This is for #TreeTuesday . I have the hardest time taking photos outdoors in the woods and I'll tell you why.

1.Mosquitoes & Black flies
It does not matter how much DEET I slather on myself(even though it gives me headaches),how many layers of clothing I have on or what color,even if my hair doesn't smell girly... they still swarm me.I oftentimes wear a bug net and take Benadryl to control the itching on top of it.It's not the bites themselves because that's just annoying in it's own right but my reaction is so that I get huge welts that last for about a week or so.

Let's just say I need a much easier way to carry it or some kind of fancy carbon fiber set up because with my camera bag,first aid kit,bug bite supplies,ten layers of clothing in the midsummer heat and humidity ( to protect me from #1) I don't have the patience to deal with trying to carry my tripod under my arm.Or maybe I'm just too lazy to contend with it .I had a guitar strap strapped to it once but it would come unhinged and be flapping by one end.Not cool lol

Most of the photos I took from this outing are..incredibly noisy.Handheld shots and all due to point #2.I will still probably share some of them because I personally like them but in a technical way?They fail,I know this lol.I don't have a full frame so cranking up the ISO to 800+ pretty much makes those shots unprintable.(which is how I personally define my more successful shots)

Anyway,I'm not going to have to worry about that much until around April,where I will vainly try to get out in the woods more only to be accosted by all manner of biting and stinging insects waiting to punish me for leaving my abode. /end rant lol
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