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So +Morgan ABBOU had seen my Selfy Sunday picture where I was dyeing my hair : ( ) and wondered of the finish result it is !
I only took a couple and this is the one that I edited first :)
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wow1 you are so damn pretty Rachael!! I almost hate you for it!! But you are just too sweet to hate ;)
Just beautiful!!!! You are so very pretty! :)
Yep, and you have a LOT. I, on the other hand, have photoshop. ;)
you really love your colors! how many hair colors have you tried all in all?
+Sandra Parlow *sashays around dramatically*

+Karin Nelson You don't get the see the red splotches,but they are there,ty PS lol

+Wesley Yeoh Yep, Wesley :) Oh I've tried dark brown,blonde,blonde highlights and red & black streaks.I've also had maybe 20 different shades of red lol Some I really didn't care for and some that I really loved but it get pretty expensive at the salon,like 130 for a cut & color ,around there in my area,it sucks.I get it out of the box now,I had a previous shade I really loved but the company stopped making the colors I liked.I had to buy two so i could mix them :D
Red is totally your color, looks great Rachael!
WOW ! That is a GREAET color and WOW do your eyes pop right out of that shot........ You knew I had a thing for red heads didn't you..?
Nice red, i can never get away with that color.
Very cute hair (lovely color selection) and pose... You look downright devious in this... Whatcha' thinkin'? ;-)
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