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You'll be amazed at what 172 Egg Cartons look like when they're upcycled into a Fort!

Our friend Susan at Kindergarten & Preschool for Parents & Teachers shared this 172-box egg carton math fort in the Tinkerlab Creative Challenge. Oh-my-goodness!
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Ha! yeah. I'm glad you're here. I like G+ enough to see how it evolves.
+Rachelle Doorley , btw, when I'm ready to get back on the blog train, I'd love to come visit you and learn from you. The design of your blog keeps getting better and better.
You're so nice, +jami milton . I feel like it's miles from what I want, but my tech knowledge only goes so far. Anytime, though. If you're still in the mountains, enjoy that last bit of snow. I'm glad we're here in G+, supporting each other!
Rachelle - that was so sweet of you to share it! Just saw that you did. Thank you.
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