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I still have a couple moments for #macromonday still,so I figured why not :)

I have a weakness for peacock feathers :) I really like most feathers,actually lol

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Wonderful colours and I love how the water drops magnify the textures! Not to mention that I'm a sucker for a cinematic crop :)
wow this is stunning! I love it :)
Beautifully imagined and wonderfully executed image, Rachael... Love the spectrum of sizes in the water drops and the spectrum of colors in the feather... And the elongated aspect ratio is perfect for this, I think.
Thank you everyone ,I will come back tomorrow to properly reply.I think I'm having some kind of migraine aura.or something like it, since my vision in one eye is acting funny.I feel fine though lol Having said that,it's more than a little distracting >.<
Ok now that I can see right I can get to this :)

+Chris Bagley When I saw it on the back of the camera I was unsure of how it was going to come out ( it looked sort of like the thumbnail does here) but when I got it on the big screen I was like ooooo you can see the little feather details and was quite happy about it lol The full size didn't do it justice,there were highlights that were a little blown in the back and they were more distracting than enhancing,so I cropped em out and I liked how it looked so much more.Plus,since I upload at full resolution when I get them up on Picasa they are compressed a bit and smaller picture seemed to help the details in this instance.It's too much trouble for me to save at different sizes though most times :P

Thank you +Lucas Hickey , I'm glad you like it !

+Allan Cabrera I love the awesome adjective in conjunction with one of my photos, that rocks ! Thank you :)

+Shawn McClure Thank you Shawn ! I know there are a lot of droplets on feathers out there,and I usually see just a big giant one,so I put my plant mister to work so I could get little tiny globules ,instead of just one big one.The crop,in conjunction with the colored banding of the feathers really did make a big difference,the uncropped version was really neat too, but taking out the rest of the stuff in the back put more of the focus on the droplets than the shallow dof I was using :)

+Shane Williams Oh it really doesn't do it justice either,when I uploaded it I was like ..well that's pretty "meh" ,luckily it looks much better full size ! Thank you so much for your kind words Shane ,I don;t mind impressing the Macro Master a little bit ;)

+Kay Günther Thank you so much Kay !!!

+Kelli Seeger Kim It does have the shapes of a woven basket doesn't it.I would love to weave a basket out of these feathers now that the analogy has been made lol You have such wonderful pictures yourself it means a lot to me that you like it !
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