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Writer, editor, mother to four beautiful children
  • Self-Employeed
    Freelance Writer and Editor, present
    I'm a writer, editor, and creative writing instructor. I'm the fertility expert for, where I write on all aspects of fertility and trying to conceive. I blog, I article, I poem, and I story. (In short, I write!) I'm a book author, and I've ghostwritten. I've also held a variety of editorial positions, including assistant editorial positions at magazines and development editing at a book publisher. Did I mention writing? Yes, I do that, too.
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    Homeschooling, present
    Anyone who tells you that homeschooling isn't a full-time job is lying. Lying, I tell you! It is also a labor of love. What else beside love would compel anyone to have their children home all day, eating all day, making noise all day, at home... ALL DAY! Seriously, though, homeschooling is awesome. And all day.
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White Oak, PA - Pittsburgh, PA; - Sacramento, CA - Providence, RI - Brooklyn, NY - Baltimore, MD
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Womb warrior and creative writer
I share awesome links on writing, science and math, motherhood, birth, and fertility. Oh, and lifehacks and daily life inspirations, because I'm all about hacking my life... wait... that doesn't sound right.

My passion is helping women make informed and empowered decisions regarding fertility, pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I’m the author of three books: Birth Plans for Dummies (with coauthor Sharon Perkins), The Doula Advantage, and the FabJob Guide to Become a Doula. I also write about fertility for Besides the womb-warrior mission, I’m the mother of four children, a voracious reader, and gaga for all things writing.
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Besides working as a writer, I also homeschool my four children (two of which are three year old twins). And yep, I'm bragging about it. ;-)
  • University of Pittsburgh
    Pure Mathematics, 1996 - 1999
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Rachel Bollinger


Passover and Easter -- like many family holidays -- can be difficult when you're struggling to conceive. How do you cope?
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Rachel Gurevich

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Yes! Know a family who was bent on raising "tough kids." Long story short, what they got is unkind kids. :(
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Rachel Gurevich

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The decision of when to have kids is one of the biggest decisions you'll make in your life. It really is a very personal choice, and really subjective. I hope this article will help you figure out what you want to do.
Should you have kids now? Later? Or never? Here's advice to help you make a decision.
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It is absolutely valid! Unfortunately, you're right that society (and especially want-to-be grandparents) don't consider it an okay decision. There's a lot of judgement on those who choose not to have kids.
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Rachel Gurevich

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If you are new to exploring my holistic healing site at -  This article is a good place to start.
Holistic healing involves looking beyond the physical when choosing therapies and better choices to bring about balance to the
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Rachel Gurevich

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When does Clomid work, and when doesn't it?
Will Clomid help you get pregnant? Get Clomid success rates -- and learn when it may not work -- here.
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I can thank Clomid for son # 2!
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Rachel Gurevich

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Take a deep breath.
Gratitude is like love or fresh air — you can’t get too much of it.
Your inbox wants #Truthbombs. Get some:
The whole #Truthbomb collection lives on Pinterest
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Can I interest you in a serving of flash fiction? Made it myself. ;) #flashfiction  
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Rachel Gurevich

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This makes me so happy... !
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Me too!
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Rachel Gurevich

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So how does that biological clock thing work? Learn here.
What are your real chances of getting pregnant after 35? Also, a surprising fact about your male partner's age.
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