I must apologize for my absence.I haven't been around much,I'm making a website and I'm a complete noob at it ( I can't even figure out the FTP ) lol It's pretty much what my newest project and when I get excited about something I tend to get kinda wrapped up in it and it has to be perfect before it;'s unveiled.:) I wrote up this whole huge "thing" the other day that was pretty much filled with dissatisfaction and at the end I realized I couldn't fully talk about something I haven't done the most I can with,in my own capacity.So I'm going to do and then I can bitch all I'd like to if I have a relevant position still :) Hopefully I won't and will be very pleasantly surprised ^^ So I be makin art (for my site) and trying to figure out CSS with the wonderfully generous help of +Chris Mallory ,not much of anything else for now.I will not get frustrated and give up ! I paid for the darn thing,after all.I better make the best use of it as I can ! *off to meander around in CSS*
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