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Rachael C. Black
Writer, Musician, Veteran Burner and Dashing Woman About Town. Ouija and Talking Board Collector/Font of Knowledge. Past lives include: Executive Producer for The WB and The CW, Consultant for films and television, Retail Goddess and Michigan Business Woman of the Year, Mother, State Certified Body Disposal Expert.
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BFA in Musical Performance, Member of Mensa, Felicitous mom to a PhD bound daughter, A snark-infused iconoclast you'll adore above all others*, Michigan Business Woman of the Year. Magazine, Television and Web interviews. Consulted for Tim Burton Studios, Penn and Teller, and various humor and fiction film and web projects. Music Columnist,Television producer, scripting, director and on-air voice-overs. Drinking with Bukowski while living in Long Beach. Delighting in one of the largest Ouija and Talking Board collections in the world.. (*See Terms and Conditions)
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Herding Cats. Film and Television Consulting on several subjects, Film and Television production and editing. Computer and Technical Literacy: Extensive software proficiency including Final Cut-Pro, PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, Final Draft, Corel, Adobe After Effects, Sibelius. Management. Writing: Scripts, Published articles on mental health, Transverse Myelitis, Burning Man. Music and Theater reviews, pop culture, Ouija Boards. Communication; written, verbal, listening. Leadership/Management Skills.. Problem solving, Creativity, Flexibility, dedication. integrity and passion.