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Join us for what is likely to be a interesting conversation on Monday!
Just a few years ago, Community Managers used to be looked upon as ‘Super Forum Moderators’ with some extra admin rights. But over the past years we’ve grown more into ‘Organizational Change Agents’ with (hopefully) a clear vision on how to transform traditional organizations into ‘Social Businesses’. While we still – more or less – enjoy moderating forums, we are growing into more strategic roles with deep insights into organizational change. Moreover: Community Managers are the ‘Super Connectors’. We’re tapped in to a lot of things. We’re ‘The Eye in the Sky’.

Are we able to maintain that role? Especially when ‘classic’ forums are becoming less popular and discussions are moving to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other channels that are typically not ‘owned’, but ‘rented’. Sure … it is not about the channel but about the people, but aren’t we stepping on others’ turf? And will that be tolerated?

Let’s think and talk about ‘where no man has gone before’ …

For more information, please check out:

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What do you expect from the next 9 years?

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Looking forward to J.Boye next month in Philadelphia!

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Love this collaboration between +Maria Ogneva +Maggie Tunning and other TheCR Network members. Really important topic to cover and they covered it so well!
Dark Side of Community Management via +Maria Ogneva        - excellent piece re: #CMGR role & its challenges

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I had to laugh at this McKinsey Marketing in 2020 Infographic "She's then invited to send the photo to her Facebook friends".... not so sure that Facebook will be the thing in 2020. We shall see.

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Join us for a discussion of the role of communities in customer experience tomorrow
Join us as we host a Google Hangout to discuss customer communities: how do businesses support them? What are the best practices for success? Or does it all come down to a strong social media strategy?

Our panelists include:
Joyce Davis, Community Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions and Social Business
Kimberly Edwards, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OpenText
Rachel Happe, Co-founder, The Community Roundtable

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Last day to win a custom presentation for participating in our 2013 State of Community Management research. Please consider - thank you!

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Last day for #cmgr #socbiz #scrm & #KM program owners to win a custom presentation for participating in our 2013 State of Community Management research.
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