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So this is me dyeing my hair.I had a whole other much cooler idea but time was of the essence,so I decided to document what was already on my plate for the eve.That happened to be making my brown,red.I have had nearly every naturally occurring color done and some unnatural ones too and red is the one I like best ! I only dye it once every 4 or 5 months because I don't want to fry my hair.That was a distinct possibility last night though lol You can't leave this stuff on forever,or things get bad.I also have a small bathroom and getting my tripod in there and getting it to balance gingerly was quite a task !

I also had my flash and softbox in the tub but that didn't work out very well at all lol I am going to upload a couple outtakes of this experience too.I got it done though.And I usually don't do my hair in my nice jammies,but I didn't stain anything,so yippe for me!!.If I have a picture that calls for jammies,I usually pick the pretty ones :)
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Great look, but I hope that's not a ketchup bottle :-).
Haha, cool photo! I'm thinking about going red again this week :) I've had a lot of hairdying adventures and misadventures in my time.
Good luck with that- I still can't understand why people are always changing the colour of their hair when the chemicals eventually have a horrible effect! I'm a bit strange I guess- never done more than lighten a few bits occasionally. But I really can't be bothered!
wooooowi! you dress pretty sexy when you are doing that! I don't look NEARLY as hawt when I'm doing mine! LOL!

Awesome selfy! I love it!
Also what +Sandra Parlow said - I wear an ugly old t-shirt with a million different colours on it. :D
I have one of those little towels with the velcro on it that I wear! LOL!
+Sandra Parlow haha, that's a great idea actually. I'm always scrubbing dye off my face and tying plastic bags on my head. I'm pretty silly really. :D
it's great because you just rip it off later and don't have to pull it over your head...
+Kay Walker I try not to do it very often ( I do it ever 4-6 months as opposed to the proper procedure of every 4 - 6 weeks.I am very aware of the chemicals and their toxic effect.I actually tried body art quality henna to reduce my exposure,which gave a beautiful effect,until it oxidized and I was left with a less brilliant red than I like.I don't have the $$ to be buying $50 worth of henna every month tobuildr the color lol I had virgin hair for nearly five years,no cut,no color.I got pretty bored with it.You're not strange at all,just less vain which isn't a bad thing lol.I'm a big enough person to admit it's solely for my own vanity and completely unnecessary.
I have two brushes and two bowls (with three hair colors - I could do one at a time but that takes forever!)

And to the other bit about clothing, I will just say this: living alone has its advantages. ;-)

Cute picture, too. I couldn't do that without messing up my fancy jammies!
+Sandra Parlow LOL,I walk around the house like this ! I hardly consider it sexy but evidently I am wrong mistaken ! You haven't seen me in my bear suit,yet(very long, oversizeed housecoat I got for Christmas) though,completely NOT sexy,but SO warm !!.I couldn't find my ratty green Nike shirt,so I decided to go the opposite way.A lot of my PJs are bulky and fuzzy because I get cold easily,so I also had to choose something I could at least move around in. Couldn't help the bewbs though (even though,yes it makes me feel self conscious),they are there and I would have had to go through more effort trying to find something to cover them up then to just let them be lo..
+Layla Kuyper For some odd reason I didn;t get a whole lot of dye-head.I was prepared for the red helmet but it's actually lookin pretty good !

+Shannon Lambert Three colors is awesome:D .I would totally be doing it two at a time too.What kind of dye do you use?

I usually get out the green T-shirt or my bra, the bra wouldn't have been the best idea for pictures lol I was ready the say good bye to the white lace on my housecoat and hello to pink but amazingly, I didn't stain anything.Besides a wall or two lol
well, yeah... sexy in THIS outfit! Nice bewbs, BTW - in a completely non-lesbian way...
I actually use a box for the red - one of the Feria supercharged reds. Then I go over it with Special Effects blood red when it starts to fade. I still want a true red, but I'm working on that.

The black stripe I start out with a base of drugstore box black, then add Manic Panic Raven, or Special Effects Pitch Black with a little purple mixed in.

The purple is Special Effects Pimpin' Purple over bleached hair. Sometimes I throw a little Blood Red into it to warm it up.

Um. Not that I have a thing going on or anything. ;-)
+Layla Kuyper Red is a lot of fun,It takes some getting used to and it fades like CRAZY.I try to stay right around my own lightness or else my roots are too obvious lol
+Sandra Parlow You better watch it missy,or else you might get an unexpected ass grab from me,in a totally platonic way,of course ;) You sexy beast.Can I pet to moose too though lol My Mom got me this nighty,I refuse to submit that it's sexy lol
LOOOOLLLL!! Moosie will like that lacy little number! Your MOM bought you a sexy nightie? wow - cool mom ! ;)
This totally makes me want to go back to being a red!
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