited to have my recipe on the +TODAY show's website in their #stpatricksday2015 Recipe Round-up! #Glutenfreebaking #glutenfree #IrishSodaBread #Celiac  

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Love telling a story through photos especially when they're of my travels

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What time do you take for things in life??  Here are some suggestions I found in a community cookbook my grandmother worked on back in 1978 & they still hold true to today! #Life #HealthyLiving #BalancedLife

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"Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain." ~Unknown

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Beautiful morning in Dallas awaiting connecting flight to Seattle! #travel #willtravelforfood 
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