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This is basically what I try to visualize when someone is wrong on the internet and I choose to not engage but rather walk away and spend my precious time doing something more productive...which is just about anything. 
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She seems really high off the ground. Must be the extra optimism.
You're wrong about this!

(I try to do this too, it's so hard.)
White pants only lead to more troubles
If you ever think I'm wrong, let me know and I'll tell you why you're mistaken.
+Robert Bohl, it is SO hard sometimes. Especially when I feel like it's not just arguing and I might have a good or unique point or two to share. But when I go to the effort to think about and formulate a response, it's rarely as well received as I hope it will be and I often find myself wondering why I used up a part of my life just to yell into the noise. Of course it goes both ways. It's those stupid productive conversations that throw things off. If internet conversations were all hate and bile, it would be much easier to stay completely away from them.
+Terry Romero If I'm visualizing, I can also imagine a space where white pants are always clean and flattering, so it's all good. MY MIND IS A VERY POWERFUL PLACE.