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Who's the hardest person to shop for on your Christmas list? Your MIL? Your minimalist BFF? Your younger brother?

This new pin board can help with all of those options!

And yes, the board is S P O N S O R E D by eBay. But that's because I really do use eBay for my holiday shopping! Last year, my favorite eBay gifts included a used set of Magic Treehouse books for my preschooler and an electric cello for my husband. One of these two gifts have been used more than the other. I'll let you try to guess which one. ;) 

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I can't believe that the The Hunger Games series has to end! We'll be watching it at the theater when it opens on November 20. How about you? You can enter to win movie tickets HERE ~>

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I'd probably drink from the puddle. ;) How about you?

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NEW POST - Out of water

A real life travel dilemma from our recent cycling journey in The Pyrenees. About the different ways we react when things go wrong while travelling. Like when you're up in the mountains and run out of water. What are you going do? Wait and see if you can flag down a car or drink from a muddy puddle? Well...

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48 hours after we became foster parents, we took our two bio daughters and our foster tot on a five-hour road trip to a KOA campground. It was a slightly crazy (but much needed) adventure:

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Rather than being in the middle, I think I'm both extremes simultaneously! Is that possible?!

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Someday we WILL take the kids to Paris! And before we go, we'll definitely be checking out these books! 

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FREE CHRISTMAS PRINTABLES! Print out this activity placemat and the fill-in-the-blank story and offer them to your kids at dinner or to your littlest guests at your holiday parties! Find them both here:

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I need all of the camping help I can get!

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Camping Hacks for Families

It's never to early to start preparing for next spring or summer's outdoor vacation. Make your next camping trip a breeze. #familytravel  

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