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Some very good information.Very interesting to know how the direction you're facing affects the arc shape of the stars ,as well ! Enjoying the blog +J. Rae Chipera !
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Well, it's my pleasure and I think your blog rocks.So many blogs I see are recycled info or it's just something I have already read 1000 times.I think it's remarkable to have so much useful information spanning more than one specific technique or application of knowledge in one place.The Lee filters reviews are also really great,so many people don't seem to mention the colored filters,so it's nice to see real world examples of them being used. Glad I could make your day and thank you for writing it up in the first place,now I have a better idea of what I'm going to come up when I'm out night shooting :)
Hmm, step 1 tripod... I better do something about that :)