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Oh #mysterymonday how I have missed thee ! Can ya guess what it is,hmm ? It was so much more sparkely before I uploaded it,darnit.
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I don't know what this is, other than a fantastic image by itself...! This is pretty cool, even without the mystery.
I am crafty - everything looks like a craft supply to me ;-)
+Shannon Lambert I think half the rooms of my house have been overrun with random craft supplies lol.I went to Michaels and had a grande ole time the other day :P I was talking and I said "It's time to get crafty! " Something like that,if not verbatim ,and you we're the first person I thought of :)
+Darryl Smith You're really really close,it is a paper product but it's a lot thicker and has a very different texture than tissue paper :)
Love it - this is imho an excellent piece of modern art
And I really don't want to know what it is as the might be a loss of fascination - maybe - maybe not if it would be a macro of the blue part of a peacock feather - there is some glitter which indicates a light reflection colour
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