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Rachael Folk
Lover of all things robot. I like argyle and centaurs and motobikes too.
Lover of all things robot. I like argyle and centaurs and motobikes too.

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Amazing! #lifeatgoogle
This girl walks by carrying her violin at work and I say "Hey! You play violin? Will you play something for me? You know Lindsey Stirling?" And she says, "I'm better than Lindsey Stirling." And on the spot busts out Crystallize! I love working here!@gabiholzwarth

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So you want to learn to code? Here are some good ways to get started. You don't need to spend thousands on courses. We have the collective knowledge of the world at our hands these days...

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Ikea Furniture or Death Metal band?! Great idea and wishing I thought of this. #ikea #deathmetal #metal

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For those who have been asking about building an Expandable HTML5 ad for Studio, here's a great video by +Kishore Subramanian!
Create an expandable HTML5 Ad using Google Web Designer.
In this set of videos, Kishore Subramanian (one of the GWD developers) talks about creating expandable Ads using GWD. You will learn how to use components (Tap Area/Video/YouTube) and use the Events panel to wire them together. You will also learn about how GWD makes it simple by baking in all the metrics that must otherwise be hand-coded.

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Been curious to see some tutorials? Check out the Google Web Designer YouTube channel. #GWD #YouTube
Google Web Designer YouTube Channel
Familiarize yourself with the features and functionality of Google Web Designer with videos created by the engineers.

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Oh you know, just over the weekend for fun. Nice work, +Jason Mayes!! 
What happens when you use raw data from #streetview to make a totally new experience in HTML5? Something quite magic! See video below. This is what I came up with over the weekend just for fun and to learn Three.JS. It allows the user to travel almost anywhere in the world in a FPS style as if you were there. Written in JavaScript, using Three.js (WebGL), and GoogleMaps API (but does not use the StreetView frontend - this is totally bespoke Three.js implementation allowing me to achieve what you see below). It is also worth noting that this is not using the hyperlapse engine which some of you may have seen. My reason for not using hyperlapse is because it seemed to be constrained to a predefined route. I wanted full real-time exploration to be possible and total customization for a few other ideas I had (watch this space) so I rolled it myself from nothing. Learnt a LOT on the way too, so I am glad I did. My version developed here allows you to go anywhere, any time. 1000 lines of code. By Jason Mayes http:///

#Threejs #webgl   #JavaScript   #html5 #realtime #FPS #streetview #3d #web #programming  

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Google web designer has launched! The 3d manipulation tools are pretty cool. Give it a whirl. As far as HTML5 WYSIWYG editors go, its pretty decent. I however prefer to code by hand, but it may suit your needs eg HTML5 richmedia ads to quickly put together an idea.

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Google Web Designer has officially launched and I'm so proud to be part of this product! #GWD

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If I wore these to the office I wonder if my teammates would still want to sit by me...

[+Rita Kamil ism #3] It's like a paella. It lacks any order or cohesion.
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