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Even before I fell in love with photography,I had a passion for digital art.I'm a softie for just about every type of art be it digital or traditional actually, but the art of fractals has always mesmerized me.Fractals are everywhere,they are found in nature in the craggy tops of a mountain right down to the cellular level I imagine.Another fascinating part of fractals is that they are based on math.Now the maths are my nemesis.I can barely add in my head,no lie.That's important because it relates to my love of fractal geometry,something I find so incredibly difficult can also give me such joy.

This digital age we are living in,has gifted me with a way to wrangle these maths in a visual manner giving me another outlet for my creativity.My first fractal program was call Tierazon ( .Which I still have and use on occasion,it's amazing that such an old program still works on my much newer computer.I then found Apophysis (and it's many incarnations: ) and Incednia ( ) later on.The three I have mentioned are all beautifully free as well.

There are some other programs for fractal-making I have downloaded but haven't got a chance to use yet.Also there are some nice fee based programs such as Ultra Fractal that I haven't been able to explore( or figure out when I downloaded the trial lol).This is my entry for #DigtalArtSaturday .This fractal was made with Incendia EX and is my newest,one of these first attempts at making "structures" .Incendia is a 3-D fractal generator. #fractal
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I wish I had 1000 likes to give to you...

I did my Master's project on fractals related to heart rhythms -- but what I love about fractals is their voice (if that makes sense) that speaks to me of beauty and wild irrational feeling.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but thank you for your post anyway...
+Rick Powers Why , thank you so much ! We truly live and breathe fractals.I totally understand ,by the way/.The program Nova did on fractals brought me to tears :)
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