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If you haven't already - Prepare your home now!

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Interesting read...use willpower to build willpower :) 

The premise is to use "temptation bundling" by allowing yourself a pleasure (reward) only after you've completed a specified task (something you struggle with doing). 

For someone with my personality, this doesn't work. I'm likely to just jump to the reward anyway. I don't have very strong willpower.

But, I am very disciplined. I'm the type of person that needs human accountability.  

I've found that there is no one best method, it's more what suits your own personal style. 

Quick read. If you have a moment, I'd love to know your thoughts.  

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8 Types of Information You Should Capture Every Day

I love this quote from the article "You can't be productive if you are constantly searching..."   #productivity  

I have not been on here in a while but I would be quit remiss if I didn't give Father's Day shout outs to +Stephan Hovnanian +Craig Burton +James Highberger and +Wayne Meador and all of you

I hope you day is amazing!!

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Hope got all A+'s for the whole year! We are so proud of her. Today was her last day of first grade.
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RIP Maya Angelou. Your words transcend time and place. You will be missed.

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Cheers to +Stephan Hovnanian and +Christine DeGraff! The others are awesome, but I know these two personally. I have also interacted minimally with +Ronnie Bincer and I really think he has a gracious heart, I would love to get to know him more. 
Top Google+ Tipsters You Need in Your Circles

+martin shervington 
Martin is everywhere posting as much good stuff as its physically possible to post in order to help you thrive on Google+. He posted the Beginners Guide to Google+ and from this link you will find a wealth of resources such as the Quickstarter Guide.

+Brian Jensen 
Brian shares great content including some real gems to help you advance your skills on Google+. See Google+: Looking Behind The Scenes of Profiles and Posts

+Denis Labelle 
Denis shares awesome curation posts and this one will blow your mind (its already had more than 700 reshares)
Google+ Toolbox:

+Guy Kawasaki 
Guy is Chief Evangelist of +Canva which is an essential tool for creating stunning visual images that are perfect for social media sharing even if you have a complete absence of design skills. Guy also wrote the Book What The Plus:

+Jaana Nyström 
Jaana is one of the Top Contributors to the official Google+ Help Community. Follow her for more tips than you can handle and join this community:

+Mark Traphagen   
Mark writes tirelessly about Google Plus. He may even be Mr Google+. Follow him for posts, test results, informative hangouts and subscribe to his Flipboard magazine called Google+ Plus Power which is packed full of tips

+Christine DeGraff 
Christine's Circoscope is THE essential tool for circle management. The tool is about to be updated (release any day now) to improve the user interface but what you can achieve with this is tool truly jaw dropping.

+Ryan Hanley 
Ryan's Google Plus Starter Kit is an excellent series for building your confidence on the Plus

+Rick Eliason 
Rick's comprehensive series of 50 tips is hard to miss but here is a link for your to find all of them Things You Can Do On Google Plus Right Now - 50 Tips

+Stephan Hovnanian 
Stephan's About section of his Google Plus Profile is packed with links to his ebooks, HOA series and articles he has written to provide tips for Google+ users. Stephan (pronnounced Step-han) is often the first person to greet newbies so you probably know him already.

+Ben Fisher 
Ben's company +Steady Demand  is a must-have tool for learning more about your page performance. They created a free tool to help check connections from G+ business brand pages to websites. The tool will also grade your posts and teach you how to make them the best they can be.

+Ronnie Bincer 
Ronnie Bincer is The Hangout Helper and he runs the Hangout Mastery Community - its a paid subscription worth every penny if you are planning on hosting Hangouts and the man is pure awesome sauce!

There are many others we could include as our top tipsters but these guys and the tips we've highlighted will sky-rocket your Google Plus journey, guaranteed!

#googleplustips   #gplustips  

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We had such a great day yesterday at my daughter's field trip to Hershey Park!

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Have you ever wondered how to promote your event on LinkedIn?

Everyone always asks me how they can promote their event without alienating their contacts. Well in this post, +Bizzabo details exactly how to promote an event on LinkedIn without it being considered spam! 

#eventpromotion   #linkedin  

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On today's blog, +Burgin Construction talks about the challenges faced when working with a second floor condo remodel. It was neat to learn how they managed to create a light and airy ambiance in the bathrooms without any windows.
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