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I've been saving a bunch of flower photos for #FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner but I always miss it :( Then ,I end up waiting for the next one and missing that too..I think it's been maybe 3 - 4 weeks since I took this and have been saving it for this very day lol ! I would love to put something artsy and poetic in here but I'm pretty much posting & running.It's pretty damn purple too so I'ma throw in the #purplecircle tag while I'm at it too !

Enchantment,if only fleeting.
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Beautiful and the soft blacks highlight the richness of the purple so well.
This is officially my favorite shade of purple now. Wow. I didn't know purple got this vibrant... ;-) Fantastic image, wonderful contrasts...
I'm with Shawn, Rachael, this is too good. Love this color!
PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 (PS it matches my hair)
+Tamara Pruessner I think I might just break into the "Tamara likes my picture dance " :D I'm really happy you received it well ,it was such a soft and gentle feeling flower,the bloom barely lasted a day but it'll always have a place with me :)

+John Getchel they do indeed :D

+Jerry Johnson Thank you ! It was as dark as night in the spaces between the petals but caressed the purple ever so gently .

+Shawn McClure It is a beautiful color,I didn't even do much with it as far as color correcting,they we're just naturally saturated,I wish I had a whole bundle of them !

+Chris Mallory I'm happy you like it Chris !!

+Shannon Lambert You have some pretty good taste in colors then, purple is totally the cats pajamas :D

+Shane Williams Thank you Shane,it sure was pretty soft to the touch,I'm very pleased it translated well :)

+Paul Blackman Thank you Paul :)
+Rachael Alexandra This purple flower is so beautiful, love the way you frame it, nice lighting and shadows too. If you didn't missed so many Floralfriday, probably there are more beautiful flowers coming from you ya :)
Whoa, that purple isn't messing around! Gorgeous.
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